I’ve been working on this blog since 2011 and have wanted to quit more times than I can count (and if it wasn’t for your guy’s awesome feedback in the comments, I probably would have). But you kept telling me to “keep it up” and that you’re “looking forward to the next tutorial.” Honestly, those little comments helped me so much.

In early 2017, my traffic tripled in just a few days. Now, 3,000 people/day read my tutorials – 95% from Google. For the first time, I’m financially free from the affiliate income generated by my blog (which I have an extensive tutorial for).

That’s why I look happy :)

And that’s why it’s only fair to spread the love.

You guys trusted me when I recommended things on my blog and many of you intentionally used my affiliate links or Cloudways promo code. I am seriously grateful for that, so I’m trying to pay it forward.

So far, I’ve donated $6,000 to GoFundMe campaigns. $3k to feed hungry people in Denver and $3k to American Red Cross during Hurricane Harvey. I also gave $3k to my parents and will continue to make donations when I can.

Me, the crew, and some travel pics

50 Random And Disturbing Things About Me


I like falling asleep to serial killer documentaries – Forensic Files, 48 Hours, pretty much anything involving murder.


I once fell 30 feet while swinging on a tree rope. When I hit the ground, it left a scar on the side of my abdomen which grows hair. I need to shave it sometimes.


I once got fined $200 for puking in an Uber. After puking on the driver, my friends and I got kicked out of his car, I stripped down to nothing but boxers, threw my puked-soaked clothes in a Mobil garbage can, and woke up naked.


Here’s a video of me rapping “Lose Yourself” at my brother’s wedding.


I’m a champ in Rocket League and play Overwatch. PSN is twogreenballs if you want to play… but don’t ask about the name. Strictly fun!


I blew up a bully’s mailbox in high school. When he came to my house, he was holding a baseball bat while standing in the back of my friend’s El Camino. After giving his speech on how he was going to beat me up, my friend floored it and the bully fell face first into the car bed.


I have the best 404 page on the internet.


I got arrested in high school for growing 16 pot plans on my parent’s roof. My parents bailed me out of a felony via a lawyer who was basically best buds with the prosecutor. I’ve been arrested many other times, but not for murder! :)


While I was on probation from the previous incident, I was walking to a college party with a group of friends when 2 campus police approached me from behind because they saw the beer I was drinking. When asked to see it, I said it was a Coke, pulled it out of my pocket, and chucked it on the ground to use as a distraction while I booked it. It worked!


I almost died from a staph infection and had a creative protein level of 131 when the normal is 14. I was saved by Dr. Perkins at the SIUC health center when he drove me to the ER in his personal car where I got emergency surgery. It was the highest CRP level the doctors had even seen and said I was 1 day away from dying. They did a study on me for medical journals. I’m OK now thanks to Dr. Perkins.


A couple friends and I were flooring his Mom’s Subaru onto what we thought was an on-ramp, but it was a dead end with a guard rail and trees. After seeing it at the last second (it was dark), we swerved off the road, blasted through a concrete-cemented fence, and totaled the car. The reason we didn’t get arrested? Cops said there was a cocaine bust down the street.


I don’t do half the crazy shit I used to.


The only “hard” drug I’ve done is mushrooms, once on my 21st birthday when my friend and I with the same birthday (9/27/1988) had a combined party where half the 50+ people there were on them. Quite the party it was.


I didn’t like Trump before it was cool.


Before being quarantined by Covid-19, I bought 6x 32 oz. Skippy peanut butters from Costco.


The first day I got my drivers license, I got pulled over for going 37 in a 25. As an excuse, I told my parents I had a blocker.


The best concert I ever went to was Tool in Toledo, Ohio. And I went with my Mom! We have seen Tool 3 times together (scroll down for a pic when we saw Tool at the Pepsi Center).


My girlfriend took me on a wild trip to Thailand.


I adopted 2 kitties rescued from Hurricane Harvey. Their names are Sonic (the black one) and Valencio.


Epstein didn’t kill himself.


I once rented a book from the library and lost it. The title of the book was “What’s Gone Is Gone.”


In middle school, a group of about 20 guys used to meet at 1:14 sharp in the men’s bathroom to watch my friend fart on command. This went on for a good 2 weeks until the principal caught on.


I can play the SVU theme song on the piano. Plus a ton of Beatles songs. Oh, and Jaws.


I had a lisp, buck teeth, 6 wisdom teeth, and a massive overbite. My mouth was completely janked.


I grow my own microgreens and highly recommend it; they’re healthier than adults plants and cheap to grow.


I painted houses at an Indian reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, the poorest place in the US.


I play the drums (favorite drummer is Danny Carey from Tool).


My Dad and I did a 2-week road trip to Southern Utah and Colorado. My favorite place was San Juan National Forest. It’s stunning in the fall.


My friends and I play the game Trouble… for money.


Over 3 million people have read my tutorials.


How old I am.


I was awarded SiteGround’s affiliate of the month in July, 2016. Unfortunately, they went downhill.


I was interviewed by Cloudways, my new favorite hosting company and where most my affiliate income now comes from.


I opened up a ramen restaurant but eventually sold my shares.


I built 15 custom beer pong tables and thought I was going to make a business out of it.


I kicked a 60 yard field goal multiple times.


I don’t answer random SEO questions through email; that’s what consulting is for.


I got my Google Anaytics certification in 2017.


One day, I stayed home from school claiming to be sick only to eat an entire box of oatmeal creme pies.


I have 2 brothers (Mike and Erik) who I couldn’t imagine life without.


I pick my nails. Not because I’m stressed, but that’s just how I keep them short. Yep, disgusting.


I love slickdeals.net (thank me later).


I live in Denver and don’t smoke pot.


I played soccer in the Barcelona Cup. Our team also won the Disney cup in Florida.


During a high school lunch break, a group of 4 friends and I traveled to the Wisconsin border (from Illinois) for McDonalds just to see if we could do it. We did, and we were going 100MPH nearly the whole way. We were idiots.


I went kayak surfing on the ocean’s white caps in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. My brother tipped his kayak and it was almost a disaster.


My favorite job was a Home City Ice delivery driver because I got to drive all over beautiful Southern Illinois.


I passed the GMAT and had a full assistantship for a Masters in marketing. I built this blog instead. Glad I did.


I graduated college from SIUC with a marketing degree (Go Salukis!!!!).


If you made it this far, you know too much.

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