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As a super affiliate of SiteGround, I’ve referred thousands of people to them.

But it’s also my responsibility to warn people about the cons (renewal prices and CPU overages) and try to keep my reviews as unbiased as possible. That’s why you’ll see things like Facebook polls, Tweets, and Reddit answers in this SiteGround’s WordPress hosting review.

SiteGround was as close to the perfect host as you could get – speed, uptimes, support, features, and pricing were all phenomenal. To this day, I have <200ms server response times and an amazing GTmetrix and Pingdom report. My WordPress site loads insanely fast (click though my pages if you want) and has only gone down once in 2 years – for about 3 minutes.

But then… they raised their renewal prices.

Guys, this was inevitable! Good, fast, cheap – pick 2. SiteGround didn’t want to overcrowd their servers like EIG + GoDaddy, and they still have the best support in the industry. Their team is constantly working on releasing new features that make customer websites faster and more secure, which you can see on their Facebook page. Few hosts do this like SiteGround.

This made alternatives like Cloudways DigitalOcean more appealing which is managed cloud hosting (faster than shared) and starts at $10/month. Most people who leave SiteGround go to Cloudways. So are you willing to pay for a top-notch host with high renewal prices but great speed/support/uptimes? Or do you want pure speed (but mediocre support) on a managed cloud platform for a flat fee on Cloudways? These are the best 2 options in this price range.

Whatever you do, avoid EIG, GoDaddy, and other cheap hosts – even A2 Hosting is a big step below SiteGround. As a WordCamp speaker once said, you should pay as much for hosting as you would a shrimp dinner. A $4 shrimp dinner will make you sick. A $20 dinner will be good.

SiteGround + WordPress = ❤

  1. Yes, I Use SiteGround
  2. #1 Rated Host In 34 Facebook Polls
  3. Endorsed By Yoast, WordPress, Ivica
  4. People Who Migrated And Posted Their Results
  5. 80ms Server Response Times
  6. <1s Load Time + 100% GTmetrix Scores
  7. PHP 7.3, Cloudflare, SG Optimizer For The Win
  8. Free Migration With GrowBig+
  9. Support Is Phenomenal
  10. Ongoing Security Updates
  11. Con: CPU Overages
  12. Con: Renewal Prices Are Steep
  13. Features Overview
  14. StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek
  15. Cloud Hosting
  16. Dedicated Servers
  17. cPanel Demo
  18. Uptimes Are Actually 99.99%
  19. The Problem With EIG + GoDaddy
  20. How To Tell If Your Hosting Is Slow
  21. Why I Use SiteGround
  22. A+ Feedback On Facebook And Twitter
  23. Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Disclaimer – if you sign up for SiteGround using my affiliate link I will donate a good chunk at no cost to you. Each year I donate $3,000 to GoFundMe campaigns (2018 was to feed the hungry in Denver, 2017 was to Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey). Your support helps and I genuinely appreciate it. I try to make my reviews unbiased and backed by evidence in the form of Facebook polls, tweets, and real conversations. If you don’t want to use it, here’s a non-affiliate link to SiteGround. Either way, I suggest doing your research, see who Yoast uses, and results of people who migrated.

Get hosting from SiteGround

TLDR; SiteGround is great for the first 1-3 years of the promo price, but it gets expensive and some people are moving to DigitalOcean on Cloudways which is managed cloud hosting and even faster than SiteGround. Kinsta is another great option. A2 Hosting is the cheapest, decent hosting provider, but are nowhere near as good as SiteGround, Cloudways, or Kinsta, who are usually rated the top 3 hosts in recent year’s Facebook polls. Do your research and join the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group to avoid affiliate traps and get unbiased opinions.


1. Yes, I Use SiteGround

I only review what I actually use.



2. #1 Rated Host In 34 Facebook Polls

Many of these were taken in closed groups. If you want to see the public ones, here they are: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14. To see the private polls, click each screenshot and join the group. Lots of them were taken by the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group which has over 12,000 members and prohibits affiliate links and self-promotion. You can check out other hosting-related social media conversations in the A+ feedback section.

July 2019 Hosting Recommendation

Elementor Hosting Recommendations


Hosting Recommendation Poll











SiteGround vs Bluehost Facebook Poll

WP Friendly Hosting Poll

2018 Hosting Recommendations

Favorite Hosting For Elementor


WordPress Hosting Poll

WordPress Hosting Poll Sept 2018.png











Bluehost vs SiteGround

WordPress Web Host Poll


3. Endorsed By Yoast, WordPress, Ivica

Yoast uses SiteGround:


Recommended by WordPress:


And by Ivica who runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group with 15,000+ members.

WordPress-Speed-Up Recommended Tools

Many people have already taken Ivica’s suggestion.

Godaddy To SiteGround Migration


4. People Who Migrated And Posted Their Results

When looking for hosting, speed is my #1 priority. I want to know that if I switch hosts, my load times should improve. And frankly, I don’t want to see results from an affiliate who is obviously biased, but regular customers who posted them publicly. Here are people who migrated to SiteGround and posted results. You can click each image to see the Tweet directly on Twitter.

Switching To SiteGround

SiteGround Load Time Migration

Bluehost to SiteGround GTmetrix

HostGator To SiteGround

SiteGround GTmetrix

SiteGround Google PageSpeed Insights

SiteGround GoGeek Load Time

100 Perfect Score On SiteGround

Speed Delivered By SiteGround

SiteGround Genesis

SiteGround GTmetrix Report

Reduced Load Times With SiteGround

New SiteGround Response Times

HostGator To SiteGround Migration

SiteGround Response Times On Joomla

Switched To SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround Rocket Imagify Combo

Joomla GTmetrix On SiteGround

SiteGround PageSpeed Insights

SiteGround Blogging Migration

SiteGround On Joomla

SiteGround Speedy Hosting

SiteGround Reduced Load Times

New Pingdom Results On SiteGround

New SiteGround Response Time

SiteGround Response Time Improvement


5. 80ms Server Response Times

The only thing Google PageSpeed Insights is good for is measuring server response times (the KPI of hosting speed). Google recommends response times of <200ms, so I’ll take 80ms all day.

Server Response Time

TTFB (time to first byte) is another indicator of the “responsiveness of a web server.” Check yours in or the GTmetrix Timings tab. It should be <500ms (<200ms is better).

Time To First Byte

GTmetrix Time To First Byte

Higher SiteGround plans come with more server resources (this is shown on their features page) and are what will improve response times. In other words, you get way you pay for. Their semi-dedicated GoGeek plan comes with about 4x more server resources than regular shared hosting and will give you the best response times out of their shared plans. You can optimize your website all you want, but server response times are primarily controlled by your hosting.



6. <1s Load Time + 100% GTmetrix Scores

There’s more to 100% GTmetrix scores than hosting, but it definitely helps. My GTmetrix and Pingdom reports are pretty ridiculous. This is living proof that with a well-optimized site, you can get great load times and GTmetrix/Pingdom scores on SiteGround’s WordPress hosting.

My GTmetrix report:


My Pingdom report:



7. PHP 7.3, Cloudflare, SG Optimizer For The Win

SiteGround’s speed technology is one of the biggest reasons people choose them. They use a powerful combination of NGINX, HTTP/2 servers, SSDs, PHP 7.3, 1-click Cloudflare activation, and their SG Optimizer plugin which handles caching, minification, and more.


PHP 7.3 – SiteGround is always one of the first hosts to release new PHP versions which make your site load much faster. Many hosts didn’t release PHP 7 until 2018, and GoDaddy actually charged customers to upgrade. You don’t have to worry about any of that with SiteGround.

Cloudflare – activate Cloudflare’s free CDN with 1-click in SiteGround’s cPanel, the easiest way to leverage their 200+ data centers and reduce the geographic distance between your server and visitors. This makes the decision “which data center to choose” not as important.

SG Optimizer – they made huge updates to their SG Optimizer plugin which has great reviews on Not only does it uses server-side caching (faster than the file-based caching used by most cache plugins), but now it also offers minification, gzip compression, removal of query strings, lazy loading, image optimization, and more. It is now comparable to WP Rocket.


8. Free Migration With GrowBig+

SiteGround will migrate your first website for free with their GrowBig plan or higher. I have taken advantage of this on several websites and the migration always went smoothly with no downtime or errors, as their technicians handles it flawlessly. They also have a migrator tool.

SiteGround Free Website Transfer


9. Support Is Phenomenal

SiteGround’s support has always been top-notch, and they’re constantly praised for it on Facebook and Twitter. Most hosts who offer cheap hosting don’t have the quick, personalized, 24/7 support you get with SiteGround. I have contacted them through phone, live chat, and support tickets. Each time my questions were resolved with detailed answers and no upsells. Their GoGeek plan comes with priority support (faster), but you honestly don’t even need it. You can get into live chat within 30 seconds, a ticket answered in 10 minutes, and on the phone with someone just as quickly. SiteGround has always been known for great support.

SiteGround Recommendation

SiteGround Support Feedback

SiteGround Twitter Recommendation


10. Ongoing Security Updates

SiteGround uses Linux containers and account isolation to prevent other websites on your server from affecting yours, plus ongoing patches and security monitoring. Of course you should change your generic Admin username and install a plugin like Wordfence, but SiteGround will do their part. Their development team constantly makes sure your site isn’t affected by threats which (if your site has ever been hacked) you know how important it is.

SiteGround Security Updates

Here’s how SiteGround protects your website (listed on the features page):



11. Con: CPU Overages

SiteGround strictly enforces CPU limits. This means if your website/plugins exceed your monthly resource limits, SiteGround will send you warnings then eventually, shut down your website. The best way to prevent this is to make optimizations ahead of time (using the tips below) and contact support who will be glad to help you. This is the biggest limitation of SiteGround. I had CPU overages on my own site and was able to fix them using the tips below.


How To Avoid SiteGround’s CPU Overages:


12. Con: Renewal Prices Are Steep

You can get 1-3 years of SiteGround’s promotional price. Once it’s time to renew, you will be paying the regular price which is about 3x the promo price. That’s why ideally, you would buy 3 years of their hosting upfront. Yes, it’s a commitment, but you will not find a better value than SiteGround’s promotional prices. They’re worlds better than GoDaddy, EIG, and other hosts at this price. It’s also 3 full years of solid hosting which will give you time to weigh your options.

SiteGround Renewal Pricing

Transitioning From SiteGround

SiteGround renewal prices too high? Most people are moving to Cloudways.
Most people who leave SiteGround are moving to Cloudways DigitalOcean which starts at $10/month. Their support isn’t as good as SiteGround, but it’s managed cloud hosting which is even faster than the shared hosting on SiteGround. Look through their reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, and conversations from the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group – this is where the bandwagon is going in 2019. When choosing a Cloudways plan, you will have 5 server choices: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. DigitalOcean is generally the most popular, fastest, most cost-effective choice. Their speed technology uses dedicated resources (as opposed to CPU limitations on shared hosting), as well as Memcached, Redis, Varnish, MainDB, PHP 7.3, SSDs, NGINX, and PHP-FPM. Cloudways also does free migrations.

Cloudways DigitalOcean

Many affiliates still recommend SiteGround (I was actually a super affiliate for them) but I have to be honest with my readers. Cloudways is just faster and more affordable. Do your research.


13. Features Overview

You can see all these on SiteGround’s features page. I personally use their staging (which comes with GrowBig+), Let’s Encrypt SSL, and Cloudflare. But they have a lot more if needed.

  • Daily backups
  • 4 data centers
  • eCommerce features
  • SG-Git (with GoGeek+)
  • Staging (with GrowBig+)
  • Cloudflare, SG Optimizer, PHP 7+
  • On-demand backups (with GrowBig+)
  • Automatic WordPress updates (optional)



14. StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

StartUp – good for hosting 1 low traffic website that doesn’t use WooCommerce or require lots of server resources or storage. However, this plan is easy to outgrow and you may end up with CPU overages once you start getting decent traffic or run resource-hungry plugins. I would personally never use this plan, since GrowBig is only $2/month more and comes with more features and server resources. StartUp should be for hobby websites just starting out.

GrowBig – host multiple websites with about 2x more server resources than StartUp (resulting in faster load times). Also includes all 3 levels of caching (static, dynamic, memcached) which also results in faster load times. Double the storage space, on-demand backups, and staging. Definitely worth the extra cost and I believe is their most popular plan.

GoGeeksemi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than regular shared hosting plans. Good for people who want a super fast website but don’t want to pay $80/month for their cloud hosting. Priority support gets your questions answered faster, and also includes PCI compliant servers if you’re running eCommerce as well as SG-Git. A good balance between shared and dedicated hosting, but the renewal price is pretty high and similar to Kinsta.

Higher Plans = More Server Resources = Faster Website – SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek plan include more server resources which make your site load faster (a key factor in the WordPres optimization guide). GoGeek is semi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than StartUp for $11.95/month, compared to a dedicated server which runs $229/month or their cloud hosting for $80/month. If speed is important to you,go with GrowBig or GoGeek.

You can see the difference in server resources on SiteGround’s features page:



15. Cloud Hosting

SiteGround’s cloud hosting starts at $80/month, but at that price you’re better off using Cloudways DigitalOcean. For comparison, for the $80/month you spend at SiteGround, you get 2 CPU + 4GB RAM, when at Cloudways you get 4 CPU + 8GB RAM for the same price. If you’re paying $40+/month and are looking into cloud hosting, you’re better off at Cloudways.


Cloudways Cloud Hosting


16. Dedicated Servers

I have never used SiteGround’s dedicated servers but they have them for $229/month. This is for high traffic sites needing a lot of resources and am sure it makes your site ridiculously fast. I just honestly don’t have experience with it (so I won’t give an opinion) but if it’s like any other SiteGround plan I’m sure it’s legit. Maybe when I reach 10,000 visitors/day I’ll give it a whirl.



17. cPanel Demo

If you’re not currently hosted with SiteGround and want to see a cPanel demo, this will help you explore the different options once you purchase a SiteGround plan. You will find many features I’ve gone over including Cloudflare CDN, autoupdates, autoinstallers, staging, backups, email, WordPress tools like their SG Optimizer plugin, and plenty of other features.

SiteGround cPanel


18. Uptimes Are Actually 99.99%

Actually, mine was about 100% since in the last 2 years, my website only went down once for about 3 minutes. SiteGround has outstanding uptime technology. If you’ve ever experienced internal server errors, bad gateways, connection failures, and other messages when your site goes down, you shouldn’t get these with SiteGround. They use Linux containers, server monitoring, and secure account isolation so your website stays up. Many WordPress hosts say 99.99% but fail to deliver. SiteGround does, and is one of the biggest reasons to use them.

SiteGround Uptimes


19. The Problem With Bluehost, HostGator, EIG Companies

Did you know Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Site5, HostMonster, and tons of other hosting companies are owned by the same awful firm (EIG)? Here’s the full list but EIG is infamous for acquiring companies, firing employees, and completely ruining companies by downgrading hardware and packing more customers on the same server. Great for EIG profits, not for you.


EIG is hated in Facebook Groups.



20. How To Tell If Your Hosting Is Slow

Server Response Time – run your site through Google PageSpeed Insights to see if reduce server response time shows in your report. Google recommends a response time of <200ms.

Reduce Server Response Time

TTFBtime to first byte measures the responsiveness of your web server (hosting). Run your site through and ideally it should be <500ms, however <200ms is even better.


You can also check TTFB in the GTmetrix Timings tab…



21. Why I Use SiteGround

  1. My GTmetrixPingdom reports speak for themselves
  2. My pages load instantly (click through them if you want)
  3. Fast speed technology (PHP 7.3, NGINX, SG Optimizer, Cloudflare)
  4. Recommended by Yoast, WordPress, Ivica from WordPress Speed Up
  5. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, easy to use cPanel, and features for eCommerce
  6. WordPress support is unbeatable even without GoGeek’s priority support
  7. GrowBig comes with staging, more storage, and more server resources (scroll down to “we allocate the resources you need” and hover over the server tab)
  8. GoGeek comes with even more server resources, storage, priority support
  9. Free migrations, migrator plugin, and a 30-day money back guarantee
  10. Plenty of praise on Reddit, Facebook conversations, Twitter, TrustPilot
  11. Tons of praise on Facebook: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7#8, #9, #10#11
  12. Many people already migrated and posted results on Twitter: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6#7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37


22. A+ Feedback On Facebook And Twitter

The ongoing debate between SiteGround vs. Cloudways continues. Aside from pricing, the main difference is SiteGround has better support, virtually no downtimes/random errors, uses cPanel, and is easier to integrate email. Cloudways tends to have better performance (since it’s managed cloud hosting) but support isn’t as good as SiteGround. I suggest reaching out to Hristo Pandjarov (SiteGround community manager) or Mustaasam Saleem Ansari (Cloudways community manager) and tell them you’re hosting requirements (and that I sent you please), or look through opinions in the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group since it’s a tight community.

SiteGround Customer Feedback

SiteGround vs Cloudways Cloud Hosting

SiteGround Feedback


23. Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What do people say about SiteGround in Facebook Groups?

SiteGround was rated #1 in many Facebook polls, but they have been getting slack for their high renewal prices, CPU limits, and support which some claim has gone downhill. For shared hosting, they are still one of the better options especially compared to EIG.

✅ Where are SiteGround's data centers located?

Chicago, Iowa, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Australia. However, when using Cloudflare's free CDN this will data 200+ data centers to your network for free. You can activate this in SiteGround's dashboard.

✅ What's the deal with their renewal prices?

SiteGround's shared hosting costs $3.95/month for their lowest StartUp plan, $5.95/month for GrowBig, and $11.95/month for their higher level GoGeek plan. You get this price for 1-3 years, then the prices about triple after the promotional period expires.

✅ How do they compare to Cloudways?

Cloudways is cloud hosting while SiteGround is shared hosting. Cloudways is faster and cheaper once you start paying around $35+/month. They're a little more technical to setup, but most people who leave SiteGround go to Cloudways. Both have good reviews on TrustPilot.

✅ How do you request a free website transfer?

To request a free website transfer, login to your SiteGround account and open a support ticket. You will see an option to request a website transfer.

✅ Is SiteGround fast?

For shared hosting, SiteGround is one of the fastest hosts out there and uses SSDs, PHP 7.4, Cloudflare's CDN, and the SG Optimizer plugin. If you need a more powerful server, you may want to look elsewhere for cloud hosting since SiteGround's starts at $80/month.

Get hosting from SiteGround

I hope you found my SiteGround WordPress hosting review helpful! If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line in the comments but I tried to cover as much as I could. I really do love SiteGround (I just bought my SiteGround t-shirt the other day) so ya, I’m kind of obsessed.

See Also: How I Optimized My WordPress Site To Load In <1s


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Dear Tom, Until a few weeks ago I did not know there was a difference between and, even though I have had 2 blogs for 9 years. Unbelievable, right! Well, better late than never. When I found out, I naturally chose to go with and have all the freedom I never knew was possible for someone who does not have any knowledge about programming or coding. So I have been taking some courses on how to make my own WordPress website. Both instructors recommended Bluehost, as well as some other experts from articles on the net, though… Read more »


This is the best way to review any hosting

Chayan Chakrabarti

I really liked the article. I am currently using bluehost. I have a few contents on my site. What do I need to tell siteground to make the migration less painful ?


Hi! A huge thank you for all of your hard work you’ve put into this website. Absolutely incredible. We have officially switched to Siteground’s “Grow Big” plan and it’s sped up our websites! One important question we have and we feel like you could answer this. If we manage two separate websites from one account through Siteground versus two separate accounts will this affect SEO? I was reading about parked domains versus subdomains and SEO. If you could enlighten us it would be greatly appreciated. We may be confusing terminology. It would save a lot of money to host my… Read more »

Robert Nicholson

SiteGround monitors and filters your outgoing email!

Here is a big reason to NOT use SiteGround. I operate a website,, which deals with erectile dysfunction. I often send email to advisors and partners dealing with the subject of ED. Apparently, SiteGround considers my normal business correspondence to be spam, and has repeatedly blocked outgoing email.

I am paying for business hosting – not for someone to be monitoring my business email. This is ridiculously intrusive, and simply unacceptable for a business-grade hosting service.

Chris Evans

I always take into account things such as security and performance. I’m eager to keep my site up to date to avoid any security holes and problems associated with outdated modules. I was surprised to see how rare it is to find PHP 7.2 used by WordPress users. Seems like all the providers you have mentioned offer little storage 30 GB seems like not enough for email databases and websites, especially if you have a lot of content and exchange a lot of files through email. Its odd that they count their software as part of the customers storage. Right… Read more »

Harish Kr. Vaishnav

Great post. Yes, SiteGround is a Great option to consider and by far the best thing I ever bought with my money. Reliability, Speed and the quality of support are spectacular.

Craig Morgan

Hi Tom,

Great tutorials – many thanks!
I have one question. I’m running Siteground and have their SG Optimizer installed. This means that they are running Cloudflare. I also have MaxCDN.

You say that if I am using Cloudflare, I shouldn’t click the minify checkbox in the W3 Total Cache general settings. However, I am also using MaxCDN, so should I check the box or not?



You have great tutorials on your site. I also went with Siteground based on the great reviews. I have one question: I’m considering adding screenshots to my site but I’m not sure if is legal. Are you allowed to take screenshots from other sites and publish them on your site? Thanks


Hi, have been following many of your advise and they are all great. The only thing that i have a problem is with my server response time, i am at siteground with a gogeek plan. In one of your article you mention that if we get bad server response time it would be to change provider if we have this.

Thank’s Tom for the link to the group. We get quite a lot of new members this way. We’re going to be running a comprehensive survey this year that will be looking at the different tiers of hosting, developer/devops needs, speed, happiness and so on. Which will be marketed inside the group, and beyond, I’ll drop you a note at the time. Also, we have started doing AMA’s every Friday at 7pm CET (10am PST) with different hosting, security and software companies. Lastly, have you checked out SWIFT Performance plugin for WordPress? it’s the new kid on the block and… Read more »

Hello Tom, I am a fan of you. This blog is an inspiration to me in affiliate marketing.I follow the same approach like you did here. I already have made a comment on this post. But I read this post again today, I found that ( here #22. How To Tell If Your Hosting Is Slow ) I think there is a typo mistake. The symbol used for ‘less than’ seems to be confused/mistaken. It should be like this “” (Update: Google recommends a response time of <200ms.). Sorry, I had no time to contact you by email, so just… Read more »

Peak enough price for renewal. By the way, is there scalable cloud based or just traditional shared hosting?

Thanks for this excellent tutorial and very detailed review on Siteground! I host one of my Siteground, but will move others also.

Great post. Yes, SiteGround is a Great option to consider and by far the best thing I ever bought with my money. Reliability, Speed and the quality of support are spectacular. I was thrilled by looking at my page speed performance when I moved to SiteGround.


Recently, I moved few of my clients’ sites to SiteGround mainly thanks to your raving praise. From the very beginning, I’ve had tons of issues with their CPU limits. Typically, my sites have 60+ plugins installed and some WP Cron activities going on. E.g. one of my clients is using WebinarIgnition (WordPress plugin to host webinars streamed on Google on Air on a website). This requires sending emails to users when they register, reminder emails etc. Woocommerce sends all sorts of invoices, notifications etc., and I don’t want to disable them. One of the sites on it’s own Geek account… Read more »

Reply to  Uldis

Save yourself the headache don’t use siteground. They disabled my site also due to high traffic, they call it ddos attack while it is not

This is the best way to review any hosting, I love this review.


For client sites, when optimizing, what plans do you suggest? $80/mo seems a little steep for a client

Oh My God!

I became a fan of your blog after reading your blog. I accidentally visit your blog while searching for siteground review in Google.

Your writing skill is awesome. I have read lots of review articles on various blogs.

But no one has writing skill like you.

Can I share your screenshot (which you use in this article) and “GIVE YOU BACKLINK” via Image Source caption?

PLEASE REPLY… …And thanks again for this awesome article…

Reply to  Tom Dupuis

Could you please give me some affiliate marketing tips which you are using to increase your affiliate sales?

Thanks in Advance!

Jaswinder Kaur

Hello Tom,
I like your Siteground Review and detail information on the Subject.

Basically I love siteground and my Blog Ease Bedding Dot Com is hosted on Siteground GoGeek Account.

I moved from their smaller plans to GoGeek and quite satisfied about my hosting plan and host itself.


Tom, great article. I certainly didn’t absorb the entirity, but I agree that Siteground is the best. It runs my dev clones faster than on VSP’s and clouds.

Now I see you admit that you have a cloud plan. Are you as enthusiastic about that plan as you are about the astounding GoGeek plan?

Would you choose a nearly-as-good company with just regular VPS’s? That’s what I am hoping to find, but the only good hosting company, over 15 years, I can be excited about it Siteground

Yeah it is really a good web hosting site and the support is very good.The given issues is clear in less period and is vwery useful for everyone

Hello Tom,

Thanks for the great tutorial. I am thinking of moving to Siteground and I see you mentioned that their own cache is not up to the mark. Would you suggest using their cache and WPRocket both or any one of them. Do you by any chance have the config for the Siteground’s own cache?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you for this awesome post, all of your guides/tutorials are just amazing! :)

I have a question for you, what cache plugin do you recommend, I joined Siteground and their support recommend their own tool SuperCacher, in this post you recommend W3, but in another post you say that WPRocket is the best…