WordPress Speed Tutorials By Tom D.

Optimize WordPress for core web vitals with no BS reviews/tutorials. I don’t give 5 stars just for affiliate commissions and try to be transparent.

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Fastest host I’ve found whose specs + Cloudflare Enterprise beat mainstream hosts (they average a <100ms global TTFB).


Vultr High Frequency is also solid between cloud hosting, NVMe SSDs, Redis Object Cache Pro, and Cloudflare Enterprise.


Good for small sites with LiteSpeed, more CPU/RAM than other shared hosts, NVMe SSDs, cPanel, but only US/EU servers.


Went downhill since 2019 with many issues, then covers them up by censoring/threatening people who write bad reviews.


Writes fake reviews and only cheap because you get less resources like cores/RAM, bad downtimes, 4-year price traps.


Overpriced with low limits on PHP workers, monthly visits, and charges $100/mo Redis on SATA SSDs. Better off at Rocket.

Cache Plugins


Cache plugin I use by Gijo Varghese. Great job addressing core web vitals and optimizing for real-world browsing speed.

LiteSpeed Cache

Cache plugin for LiteSpeed servers. Fast server-leveling caching, great job with web vitals, QUIC.cloud is also solid.

WP Rocket

Got too big which slowed innovation. Now lacks many optimizations in FlyingPress/ LSC. Not the #1 cache plugin.



Going through the plethora of Cloudflare settings in a quest to improve speed/TTFB, security, while also reducing CPU usage.


Powerful CDN with consistent performance & reliability on cdnperf.com, geo-replication, image optimization, 80+ Tbps.


CDN built specifically for LiteSpeed, why the standard plan is significantly better, and HTML caching to improve TTFB.

Web Vitals

Largest Content Paint

LCP is divided into 4 sub-parts (TTFB is 40%) and can also be improved by optimizing above the fold content and load times.

Layout Shifts

Prevent things from shifting on your website which is usually related to fonts, CSS, specifying dimensions, and cache settings.

Total Blocking Time

Find elements causing blocking time in PSI + GTmetrix Waterfall and learn how to reduce long tasks blocking the main-thread.



Why I used GeneratePress + GenerateBlocks to redesign my blog and how it fixed design & speed issues I’ve been having.


Lightweight theme with starter templates (like GeneratePress) but much more expensive with a few other key differences.

Coming soon


Speed tests on Gutenberg vs Elementor vs Beaver, starter templates, Ultimate Add-ons, and hints of Astra’s shadiness.

Speed Up Elementor

Specific optimizations for Elementor like Experiments, preloading local fonts, and coding header/footer in CSS.

Speed Up Divi

One of the worst builders for performance but can be optimized with performance settings and minimizing code.

Fastest Themes

Testing how much CSS, JavaScript, and fonts popular themes add to your website when using starter templates.


Speed Plugins

An overkilled list of WordPress speed plugins which should be more accurate/detailed than the typical plugin lists you see.

Slow Plugins To Avoid

75 slow plugins to avoid which increase memory usage or add CSS/JS to the frontend (list was made with the help of WP Hive).


Remove bloat, unused CSS/JS, preload critical images, and finish “the last 10% of speed” most cache plugins don’t.

The “Best”

WordPress Hosting

A quick summary of my personal opinions about popular WordPress hosts, categorized as good or bad.

Cache Plugins

FlyingPress and LiteSpeed Cache are faster than WP Rocket as well as SiteGround Optimizer (which is horrible).


It’s hard to beat Cloudflare Enterprise, otherwise QUIC and BunnyCDN are good too. Not RocketCDN or SiteGround CDN.

More Guides

Speed Up WordPress

A-Zs of speed optimization. I tried fitting everything in this guide and it’s probably the most in-depth one I’ve written.

Reduce TTFB

How to reduce global TTFB to <100ms almost anywhere in the world (hosting, CDN, full page caching are the biggest factors).

Reduce CPU Usage

CPU limits are common on shared hosting. Learn how to block unwanted requests to the server and offload bandwidth.

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Even though I make a living through this blog, I try to tell it how it is.

If I can help people optimize their WordPress site and get paid doing it, I’ll take this job any day. Aff links pay the bills but I won’t refer you to crap for commissions; there’s too much BS out there already. And If you want to creep, my story has plenty of travel/cat pics to go around.

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