WPX vs SiteGround [2022] With Unbiased Feedback From Facebook Groups (Most People Prefer WPX For LiteSpeed, Price, CPU, Support)

Deciding between WPX vs. SiteGround? Here’s why WPX is the better choice.

WPX is a big improvement over SiteGround in terms of speed, support, and CPU limits (most people say the same in Facebook Groups). WPX uses LiteSpeed so you should use the free LiteSpeed Cache plugin which has fast server-side caching and is better than SiteGround’s Optimizer plugin. Their free CDN (XDN) only has has 25 locations so I would use LiteSpeed’s QUIC.cloud CDN which has 70 PoPs. They don’t have harsh CPU limits like SiteGround, have better support, monthly pricing, and do free migrations with free site speed optimization where they optimize your site for core web vitals. The main cons are WPX only has 3 data centers and the dashboard is alright, but not amazing. Overall, WPX is much better/faster than SiteGround.

SiteGround is who I’ve used for 4+ years but they’ve been going downhill quickly. Their TTFB has gotten slow since they moved to Google Cloud’s N2 machines which don’t have the fastest CPU clock speeds. They have have CPU limits and take down your site until you upgrade, increased prices, reduced support, and many other complaints like Googlebot blocking their DNS for 4 days. I’ve referred nearly 3,000 people to SiteGround and removed all affiliate links from my blog (which should say something). I also don’t like that their community manager and affiliates are admins for several Facebook Groups and use this to promote their hosting, remove negative posts about their brand, and ban people who speak out about them. It’s very unethical.


Facebook FeedbackGreatBad + Unethical
Speed + TTFBFastSlow
Cache PluginLiteSpeed CacheSiteGround Optimizer
CPU LimitsFlexibleTakes Down Website
Data Centers36
UptimeMajor Outage In 2021Google DNS Issue In 2021
DashboardCustomCustom (Site Tools)
MigrationsFree + Speed Optimization$30/Site
PricingHigh Monthly PricingHigh Renewals
TrustPilot Rating4.8/54.7/5


1. Facebook Feedback – What People Say About WPX vs. SiteGround

I recommend joining Facebook Groups to get hosting feedback since most reviews are biased. Below are a couple conversations on WPX vs. SiteGround (WPX is preferred over SiteGround).

WPX vs SiteGround

SiteGround vs WPX

SiteGround No Value (Bad Review)

The reason I say SiteGround is unethical is because their community manager (Hristo Pandjarov) and his affiliates are admins for several Facebook Groups. They use this power to remove negative posts about SiteGround, ban people, and promote their company. The WP Speed Matters Facebook Group is one of the only good places to get unbiased feedback now because the same group of people run most WordPress-related Facebook Groups. Not cool.

WordPress Speed Up Admins


2. Speed + TTFB – WPX Is Faster Than SiteGround

In Review Signal’s performance test of hosting plans under $25, WPX had the fastest average response time at 82ms (almost 3 times less than SiteGround’s 234ms average response time). Kevin from Review Signal is widely known in the WP community for publishing unbiased tests.

2021 WordPress Hosting Response Times

Backlinko found SiteGround’s TTFB is slow and he’s not an affiliate for either company.

Backlinko TTFB Test

I installed the same Astra Starter Site on WPX’s Business plan and SiteGround’s GrowBig plan (the most comparable plans especially when considering SiteGround’s renewal prices). No caching or CDN were used. Then I measured each website’s load time in Pingdom for 1 week at 30 minute check intervals, meaning 336 individual tests were done on each website. WPX’s median load time was 436ms and SiteGround’s was a whopping 2280ms, a 1844ms difference.


In other speed tests, WPX outperformed SiteGround with a faster TTFB of 955ms, server response time of 847ms, and 412ms faster time spent downloading page in Search Console.

WPX Reports

SiteGround Reports

Put it all together and here’s what you get:


WPX uses LiteSpeed servers while SiteGround uses Google Cloud N2 machines with have lower CPU clock speeds than other hosts who use Google Cloud C2. There were tons of complaints that SiteGround’s TTFB has gotten slower since they moved to Google Cloud. LiteSpeed servers are one of the fastest types of servers available and have become popular.

WPX LiteSpeed Servers


SiteGround Bad TTFB


3. Cache Plugin – LiteSpeed Cache On WPX vs. SiteGround Optimizer

Since WPX uses LiteSpeed servers, you can use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin which uses fast server-side caching (not sure why WPX recommends W3 Total Cache). Both LiteSpeed Cache and SiteGround Optimizer use server-side caching, but LiteSpeed Cache has more features and does a better job addressing core web vitals. It also has better reviews. WPX wins this category.

CDNs – On WPX, I recommend QUIC.cloud CDN (built for LiteSpeed) which has 70 PoPs and is free. WPX also built their own free CDN (called XDN) but it only has 25 end-point locations. On SiteGround, you would probably use Cloudflare or BunnyCDN (what I use). Check cdnperf.com to compare the performance and uptimes of multiple CDN providers (I wouldn’t use StackPath).


4. CPU Limits – SiteGround Takes Down Websites To Force Upgrades

A huge complaint about SiteGround is their CPU limits (which happened to me).

If you go to SiteGround’s features page and hover over the “server” tabs, you can see how many resources each plan comes with. Theoretically, when you pay more, you will get more resources.

But even on expensive plans, you are still very likely to get CPU overages. In my case, I had to pay SiteGround $120/month to get rid of CPU overages, and a whopping $180/month to make my site load fast. And believe me, my site was optimized from header to footer for lower CPU.


SiteGround CPU Limits


5. Support – WPX Is Excellent (SiteGround Has Declined)

Here’s why SiteGround support has gotten worse:

  • They buried the support button.
  • Phone numbers, etc are buried too.
  • They push upgrades while referencing CPU limits.
  • They moved priority support from GrowBig to GoGeek.
  • The added a large scope of support disclaimer which makes it limited.
  • SiteGround releases updates, makes a mess, then expects you to fix it.


The support at WPX is significantly better. Live chat is always at the bottom right of the screen or open a ticket. Live chat also responds in 30s or less (something WPX prides themselves in). They don’t push upgrades or make a mess like SiteGround does, then expect you to fix it. Support is usually something you have to experience yourself, but this should be pretty obvious.


6. Data Centers – WPX Only Has 3 vs. SiteGround’s 6

A big con of WPX is they only have 3 data centers.

Using a data center close to your visitors has a large impact on TTFB which can be seen in KeyCDN’s Performance Test. SiteGround has 6 data centers, so there is more availability.

WPX Data CentersSiteGround Data Centers
Chicago, IL (USA)Council Bluff, Iowa (US)
London (England)London (UK)
Sydney (Australia)Eemshaven (NL)
-Frankfurt (DE)
-Singapore (SG)
-Sydney (AU)
View WPX's Data CentersView SiteGround's Data Centers


7. Uptime – WPX HaD Major Outage, Google Blocked SiteGround’s DNS

SiteGround guarantees 99.99% uptimes while WPX only guarantees 99.95%.

However, they’ve both had major incidents where sites were down from 10 hours – 4 days.

In August, 2021, WPX experienced a major outage in their Chicago data center for up to 10 hours. They published an explanation and apology on their blog, but many customers explained about their lack of communication during the outage. Aside from this WPX’s uptimes are good.

SiteGround had an even worse problem where their DNS was blocked by Googlebot for 4 days. Websites were dropped from Google and people lost a ton of money. SiteGround’s response was even worse… they originally said there was no issue in their systems, but then 2 days later, came out with a “fix” Throughout the entire disaster, they never advised customers to move to an external DNS. No accountability was taken and no official apology was made by SiteGround.


8. WPX Dashboard vs. SiteGround Site Tools

Both WPX and SiteGround use a custom dashboard.

Both are easy to use but can have bugs. Whether it’s taking a staging site live or something usually simple, custom dashboards are usually not as reliable as something like cPanel/Plesk. One thing to note about WPX is that staging sites take up a “website slot” in your hosting plan.

WPX Hosting Dashboard

SiteGround’s Site Tools was built in a rush after cPanel raised their prices. SiteGround wanted to increase their bottom line by not paying for cPanel, so they created Site Tools. There have been many reports of bugs, but they seem to have most of them fixed now. Site Tools is hit or miss on whether you like it, and many people prefer the old SiteGround cPanel over Site Tools.



9. Migrations – WPX Offers Free Migrations With Site Speed Optimization

WPX does free migrations and includes free site speed optimization where they optimize your site for core web vitals. I have never used this service but I wouldn’t expect a miracle since core web vitals can be a pain in the ass and a couple hours of work usually doesn’t mean you will pass. SiteGround used to offer a free migration but as part of their cost cutting, it now costs $30/site.

WPX Free Site Speed Optimization


10. Pricing – Why WPX Is Actually Cheaper Than SiteGround

Most people sign up for SiteGround with their cheap intro price, then leave before it renews since it gets about 2.5x more expensive after 1-3 years.

At first, you will pay $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99/month for StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek respectively. But upon renewal, you will pay $14.99, $24.99, or $39.99/month for the same plan. Yearly, that’s $179.88, $299.98, and $539.98.

If $20.83/month at WPX is too expensive, look into NameHero.

My monthly bill with SiteGround


11. Features – WPX vs. SiteGround Features

ServerIn-HouseGoogle Cloud
Cache PluginLiteSpeed CacheSiteGround Optimizer
CDNFree (XDN)Free (Cloudflare)
PHP Version88
BackupsFree DailyFree Daily
StagingYesOn GrowBig+
Email HostingYesYes
# Of SitesUnlimitedUnlimited On GrowBig+


12. TrustPilot Rating – Both WPX And SiteGround Are 4.7+

SiteGround’s TrustPilot reviews are good, but I recommend doing your research in non-Hristo managed Facebook Groups to see constant issues people are having with SiteGround’s support.


13. Winner – WPX Is Newer But The Service Is Better

I get it, WPX doesn’t have as many TrustPilot reviews or the popularity of SiteGround.

But that’s exactly why you should use them. They are doing everything they can to win customers through faster speeds, better support, and improving their overall level of service.

They’re also involved with bettering the lives of cats/dogs (see everydogmatters.eu).


SiteGround is riding a high horse. I have referred nearly 3,000 people to them and they are taking advantage of them. I no longer use SiteGround, nor do I recommend them in my guides.


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4 thoughts on “WPX vs SiteGround [2022] With Unbiased Feedback From Facebook Groups (Most People Prefer WPX For LiteSpeed, Price, CPU, Support)

  1. Hey Tom! It’s sad to see your change of mind of SiteGround. I know they have changed a lot and some customers are not happy. Let’s hope they listen and improve.

    This week I talked with my team of the future of websites development. In your opinion, do you believe more people are HIRING developers? Or more people are CREATING their own website by themself? In your experience, what is the trend?

    Thanks and take care!

    1. Hey Pablo!

      SiteGround had more than enough opportunities to improve and if they wanted to, they would have already done it.

      I think more people are creating their own website. Signing up for domain + hosting and installing WordPress with an Astra Starter Site can be done in under 10 mins. Elementor makes it very easy to customize, hosting/themes/plugins are becoming more user-friendly for non-developers. I think that’s the trend.

      Of course, developers are still needed for many things and since so many sites are being created, there will be plenty of work for things outside what an average person can do.

      You too! Hope you’re staying safe out there :)

      1. Thanks Tom! I appreciate your opinion and advice. Everything is changing FAST in the digital world.

        See you on the next blog post! ;)

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