vs. Kinsta – Rocket Is Faster With More Cores/RAM, Redis, NVMe SSDs, Cloudflare Enterprise, 10x Monthly Visits

Rocket. Net vs kinsta

I’m using who is light years ahead of Kinsta.

Kinsta has low PHP worker and monthly visit limits, then charges $100/mo for Redis and $50/mo for Nginx reverse proxy. You get 16x less RAM, slower SATA SSDs, and a “premium DNS” (Amazon Route 53) which is slower than Cloudflare’s DNS used on Their Cloudflare integration is also basically Cloudflare’s free version with WAF. At the end of the day, Kinsta is a marketing company dressed as a hosting company. But you’ll pay a lot more and get much slower technology + worse support (just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re better). gives you more resources with faster technology in terms of cores/RAM, NVMe SSDs, Redis, and LiteSpeed’s PHP. Their Cloudflare Enterprise is far superior than Kinsta’s Cloudflare integration and actually has Enterprise features like prioritized routing, more PoPs, Argo Smart Routing, and image optimization. They’re also less expensive since monthly visit limits are 10x Kinsta’s and they don’t limit PHP workers (however, they have relatively low bandwidth limits). They have a perfect TrustPilot rating where you’ll find many people who moved from Kinsta to Since I also use, feel free to test my global TTFB in KeyCDN/SpeedVitals.

Cores/RAM 12 cores + 8GB RAM 32 cores + 128GB RAM
Storage SATA NVMe
CDN Cloudflare free + WAF Cloudflare Enterprise
DNS Amazon Route 53 Cloudflare
Limits Low PHP workers + monthly visits No PHP worker limits, 10x monthly visits, but low bandwidth
PHP Processing Apache LiteSpeed
Redis $100/mo
Nginx Reverse Proxy $50/mo
Data Centers 29 20 (but shouldn’t matter)
Support Good, but not as good Best support you’ll find?
Dashboard MyKinsta Mission Control
Migrations 1 “premium” on lowest plan Unlimited free
Price Way more expensive More affordable
TrustPilot Rating 4.3/5 4.9/5

Rocket. Net vs kinsta migration

Kinsta to rocket. Net ttfb redis

Rocket. Net vs kinsta


1. Cores/RAM – Has 16x More RAM

Kinsta uses 12 cores + 8GB RAM, uses 32 cores + 128GB RAM. That’s 16x more RAM and about 3x cores. Plus, Kinsta limits staging sites to 1 core + 8GB RAM, but doesn’t.

Rocket. Net cpu cores ram


2. Storage – Uses Faster NVMe SSDs switched to NVMe SSDs in 2011 while Kinsta still uses slow network SSDs. This can be found on’s blog (see link above in the previous section). performed these tests using the WP Hosting Benchmarks plugin which you can also try on your own site.

Rocket. Net ssds with SSD hard drives
Rocket. Net nvme switches to NVMe


3. CDN –’s Cloudflare Enterprise Is Better

While Kinsta basically uses Cloudflare’s free version with WAF, actually uses Cloudflare Enterprise. The CEO (Ben Gabler) was previously StackPath’s Chief Product Officer and has extensive experience working with CDNs, while it looks like Kinsta just added WAF and called it a day. The results of Cloudflare Enterprise can be seen in tools like SpeedVitals’ TTFB test (as well as KeyCDN’s performance test) which measures TTFB in multiple global locations.

Cloudflare Enterprise (Kinsta) Cloudflare Enterprise (Cloudways) Cloudflare Enterprise (
Prioritized routing x
Full page caching Server-side x
Argo smart routing x
Load balancing x
Image optimization x
Automatic configuration x x
Price Free $5/mo (1 domain) Free


Keycdn performance test cloudflare 1
Cloudflare free (no full page caching)
Rocket. Net keycdn performance test 1
Cloudflare Enterprise + full page caching


4. DNS – (Cloudflare) vs. Kinsta (Amazon Route 53)

Why you would use anything but Cloudflare’s DNS is beyond me. It’s one of the most performant/reliable DNS providers which you can see on and is used on Kinsta can brag about their premium DNS (Amazon Route 53), but it’s slower.

Cloudflare vs amazon route53 dns


5. Limits – PHP Workers, Monthly Visits, Bandwidth

Kinsta has low limits on PHP workers and their monthly visits are 10x less than’s. These are the main reasons people have to upgrade and Kinsta recommends WooCommerce sites start on the $115/mo plan. Keep in mind when they count visits, it may also include bots.

Kinsta php workers monthly visits 1 doesn’t limit PHP workers and has 10x more monthly visits. However, they do limit Bandwidth and the Starter plan only has 50GB. That’s the reason gets expensive, but compared to Kinsta and WP Engine, should still usually end up being much cheaper.

Rocket. Net storage monthly visits bandwidth 1


6. PHP Processing – LiteSpeed PHP Is Faster uses LiteSpeed’s PHP which is faster than alternatives. Enough said.


7. Redis – Kinsta Charges $100/mo

While has free Redis on all plans using Redis Object Cache, Kinsta charges an extra $100/mo which is ridiculous. also uses Redis Object Cache Pro on Enterprise plans.

Kinsta redis


8. Nginx Reverse Proxy – Kinsta Charges $50/mo

Same thing for Nginx reverse proxy. Free on, $50/mo on Kinsta.

Kinsta nginx reverse proxy


9. Data Centers – Why This (Usually) Doesn’t Matter

Even though has less data centers, they usually win this category.

Since Kinsta doesn’t use CDN features like prioritized routing or Argo Smart Routing, global TTFB will likely depend on where your site is hosted. But since has these features, global TTFB is very similar no matter where the data center is located. Ben explains it at 11:37.


10. Support – Wins Again

I know support is biased, but’s is the best I’ve used without question.

Ben Gabler obviously hires technicians who have years of experience with hosting and he even hops on chat/tickets himself. They’re willing to help optimize for core web vitals and go beyond what’s usually expected out of hosting support. But to be honest, I barely have to contact them at all since everything “just works.” Kinsta’s is alright, but you’ll probably have to contact them more to optimize your site – just because their hosting isn’t as good and you’ll need some help.


11. Dashboard – Mission Control vs. MyKinsta

Here’s a video on MyKinsta:

There’s no video on’s Mission Control, so here’s a glimpse:

Rocket. Net dashboard 2 dashboard
Rocket. Net hosting go live
Add TXT records or point DNS to


12. Migrations – Free On, Not Always On Kinsta

Kinsta only includes free migrations from these hosts, otherwise it’s $100 per migration. offers unlimited free migrations and shows your site to you before it’s launched.

Kinsta free migrations from select hosts


13. Price – Kinsta Is Usually A Lot More Expensive

Kinsta is more expensive than because:

  • $100/mo Redis
  • $50/mo Nginx reverse proxy
  • They’ve raised prices in the past
  • “Premium migrations” cost $100
  • Low limits on PHP workers + monthly visits
Rocket. Net omm1 coupon
Get your first month with for $1 with code OMM1


14. TrustPilot Rating – Is Smaller But Has Better Ratings

Kinsta’s TrustPilot rating has been tanking and there’s been several reports they’ve gotten slower, added more limits, and people are getting sick of paying so much for mediocre hosting. has better TrustPilot reviews and they have excellent feedback in Facebook Groups.

Rocket. Net vs kinsta

Obvious winner:


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