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Hire Pronaya

I’ve been working with Pronaya since 2011 when I started my blog. He’s who I refer all my readers to for speed optimization.

You can hire him directly on freelancer.com or email him at bdkamol@gmail.com. He’s $40/hour and lives in Bangladesh (so there may be a time change). Not only do I trust him, but he has access to all my logins. I also trust him to do an excellent job since he can almost always fix the more technical things when I can’t.


Hosting Migration + Server Optimization

Pronaya can move your site(s) to a new host and tweak your server configuration, caching layers, and other services offered by your host to ensure you have the fastest set up.

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Theme Migration (GeneratePress)

Redesigning my site in GeneratePress reduced CSS/JS size by around 50%. Set up a staging site and move it to GeneratePress + GenerateBlock templates.


Cache Plugin Configuration

I generally recommend FlyingPress or LiteSpeed Cache (not WP Rocket or SG Optimizer). He will configure the settings which is an easy way to fix several PSI errors.


CDN Configuration

Similar concept as cache plugins. Pronaya will make sure you’re using a solid CDN and configure the settings. I recommend Cloudflare, BunnyCDN, or QUIC.cloud.

Css javascript

CSS/JS Removal

The “remove unused CSS” setting in plugins only does so much. He can find the source of heavy CSS and JavaScript files and discuss lightweight alternatives with you.

Font optimization

Font Optimization

Fonts taking too long to load? He’ll make them faster by hosting fonts locally, preloading them, and reducing the number of font families, weights, and icons.

Cpu usage

CPU Reduction

High CPU usage is common problem with hosting limits. Upgrading, moving, or optimizing your site for lower CPU are your 3 options. Pronaya can do the last 2.


Caching Layers

Browser cache, CDN cache, full page cache, Redis & memcached, Varnish & Nginx, and Opcode. Make sure you’re getting the most out of the different caching layers.

Core web vitals

Core Web Vitals

These are optimizations specifically to address core web vitals (LCP, TBT, CLS). Some of these issues may be related to other factors mentioned on this page.

Pronaya wordpress speed optimizer