WPX vs. SiteGround 2023: If I HAD To Choose Between The 2, It Would Be WPX

Wpx vs siteground

Don’t use WPX or SiteGround.

While I would choose WPX between the two, there are better hosts out there for roughly the same price (like Rocket.net). I’d also argue SiteGround is one of the worst hosts you can use.

WPX was a top performer in Kevin Ohashi’s WordPress Hosting Benchmarks and use fast LiteSpeed servers. This means you can also use LiteSpeed Cache + QUIC.cloud, although they recommend W3TC + XDN. There are 3 major cons with WPX. First, they only have 3 data centers in Chicago, London, and Sydney. Second, their response to a worldwide outage was awful and resulted in them blaming a dead CEO even though it was their fault for not having a redundancy system. Third, they don’t list resource limits and it’s at their “discretion” to cancel your account if you use too many. $20.83/month for shared hosting is just a little too expensive if you ask me.

SiteGround has had so many complaints they had to hire “brand ambassadors” to censor Facebook Groups and ban people who speak out about them. They try to hide issues with their slow TTFB, CPU limits, outages, and DNS problems. They’ve managed to make nearly every aspect of their hosting worse: from raising prices to taking away free migrations and reducing their support. SiteGround has become very profit-driven and constantly blames issues on third-parties and suppliers. Plus, SiteGround Optimizer does a poor job of addressing core web vitals.

WPX SiteGround
Hosting Type Shared Shared
Server LiteSpeed NGINX
Cache Plugin LiteSpeed Cache or W3TC SiteGround Optimizer
CDN QUIC.cloud or XDN SiteGround CDN
CPU Limits At their discretion Takes down website
Object Cache x Memcached/Redis
Uptime 1 major outage 2 major outages
Data Centers 3 7
Dashboard Custom Custom (Site Tools)
Migrations Free + speed optimization $30/site
Pricing High (but monthly option) High renewals (about 3x)
Email Low limits Average
Support Excellent Declined
Ethics Average Very poor
TrustPilot Rating 4.9/5 4.6/5
Facebook Feedback Good Censors posts
Winner Yes (But Better Options) No


1. Server – WPX (LiteSpeed) Is Faster Than SiteGround (Nginx)

WPX uses LiteSpeed servers which are faster than Nginx with less chance of CPU limit issues.

Litespeed vs nginx vs apache

In Kevin Ohashi’s WordPress Hosting Benchmarks, WPX had the fastest average load time in WebPageTest while SiteGround’s load time was at least double of WPX. This was for WordPress hosting plans under $25. Kevin’s tests are known to be one of the most reliable in the industry.

Siteground vs wpx wordpress hosting benchmarks

SiteGround has a history of TTFB problems especially after migrating to Google Cloud servers. They originally used one of the slowest N1 machine families but have since upgraded to a “balanced” N2 family. This is one reason they had the slowest TTFB in Backlinko’s TTFB test.

Backlinko ttfb test

LiteSpeed has become one of the most popular types of servers in Facebook Groups.

Siteground slow ttfb


2. Cache Plugin – LiteSpeed Cache On WPX vs. SiteGround Optimizer

Since WPX uses LiteSpeed, you can use LiteSpeed Cache which uses fast server-side caching (not sure why WPX recommends W3 Total Cache). Both LiteSpeed Cache and SiteGround Optimizer use server-side caching, but LiteSpeed Cache does a better job addressing core web vitals. It also has better reviews while SiteGround Optimizer has a history of compatibility issues the developers blame on third-parties if you check the support forums. WPX wins this category.

SG Optimizer W3 Total Cache LiteSpeed Cache
Price Free Free Free
Server-side caching x
Critical CSS x x
Delay JavaScript x x
Remove unused CSS x x
Preload links x x
Object cache
Host third-party code locally x x
Lazy render HTML elements x x
Lazy load background images x In CSS Files Helper class
Add missing image dimensions x x
First time visit optimization x x Guest Mode
Control preloading x x
Advanced cache control x x
ESI (edge side includes) x x
Gravatar cache x x
Limit post revisions Delete all x Keep some
CDN SiteGround CDN N/A QUIC.cloud
CDN PoPs 176 N/A 70 (standard plan)
CDN price Freemium N/A $.02-.08/GB
Dynamic caching Paid N/A
Image optimization Kind of N/A
DDoS protection x N/A



3. CDN – XDN (Or QUC.cloud) vs. SiteGround CDN

On WPX, I recommend using QUIC.cloud CDN (the paid standard plan) which is built for LiteSpeed and has 55 more PoPs than WPX’s XDN with HTML caching. It’s also needed for image/page optimizations in LSC with DDoS protection. For a free CDN, XDN should work fine.

SiteGround’s CDN only has 14 PoPs, 10GB bandwidth, and you have to use their DNS to use it (which was previously blocked by Google). You also have to use the paid version for dynamic caching and it lacks several image optimization features. You’re best off using Cloudflare + APO.

TLDR: XDN is better because it has more PoPs and is free. SiteGround’s CDN is better because the paid version uses dynamic caching. Neither of these compare to Cloudflare or QUIC.cloud.


4. CPU Limits – The Biggest Con Of Both

SiteGround’s CPU limits are notorious for making you upgrade plans.

Support usually tells you to keep upgrading and add memory, but they will rarely (if ever) help you fix this. However, the “problem” is SiteGround’s own fault (likely for having idle PHP workers). If you go to SiteGround’s features page and hover over the “server” tab, you can see their CPU limits. But even on expensive plans, you’re still very likely to get them. In my case, I had to pay SiteGround $120/month to get rid of them, and a whopping $180/mo to make my site decently fast. And believe me, my site was optimized from header to footer for lower CPU.

Siteground cpu dance

Siteground cpu limits joke

The problem with WPX is they don’t even list limits on CPU resources, inodes, email, and bandwidth. Instead, their TOS pretty much says it’s at their discretion whether they can cancel your account for using too much. WPX is the only host I’m aware of that doesn’t list these limits.

Wpx terms of service cpu resources


5. Uptime – Both Had Catastrophic Outages

Both SiteGround and WPX had major outages – neither took responsibility and instead, blamed someone else.

SiteGround’s DNS was blocked by Google for 4 days in 2011 which caused tons of customer sites to get deranked or completely deindexed in Google. They also had a major outage in 2022. In both cases, SiteGround either denied a problem ever existed or blamed it on Google/Amazon. They never told customers to move to another DNS (i.e. Cloudflare) and expected them to wait.

WPX’s outage was equally bad and you can read the Facebook conversation here. Although the outage only lasted about 5 hours, WPX’s own site went down, and blamed it on their partner (Steadfast) whose CEO died just months earlier. However, Steadfast’s other partners did not see an outage because they had a redundancy system in place. When asked about this, WPX’s CEO (Terry) claimed it was “extremely expensive and would 2x-5x the price of our hosting services.”

Wpx hosting worldwide outage response

I couldn’t agree more with this response:

Wpx hosting worldwide outage comment 5


6. Data Centers – WPX Only Has 3 vs. SiteGround’s 7

A big con of WPX is they only have 3 data centers.

Using a data center close to your visitors has a large impact on TTFB which can be seen in tools such as KeyCDN’s Performance Test. SiteGround has 7 data centers, so there is more availability.

WPX Data Centers SiteGround Data Centers
Chicago, IL (USA) Council Bluff, Iowa (US)
London (ENG) Madrid (ESP)
Sydney (ASTL) London (UK)
Eemshaven (NL)
Frankfurt (DE)
Singapore (SG)
Sydney (AU)
View WPX’s Data Centers View SiteGround’s Data Centers


7. WPX Dashboard vs. SiteGround Site Tools

Both WPX and SiteGround use a custom dashboard.

Both are easy to use but can have bugs. Whether it’s taking a staging site live or something usually simple, custom dashboards are usually not as reliable as something like cPanel/Plesk. One thing to note about WPX is that staging sites take up a “website slot” in your hosting plan.

Wpx hosting dashboard 1

SiteGround seemed to be built in a rush after cPanel raised their prices. SiteGround wanted to increase their bottom line by not paying for cPanel, so they created Site Tools. There have been many reports of bugs, but they seem to have most of them fixed now. Site Tools is hit or miss on whether you like it, but I can say many people preferred SiteGround’s old cPanel over Site Tools.



8. Migrations – WPX Has Free Migrations + Speed Optimization

SiteGround used to offer free migrations but now it’s $30/site.

WPX does free migrations with free site speed optimization where they optimize your site for core web vitals. I’ve never used this but I wouldn’t expect a miracle since core web vitals can be a lot of work. A couple hours usually won’t mean you’ll pass. But hey, it’s a little bonus to WPX.

Wpx free site speed optimization


9. Pricing – Both Are Overpriced Shared Hosting

Your “final price” completely depends on your hosting plan, whether you’re paying for a premium cache plugin/CDN, and whether WPX’s limits on email hosting are enough for you.

But when you look at WPX’s prices and SiteGround renewal prices (which are about 3x their intros which you only get for 1 year), both of these are way too expensive for shared hosting.

WPX Plan Websites Monthly Yearly
Business Up to 5 $24.99/mo $20.83/mo
Professional Up to 15 $49.99/mo $41.58/mo
Elite Up to 35 $99.00/mo $83.25/mo


SiteGround Plan Websites Intro Price Renewal Price
Startup 1 $6.99/mo $14.99/mo
GrowBig Unlimited $9.99/month $24.99/mo
GoGeek Unlimited $14.99/mo $39.99/mo
Cloud Hosting Unlimited $100+/mo N/A


10. Email – WPX Isn’t Suitable For Small Businesses

While neither host clearly lists their email hosting limits, there’s been several complaints that WPX doesn’t have good email hosting with low resource limits. This should be fine if you’re 1 person and don’t send a lot of emails. Otherwise, you’ll need something like Google Workspace.

Wpx hosting email review


11. Support – WPX Is Excellent (SiteGround Has Declined)

Here’s why SiteGround support has gotten worse:

  • They buried the support button.
  • Phone numbers, etc are buried too.
  • They push upgrades while referencing CPU limits.
  • They moved priority support from GrowBig to GoGeek.
  • The added a large “scope of support” disclaimer limits what they do.
  • Even if something is SiteGround’s fault (i.e. CPU limits), they may not help.
Siteground support google autocomplete
SiteGround hid their support, so now people people try to find it in Google

WPX’s support is significantly better. Live chat is at the bottom right of the screen or you can open a ticket. Live chat usually responds in 30s or less and they don’t push upgrades or make a mess like SiteGround. While support is usually something you have to experience yourself, I can tell SiteGround’s support is nowhere close to what it used to be. WPX is significantly better now.


12. Ethics – SiteGround’s Shady Business Practices

I will never support this company again because:

  • Their community manager is an admin for the WP Speed Up Facebook Group.
  • SiteGround’s brand ambassadors are admins for several major WordPress FB Groups.
  • They use this to censor people who speak about them, ban people, and promote SG.
  • They don’t take responsibility during outages or when SiteGround Optimizer has issues.
  • They threaten to sue people who write bad reviews (I also got a cease and desist letter).

Any company who behaves like this is immediately thrown out of my recommendations.

Siteground threatening to sue reddit


13. TrustPilot Rating – Both WPX And SiteGround Are 4.7+

As of writing this, WPX has a 4.9/5 star rating while SiteGround’s dropped to 4.6/5.


14. Facebook Feedback – What People Say About WPX vs SiteGround

I suggest joining the WP Speed Matters Facebook Group to get unbiased feedback since other groups (WordPress Hosting/WordPress Speed Up) are controlled by people paid by SiteGround.

Wpx hosting review facebook thread

Slow ttfb siteground

Siteground no value

Siteground unlimited websites
In response to SiteGround trying to limit number of websites


15. Winner – WPX (But Rocket.net Is Better)

WPX is OK, but you’re better off at Rocket.net if you’re paying $25/mo.

SiteGround WPX Cloudways Vultr HF Rocket.net
Hosting type Shared Shared Cloud Private cloud
CPU cores Not listed Not listed 1 32
RAM (GB) Not listed Not listed 1 128
Object cache Memcached x Redis (Pro) Redis
Server Nginx LiteSpeed Apache Nginx
PHP processing FastCGI FastCGI PHP-FPM LiteSpeed
Compression Brotli Brotli GZIP Brotli
CDN SiteGround CDN QUIC.cloud Cloudflare Enterprise ($5/mo) Cloudflare Enterprise
CDN PoPs 176 70 270 270
Full page caching x
Argo smart routing x x
Load balancing x x
Image optimization Limited
CPU limits Very common At their discretion Average None
Cache plugin SG Optimizer LSC or W3TC Breeze x
Email hosting Very limited x x
Major incidents Google blocked DNS for 4 days Worldwide outage None None
Free migration $30/site 5-35 sites free 1 free Unlimited free
Renewals Very high Monthly Monthly Monthly
TrustPilot rating 4.6/5 4.9/5 4.5/5 4.9/5
Price $3-8/mo (1 year) then $15-40/mo $20.83 (yearly) $13/mo + $5/mo for CF Enterprise $25/mo (yearly)

They will blow both WPX and SiteGround out of the water with an average global TTFB of <100ms. This is due to their free Cloudflare Enterprise + full page caching, 32 cores + 128GB RAM, NVMe SSDs, Redis, and they were a top performer in Kevin Ohashi’s tests. They also have up to 25x more monthly visits than Kinsta and don’t limit PHP workers since only about 10% of traffic hits your origin. Feel free to check their TrustPilot reviews, my review, or reach out to Ben.

Rocket. Net keycdn performance test 1


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  1. Hey Tom! It’s sad to see your change of mind of SiteGround. I know they have changed a lot and some customers are not happy. Let’s hope they listen and improve.

    This week I talked with my team of the future of websites development. In your opinion, do you believe more people are HIRING developers? Or more people are CREATING their own website by themself? In your experience, what is the trend?

    Thanks and take care!

    • Hey Pablo!

      SiteGround had more than enough opportunities to improve and if they wanted to, they would have already done it.

      I think more people are creating their own website. Signing up for domain hosting and installing WordPress with an Astra Starter Site can be done in under 10 mins. Elementor makes it very easy to customize, hosting/themes/plugins are becoming more user-friendly for non-developers. I think that’s the trend.

      Of course, developers are still needed for many things and since so many sites are being created, there will be plenty of work for things outside what an average person can do.

      You too! Hope you’re staying safe out there :)


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