Hostinger Review: Scams, Fake Reviews, And Low CPU Cores + I/O Limits Can Lead To Suspension With Poor Support/Uptime

Hostinger review

Before you even think about using Hostinger, read the scam reports on Reddit, TrustPilot, or comments section on this review.

Once you give Hostinger your credit card, don’t be surprised when you’re billed for unauthorized purchases and get phone calls from scammers. They’ve been repeatedly threatened with lawsuits and Hostinger’s CEO (Arnas Stuopelis) openly admitted to fake reviews. This company is only popular from deceptive marketing and dishonest affiliates.

Migrations are done by inexperienced support who don’t read notes, make mistakes, and scam/ignore you. Resources are far from “unlimited” with low cores/RAM, slow SSDs, and extremely low I/O limits (sometimes 10x less than GoDaddy). This leads to server crashes, 503 errors, and account suspensions, then you’re prompted to upgrade. Downtimes and degraded performance are common, but they don’t always update the status page to reflect it. There are several scams/issues related to all 3 of Hostinger’s main services: hosting, domains, and email.

Do not believe the “glowing reviews” from Hostinger’s affiliates and the fake reviews. The “quality” is directly reflected in their dirt cheap prices (FYI, SiteGround is arguably just as bad).

If you need cheap/fast hosting with LiteSpeed + cPanel, look into ChemiCloud. They’re faster, use NVMe storage, give you more CPU cores/RAM, and have a perfect 5/5 star TrustPilot rating.

Hostinger poll

Hostinger bad


1. How Hostinger Scams You

  • Renewals process when set to manual.
  • Charges for “free” SSL, backups, and support.
  • Gives your information to other scammers who call you.
  • Suspends your account for “abuse” without refunding you.
  • Domain renewals increase to $100+/year with privacy protection.
  • Domains and hosting plans don’t appear in the dashboard after payment.
  • Advertises way more sites/storage/bandwidth than plans can actually handle.

You can find many complaints on Reddit and TrustPilot. There are probably others I missed (please let me know if I missed any in the comments), but these seem to be the common scams.

Hostinger scam reports

If you were scammed by Hostinger, you can write a review on TrustPilot, file a scam report at, report misleading featured snippets in search results, and leave comments on any websites + videos that promote Hostinger. Spread the word.


2. CEO Admitted To Fake Reviews

Hostinger CEO Arnas Stuopelis openly said “it is their right” to write reviews of themselves.

Arnas hostinger feedback

Hostinger ceo arnas stuopelis

But in Facebook groups, they’ve always said these are “customer” reviews.

Hostinger fake reviews

Hostinger got banned from Facebook groups for voting for themselves in polls and other unethical behavior. However, many groups are now run by SiteGround (WordPress Hosting, WordPress Speed Up, WP Rocket Users, and others) where admins censor posts and favor SiteGround. I recommend Gijo’s WP Speed Matters Facebook Group for less biased opinions.

Hostinger banned from facebook groups

Hostinger also monitors the internet prying on people asking for hosting recommendations. When someone asks, one of their 250+ employees will jump in and say something like “I use Hostinger and couldn’t be happier” with a link to the Hostinger website. Then their other 250+ employees will like the comment so people are fooled into thinking how amazing Hostinger is.

Since they’ve been called out by Review Signal and banned from Facebook groups, their employees no longer list “works at Hostinger” on their Facebook profile. They also created hundreds of fake Facebook profiles to keep the scam going and be more sneaky. Very clever!


3. Resources Are Extremely Limited

Don’t believe the numbers Hostinger puts on their WordPress Hosting page. The 100s of websites, 100-200GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth are completely inaccurate numbers. Even Hostinger’s VPS 3 plan advertises 60GB NVMe storage for $7.99/mo which is unheard of.

If you compare resources to another bad host (GoDaddy), Hostinger has 10x less I/O (KB/s) on most plans with only 1-2 CPU cores. That’s why Hostinger lets you boost your account for 24 hours while you lower CPU/memory usage. But chances are, the low limits will hold you back.

Godaddy linux hosting resource limits
GoDaddy resource limits: 1-2 CPU cores + 10,240 I/O
Hostinger resource limitations
Hostinger resource limits: 1-2 CPU cores + 1,024 I/O on most plans (10x less than GoDaddy)
Hostinger resource limits 1
Hostinger’s limited resources lead to 503 errors and account suspensions
Cpu cores comparison hostinger vs a2 hosting vs namehero vs chemicloud
Hostinger has some of the lowest CPU cores, RAM, and resources compared to similar hosts


4. Downtimes + Degraded Performance

Advertising 99.9% uptimes (and uptimes tests) usually don’t mean anything because your websites are running on different servers/nodes than other sites.

Hostinger’s hosting agreement page clearly says “the service uptime guarantee does not apply to service interruptions caused by periodic maintenance.” While this is standard with hosting companies, Hostinger’s status page is usually filled with maintenance and degraded performance notifications. This is also one of the biggest complaints in their TrustPilot reviews.

Hostinger service uptime guarantee

Hostinger doesn’t come anywhere close to 99.9% uptimes.

Hostinger uptime network status


5. 1GB Email Storage With Various Issues

Hostinger’s email includes 1GB for free, then it’s $.99/account per month for 10GB. However, there are many issues reported with their email service, including emails not going through.

Of course, I always recommend keeping web/email hosting separate to avoid exceeding inode/storage limits, and because you don’t have to constantly move email if you switch hosts.

Hostinger 1gb email storage


6. Support Is Slow, Scammy, Or Non-Existent

Cheap hosting rarely has good support, but Hostinger’s is borderline incompetent.

Aside from scams, you may not get a response for hours, days, or ever at all. They upsell support for a monthly fee, and they’ve been caught logging into accounts without permission and changing things (including lowering the resource limits). Support is usually something you have to experience, but take my word, it’s one of the worst support teams you will come across.

Hostinger poor service trustpilot


7. Hostinger Uses Slower SATA SSDs

Hostinger uses SATA SSDs while other hosts (including shared hosts) are starting to move to faster NVMe SSDs. As I mentioned earlier, while Hostinger’s claims to use “terabytes of NVMe SSD storage” on their VPS plans, take it with a grain of salt since they lie all over their website.

Nvme vs sata
Source: PCWorld


8. hPanel Is Slow, Limited, And Has Bugs

Hostinger’s hPanel is basically a cPanel ripoff with potential bugs.

Hostinger hpanel

Here’s a walkthrough of it:


9. Data Breach Affected 14M Customers

Back in 2019, 14 million Hostinger accounts were compromised.

The server contained customer usernames, email addresses, first names, IP addresses, and hashed passwords. Hostinger claimed no financial data was compromised, but they also lie about everything else, so I wouldn’t take their word. If you value security, don’t use Hostinger.

Hostinger security breach 1


10. 4 LiteSpeed Hosts That Outperform Hostinger

Use ChemiCloud instead.

You get LiteSpeed, cPanel, faster NVMe storage, more email storage, scalable CPU cores/RAM, and free migrations from a reliable support team who has a perfect 5/5 star rating on TrustPilot.

Chemicloud trustpilot

NameHero is very similar to ChemiCloud but costs more and only uses NVMe on their US data center. FastComet is cheaper but uses slower SATA SSDs + MySQL. If you want more powerful shared/cloud hybrid plan, look at Scala’s Entry WP Cloud plan. All of these hosts use LiteSpeed.

Hostinger Business WordPress Plan FastComet FastCloud Extra Plan ChemiCloud WordPress Turbo Plan NameHero Plus WordPress Plan Scala Entry WP Cloud Plan
Type Shared Shared Shared Shared Shared/cloud
Cores/RAM 2 cores/1.5GB 6 cores/6GB 3 cores/3GB – scalable to 6/6 3 cores/3GB No hard limit
Storage 20GB SATA 35GB SATA 40GB NVMe – 10/11 locations 10GB NVMe 50GB NVMe
Database MariaDB MySQL MariaDB MariaDB MariaDB
Object cache Memcached Memcached Redis Redis Redis
Data centers 8 11 11 1 (US) 3 (US + EU)
Server LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed
Cache plugin LiteSpeed Cache LiteSpeed Cache LiteSpeed Cache LiteSpeed Cache LiteSpeed Cache
CDN ($.02-.08/GB) ($.02-.08/GB) ($.02-.08/GB) ($.02-.08/GB) ($.02-.08/GB)
Control panel hPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel sPanel
Email storage 1GB 2.048GB Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Inodes 600,000 500,000 500,000 500,000 “Unlimited”
Major incidents Scam reports, fake reviews, 2019 breach 2022 DDoS attack on 3 data centers None 2011 2-day node outage None
Migrations Unlimited (but screws it up) 3 free 200 cPanel + 10 non-cPanel 1 free 1 free
Support F B B B B
TrustPilot rating 4.6/5 (fake) 4.8/5 5/5 4.7/5 5/5
Monthly price $3.99 (1-4 years) $4.39 (1-3 years) $5.99 (3 years) $8.98 (3 years) $14.95 (3 years)
Renewals $8.99/mo $21.95/mo $19.95/mo $19.95/mo $24.95/mo
Price for 3 years $299.40 $158.04 $215.64 $323.19 $538.20
View plan View plan View plan View plan
Chemicloud gtmetrix reportNamehero vs siteground feedbackSiteground to namehero support feedbackDivi with namehero
Chemicloud vs sitegroundChemicloud pro feedbackChemicloud speed ui supportSiteground vs chemicloud comparisonNamehero vs bluehost feedbackNamehero reviewSiteground to namehero scores

If you want a <100ms global TTFB, use

Rocket. Net 100ms global ttfb

Keycdn global ttfb
KeyCDN tests TTFB in 10 locations

A <100ms TTFB makes a huge improvement to core web vitals since TTFB is 40% of LCP and is also part of FCP/INP. The reason they average 100ms is because it’s cloud hosting with better specs like 32 CPU cores/128GB RAM, NVMe, Redis, and LiteSpeed’s PHP. And since hosting/CDN are 2 key TTFB factors, their free Cloudflare Enterprise is a powerhouse for reducing TTFB with features like full page caching, Argo Smart Routing, and Mirage + Polish for image optimization.

Importance of ttfb
TTFB impacts LCP, FCP, and other core web vital metrics (source: Google) launched in 2020 and are getting popular in Facebook groups because their performance runs circles around other cloud hosts like SiteGround Cloud, Cloudways, Kinsta, and WP Engine. If you have a global audience or WooCommerce site, you’re not going to beat them. They cost more than shared hosting and are definitely worth it if passing core web vitals is important to you. You can read my full review or test my own TTFB/web vitals. When you’re ready to experience what <100ms is like, they do $1 your 1st month + unlimited free migrations.

SiteGround Cloud Jump Start Plan Kinsta Starter Plan Cloudways Vultr HF (2GB) Starter Plan
Type Cloud Cloud (shared containers) Cloud Private cloud
Server Apache + Nginx Apache + Nginx Apache + Nginx Apache + Nginx
Nginx reverse proxy $50/mo
Cores/RAM 4 cores/8GB 12 cores/8GB 1 core/2GB 32 cores/128GB
Storage 40GB SATA 10GB SATA 64GB NVMe 10GB NVMe
Object cache Memcached $100/mo Redis Redis Pro Redis (Redis Pro on Business plan)
PHP processor FastCGI FastCGI FPM LiteSpeed
PHP workers Not listed, but common CPU limits 2 No limit No limit
Memory limit Adjustable 256MB Adjustable 1GB
Database MySQL MySQL MariaDB MariaDB
Bandwidth + visits 5TB/mo 25k/mo 2TB/mo 50GB + 250k/mo
CDN $14.99/mo SiteGround CDN Cloudflare APO + firewall rules (read) $5/mo Cloudflare Enterprise + challenge pages Free Cloudflare Enterprise (details)
CDN locations 176 285 285 285
Full page caching
Smart routing Anycast x Argo Argo
Image optimization Limited x Mirage/Polish Mirage/Polish
DNS Blocked by Google (4 days) Amazon Route 53 $5/mo DNS Made Easy Cloudflare
Cache plugin SG Optimizer Use FlyingPress Breeze Use FlyingPress
Data centers 10 35 44 Served from Cloudflare’s edge
Control panel Site Tools MyKinsta Custom (difficult) Mission Control
Email hosting x x x
Support C B C A
Migrations $30/site Unlimited free 1 free + $25/site Unlimited free
TrustPilot rating 4.8/5 4.2/5 4.5/5 4.9/5
How it starts costing more High initial price, CPU limits, CDN, price increases, internal incidents PHP workers, add-ons, monthly visits, bandwidth, price increases CPU limits, CDN, backups, price increases Bandwidth
Monthly price $100 + CDN $29 when paying yearly + add-ons $26 + CDN $25 when paying yearly (no add-ons)
 Siteground to rocket. Net
 Rocket. Net woocommerce elementor
Namehero cloudways rocket. Net
ChemiCloud for shared, Cloudways or Scala for cloud, for a <100ms global TTFB


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  1. I will recommend not to go with this cheap, sh%t#y hosting company, worse customer support, expensive plans compares to other, server speed is extra slow compared to other hosting providers.
    Even you have the services in your cPanel/hPanel, you cant use it and if you complain to the customer support, they ask you to wait and no response and no solution.
    In short, if you want to waste your money go for it, otherwise choose some other good hosting company.

  2. Hostinger is a scam service, they receive your money, cancel your hosting plan without any refund as they run ads. They will tell you they already transfer fund to 3rd party and you must wait for them. So they have no responsibility to recover your hosting plan anymore, also your fund is not at their wallet anymore. There is no deadline to receive info from their 3rd party. So you will lose your money forever. This is actually a scam service.

  3. Alert to All Potential Hostinger Users: A Cautionary Tale of Service Downtime and Loss

    I recently encountered a significant issue with Hostinger’s hosting service that I feel compelled to share. Despite promises of high reliability and uptime, their service unexpectedly went down. This wasn’t just a minor inconvenience; it led to a tangible financial loss for me.

    During a crucial time when I had hired a technical expert to work on my website, Hostinger’s service was unavailable. This downtime rendered the paid expertise useless and resulted in a loss of $100. When I reached out to Hostinger for compensation, their response was far from satisfactory. They offered a nominal credit that did not come close to covering the loss incurred.

    This experience has been a stark reminder that choosing a hosting provider is a critical decision for any website owner. Downtime can have real consequences, and a provider’s response to such issues is equally important. Unfortunately, in this case, Hostinger’s response was inadequate and disappointing.

    I urge those considering Hostinger for their hosting needs to be aware of this experience. It’s crucial to choose a provider that not only promises reliability but also stands by their service with appropriate support and compensation in the rare event of downtime.

    Please feel free to share this message. It’s important for others to make informed decisions and be aware of the potential risks and responses associated with their hosting provider.

  4. the auto renewal was for 107 and i had no idea. i was expecting 16. i didn’t bother to read the fine print in the renewal email which showed the renewal price. very low of them. AVOID

  5. Let’s say Hostinger exaggerates their offering and when they say 100 they mean 80. Looking at the low price their service comes with, I would be happy with 80% of what they promise. Unfortunately your review does not take into account the low price at which they make their services available.

    Let’s say Chemi Cloud is better. You get a better service with 15 times higher cost. All quality must be assessed based on the cost.

    For the price Hostinger offers, it’s a reasonable service. Your review appears completely biased

    • Exaggerate, lies, scams… whatever you want to call it.

      Where are these 15x higher costs? Biased how?

      All I care about is referring people to things with the best value. Hostinger ain’t it.

  6. They are terrible. As mentioned, their “support” = AI generated responses – once you get in touch with a human, they often do not know the answers to your questions any more than you do.

    VPS hosting plan is not managed. This means that it doesn’t come with FTP access and any kind of server configuration must be done on your end, as their support team does not have access.

  7. I would steer way clear of Hostinger, very poor products and a waste of time – choose any other alternative, cannot be worse than Hostinger

  8. I signed up for Hostinger last year. How can I get a refund from them and delete my account? How may I prevent Hostinger from deducting anything from my bank account with recurring fees after I delete my account from Hostinger?

    • I would contact your bank and block them.

      As far as refunds, it’s up to them to give it to you. If they don’t, I suggest writing review (like on TrustPilot) or to go a step further, file a report here:

    • I have same problem too. They confirm refund number but I have waited for more than 2 weeks. Now i don’t know what to do next!

  9. I just bought WordPress hosting for 2 years last week and they suspended it in abuse.

    As I am new to WordPress I tried the free theme (Astra) and put on the Ecommerce template. I was in the middle of customization and they suspended my account and put my site down with no notification/email saying it is a fake store and send me a screenshot where it is written that they can suspend you without any notification.

    And they also told me i have been suspended 2 times within a week even tho i just made the account very first time on hostinger.

    Also, if you are suspended for one time you will not get refund (30 days money back is a joke). And if you are suspended 3 times they will block your hosting account.
    I asked her that I paid for 2 years will it go to waste and she was like yes it will be a permanent block.

  10. Hostinger is impossible to get a response from. All AI-generated search responses. No simple way to speak with any representative about an account.


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