WPX Hosting Review: great for small to mid-sized sites with roughly 250ms TTFB, 39s support, 4.9/5 star TrustPilot score

Since Matthew Woodward started recommending WPX Hosting, they exploded.

So I had to test them myself. And I gotta say, not only was their TTFB impressive, but they have some of the best results/reviews I’ve seen on Review Signal and a 4.9/5 star rating on TrustPilot.

Their dashboard is also incredibly user-friendly and not “technical” (a big concern about Cloudways). Being able to reach their support in 39s combined with their high-level security, I can whole-heartedly recommend WPX if you can afford $20/month. Cloudways was slightly faster in TTFB tests, but WPX was comparable and beat them in user-friendliness and support. However if you have higher traffic, you’re better off using someone like Cloudways or Kinsta.

This WPX Hosting review includes TTFB tests (from me and others), what people are saying about WPX in Facebook Groups, and takes you inside the dashboard to show you how easy it is.

WPX Hosting Review


1. Live demo site hosted on WPX

wpxserver.com is hosted on WPX’s entry level $20.83/month plan.

You can click through the pages or run your own tests to see how fast it loads. Other than adding SSL, it is completely out of the box without any changes made in the WPX dashboard.

WPX Confirmation


2. TTFB averaged around 250ms in tests

As with wpxserver.com, I also set up the exact same site on 15+ different hosting companies (same Astra Starter Site, same 6 plugins). My results for WPX’s TTFB were consistent with Matthew Woodward’s where he got an average TTFB of 213ms. He did not test Cloudways (cwdoserver.com) which was slightly faster in some tests, but both were at the top of the list.

WPX Reports



WPX WebPageTest Report

WPX Server Response Time


3. Top performer in Review Signal test

In Review Signal’s test, WPX had the lowest average response time of 184ms.

However, the test only showed hosting plans under $25 and didn’t include Cloudways or Kinsta. Review Signal is an unbiased place to get hosting reviews and they don’t even use affiliate links.

Review Signal Test Results


4. 4.9/5 star TrustPilot reviews

Highest TrustPilot rating I’ve seen for a hosting company.

Of course, many of these reviewers are directed by WPX’s support staff after helping them with a problem, but this is common. SiteGround does it too and has a 4.8 star rating (although that’s questionable now). Either way, a near perfect 5 star review is impressive for a hosting company.

WPX Hosting Trustpilot Reviews


5. Dashboard is very user-friendly

The WPX dashboard is incredibly user-friendly.

SSL, staging, backups, accessing phpMyAdmin, and setting up email accounts are super easy. While I usually recommend Cloudways, I understand things aren’t as easy to do and it can get “technical.” WPX is the exact opposite – you should have no problem doing what you want to do.

WPX Hosting Dashboard


6. Support is instant (37 seconds) and phenomenal, but no phone

WPX has incredible support.

This is shown in their TrustPilot reviews, advertised 39s live chat response time, and a fix for you guarantee that says if you run into a technical issue affecting the normal operation of your site, their support will fix it fast and free. Even their Live Chat profile has a 98% satisfaction rate, 48,000+ ratings and a typical response time of 29 seconds. I have personally found you need to pay more for hosting if you want good support, and WPX Hosting does exactly that.


7. Security is strong (and guaranteed)

Read about WPX’s security here.

It’s great and they offer free malware removal if your site is hacked. But it shouldn’t be since they use DDoS protection, daily malware scans, application firewalls, spam protection, and WHOIS Privacy. I don’t know any host who guarantees security with free malware removal.


8. LiteSpeed servers for faster load times

WPX Hosting moved from Apache to LiteSpeed servers which in theory, should make your website faster. However, there aren’t any test results showing whether this is actually true.


9. WPX recommends W3 Total Cache (I don’t)

I’m not exactly sure why WPX recommends using W3 Total Cache.

After writing a popular W3 Total Cache tutorial with 600+ comments, I can tell you it’s usually slower and much more difficult to configure than WP Rocket or LiteSpeed. Plus, the developer abandoned it at one point. WPX says W3 Total Cache works best with their hosting and their team will even configure it for you, but I would configure WP Rocket with these settings before you do this. Then benchmark your GTmetrix + Pingdom report so you know if what they say is true. Or, if you have higher traffic (over 1k pages), you should probably use LiteSpeed Cache.

From WPX:

“W3 Total Cache stood out from the crowd for having the best performance with our pre-configured settings and our server’s configuration”


10. WPX Cloud CDN is free with 25 data centers

WPX uses their own WP Cloud CDN with 25 data centers.

Most hosts use Cloudflare, StackPath, or KeyCDN. Is it better than the others? I haven’t run the tests but it looks promising and I think is activated by default. Otherwise, it’s 1-click activation.



11. Latest PHP 7.4 is always a bonus

Always good to see hosting companies use the latest PHP version 7.4.

WPX Hosting PHP Settings


12. Staging is easy but can be fiddly

WPX’s staging usually works fine, but there have been a few error reports in Facebook Groups. They only allow you to create one staging copy, in which case you would need to use something like the WP Staging plugin. It’s minor for most people, but I wanted to be transparent about this.

WPX Staging Website


13. Daily backups or on-demand

WPX takes automatic daily backups with an option to take backups on-demand.


14. WPX is truly managed WordPress hosting

WPX clearly lists what they manage and what they don’t.

A few things they manage are: server uptime, CDN uptime, daily malware scans/removal, email, constant security monitoring, free migrations, and speed optimization recommendations (if you request them). Cloudways mostly provides server management while Kinsta is also more of a managed host like WPX. The term “managed hosting” is thrown around a lot, but there’s no denying it’s much faster than regular shared hosting and your load times should be much faster.


15. WPX data center locations

WPX has 3 data centers in Chicago, London, and Sydney.

Just keep in mind, their WP Cloud CDN also has 25+ data centers world wide.


16. All supported domains include WHOIS privacy

Domains from WPX aren’t as cheap as NameCheap, but they come with free WHOis Privacy. They have a promo code field where I would use the Honey Chrome Extension to save money.


17. WPX pricing (and how to select a plan)

WPX Hosting’s prices are $20.83, $41.58, and $83.25/month if you pay yearly.

Otherwise, it’s $24.99, $49.99, and $99.00 monthly (you get a discount if you pay yearly).

To learn which plan is best for you, use their bandwidth calculator. Enter your website’s average page size, monthly visitors, and average page views. WPX will recommend the best plan for you.

WPX Bandwidth Calculator


18. Free migrations

WPX offers unlimited free migrations when you fill out their migration form.

WPX Migration Request

WPX Website Migration Request


19. WPX vs. Cloudways vs. Kinsta vs. SiteGround

WPX vs. SiteGround – definitely WPX especially since SiteGround has gone way downhill.

WPX vs. Cloudways – WPX is more user-friendly while Cloudways is more developer oriented. You will also have better support at WPX. But when you compare the test server setup on Cloudways (cwdoserver.com) and WPX (wpxserver.com), Cloudways usually has a slightly faster time to first byte and only uses a $10/month DigitalOcean plan which is pay-as-you-go monthly pricing with no catches. Compare this to WPX which is slightly slower and $20.83/yr.

Read my Cloudways review.

WPX vs. Kinsta – I would use Kinsta if you have a high traffic site because it can better support simultaneous visitors and uses more industry-leading features than WPX. This is why you’ll see Matthew, ShoutMeLoud, and CodeinWP all use Kinsta instead of WPX hosting. WPX is slightly cheaper with comparable time to first bytes, but not when you get into the higher traffic levels.

Read my Kinsta review.

Kinsta vs WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Facebook Reviews


20. What people say about WPX in Facebook Groups

WPX usually has great reviews in WordPress Facebook Groups. I recommend joining WordPress Hosting and WP Speed Matters if you want real, unbiased hosting opinions.

WPX Shoutout

SiteGround vs WPX Speed

WPX GTmetrix Report

HostGator vs WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Pingdom Speed

And if you like cats and dogs, WPX helps 500 of them each day.

Conclusion: WPX hosting is a great choice especially when compared to SiteGround, Bluehost, and EIG brands. But if your site is higher traffic, you may want to look into Cloudways or Kinsta.

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