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Hire Pronaya

I’ve been working with Pronaya since 2011 when I started my blog. He’s who I refer all my readers to for speed optimization.

You can hire him directly on freelancer.com or email him at bdkamol@gmail.com. He’s $40/hr and lives in Bangladesh (so there may be a time change). His communication is A+, he has access to all my logins, and can almost always fix any code or backend-related error which sometimes, is just over my head.


Hosting Migration + Server Optimization

While most hosts offer free migrations, this ensures you have an experienced developer and that caching layers + settings are tweaked for optimal performance.

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GeneratePress Migration

Pronaya helped me the entire process of redesigning my site in GeneratePress. We used GenerateBlocks for more block templates which reduced CSS/JS around 50%.


Cache Plugin Configuration

I generally recommend FlyingPress or LiteSpeed Cache (not WP Rocket or SG Optimizer). He will configure the settings if you’re not comfortable with my guides.


CDN Configuration

Move to a faster CDN (i.e. Cloudflare Pro/Enterprise, Bunny, QUIC) and setup full page caching if the CDN supports it. Ensure files are served, and tweak settings.

Css javascript

CSS/JS Optimization

Remove plugins, suggest alternatives, delay JavaScript, unload plugins on pages they’re not used, and check CSS/JS settings on your site. This is a big part of web vitals.

Font optimization

Font Optimization

Host fonts locally, convert them to woff2, and deque unused fonts. Preload above the fold fonts and use font-display swap to fix the ensure text remains visible error.

Image optimization

Image Optimization

Compress, preload, and serve images in next-gen formats from a performant CDN. Ensure mobile resizing, optimize backgrounds, and switch services if needed.

Cpu usage

CPU Reduction

Identify CPU-hungry plugins/tasks and limit preloading, setup cron jobs, and block spam bots from hitting your server. Setup Redis/Memcached + OPcache.

Core web vitals

Core Web Vitals

Pronaya will find the cause of poor LCP, TBT, CLS, and TTFB. While the work is different for each site, all my URLs pass web vitals and you’re free to run it through any speed test.

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