10 WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs You Can Actually Make Good Money From (Combined, These Are Making Me $130k/Year)

Looking to make bank with WordPress hosting affiliate programs?

I was fortunate enough to make $130k in 2018 as a SiteGround affiliate (and was awarded affiliate of the month). But I also know there are other great hosting affiliates out there, which I plan on getting into soon. I have done my research and numbers 1-6 are the best programs.

WordPress Hosting Affiliate Programs

The best hosting affiliate programs seem to be SiteGround, WP Engine, Kinsta, and Cloudways (this is based on their commissions and reputation). Other hosting companies either offer too low of commissions or they simply have a horrible reputation (eg. EIG).

However, a YouTuber named Tyler has created several videos on how to make a WordPress site with 3M+ views. In his videos, he refers people to HostGator with his custom coupon code (which as long as people use, even if they don’t click his link, gives him credit for the sale). So even though HostGator is a horrible company, Tyler has used their coupon codes to make a fortune, since most other WordPress hosting affiliates don’t offer this. That’s also the only reason why HostGator is on the list (and probably the only reason Tyler chose to promote them) – not because they’re good, but because coupon codes work great for YouTube videos.


1. SiteGround

SiteGround’s affiliate program is the reason I went from living in my parent’s house to 1 year later, moving into a nice studio in downtown Denver while driving a Mercedes c300. Of course I spent a ton of time working on my tutorials, but it was rags to riches in less than a year. Crazy.

I wrote a SiteGround affiliate review with tons of promotional materials (feel free to use them) and contribute my success to their awesome reputation on social media (Facebook polls, Facebook conversations, tweets). I have talked to other SiteGround affiliates who are also making 6 figures. Their recent price increase lowered my sales, but the overwhelming social media evidence (specifically the 26 Facebook polls) are still brining in tons of sales for me.

Once you climb the tiers, your commission rate depends on your sales volume and whether you are selling higher plans (eg. GoGeek/Cloud).

Commission: $50 – $100+/sale.
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • Rated #1 host in 26 Facebook polls (see below)
  • Tons of Facebook conversions with positive feedback
  • Low promotional price which you can get for up to 1-3 years
  • Listed on the official WordPress recommended hosting page
  • Support, speed, uptimes, and WordPress features are all solid
  • Many built-in features like free Let’s Encrypt SSL + Cloudflare
  • Free website migration with the GrowBig and higher plans
  • I have talked to other affiliates who also have success promoting SiteGround
  • Recommended #1 on Ivica’s resources page in the WordPress Speed Up Group


  • Complaints about CPU overages
  • Must climb tiers to get higher commissions
  • Getting approved as an affiliate is getting harder
  • They increased regular prices  = lower conversion rates
  • Support is still good, but they seem to have less leeway granting refunds

SiteGround Was Rated #1 In Numerous Facebook Polls:
2019 Hosting Poll


Elementor Hosting Recommendations

July 2019 Hosting Recommendation











WP Friendly Hosting Poll


Favorite Hosting For Elementor

2018 Hosting Recommendations

WordPress Hosting Poll Sept 2018.png










Bluehost vs SiteGround

WordPress Web Host Poll

My Best Month With SiteGround:


Still Crushing It With Them:



2. WP Engine

WP Engine offers the most generous commissions of all hosting affiliates ($200/sale, no tiers to climb, volume bonuses, and a two-tier program where you make $50 for every affiliate you refer who makes a sale). They bought out StudioPress (the company is growing) and are looking more promising than ever. WP Engine has a solid reputation (usually rated top 5 in Facebook polls) but the cheapest plan is $35/month. I am planning on promoting them more.

Commission: $200/sale + bonuses + $50 two-tier sub-referrals.
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • You don’t have to climb tiers
  • $200 commissions is the highest around
  • $50 two-tier program (you refer another affiliate and they make a sale)
  • All WP Engine customers have access to StudioPress themes + Genesis
  • They bought out StudioPress which makes them look even more promising
  • Solid reputation in community and backed by good speed/uptimes/support
  • WP Engine + StudioPress have high EPC (earning per click) in ShareASale stats


  • No email hosting
  • Recently increased prices
  • Doesn’t offer free migration service
  • $35/month starting price is expensive for starters
  • Reversal rates were 24% last time I checked ShareASale



3. Cloudways

Cloudways has been on my radar for awhile. Their affiliate program is relatively small, but they have been getting lots of praise in the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group. Lots of people use them, highly recommend them, and are suppose to be one of the fastest hosts for the price. If you’re all about speed (and a flexible, generous commission structure), try out Cloudways.

Commission: $50 – $125/sale.
Recurring Commissions Offered? Yes (with hybrid plan).




  • Very fast hosting
  • Free site migration
  • Fast growing company
  • Built-in CDN = faster site
  • Doesn’t use cPanel (a pro for many people)
  • Praised in the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group


  • Chat support is not great
  • Often recognized as being a middleman


4. Kinsta

Kinsta is expensive, but they’re a great host. They also grew their traffic by 571% in 13 months (a growing company is something I look at when choosing affiliate programs). They are also solely focused on WordPress hosting, making them a bit easier to promote. Commissions are generous (flat commission + 10% recurring) and they have great reviews all over the web.

Commission: $50 – $500/sale + 10% recurring.
Recurring Commissions Offered? Yes.



  • Great way to build passive income
  • Solely focused on WordPress hosting
  • Company is growing and are super active on their blog
  • Kinsta has great reviews on the web, I have seen very few complaints


  • $30/month starting price is expensive


5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has solid opportunities as an affiliate. They are cheap, yet solid, and offer custom coupon codes which are great for promoting them on YouTube. They have a decent amount of positive social feedback, and if you do promote them, I would dig through Facebook and find conversations about A2 Hosting, then take screenshots where people give positive feedback. I believe there are some in the WordPress Hosting + WordPress Speed Up Facebook Groups.

Commission: $85 – $140/sale + $5 two-tier commissions.
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • Custom coupon codes
  • Competitive commissions even at lower volumes
  • $5 two-tier program (you refer another affiliate and they make a sale)
  • Free site migration
  • Committed to green energy
  • Inexpensive (plans are about $4 – $12/month)
  • Focused on performance and affordability rather than bells and whistles


  • Uptimes are not always 99.99%
  • Their website could use a redesign


6. Flywheel

Flywheel is built specifically for designers and agencies. They are known as “high end WordPress hosting” and start at $14/month. They have a clean site which I’m sure converts well, and great reviews around the web. I have personally seen many posts in the WordPress Hosting and WordPress Speed Up Facebook Groups with customers praising Flywheel.

Commission: $45 – $500.
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • Reputable and praised in Facebook Groups
  • They have a clean website = higher conversions
  • Good if you’re targeting experienced WordPress users


  • Pricing is steep for some
  • Lower plans do not include CDN or multisite
  • No email hosting, domain services, website builder, eCommerce tools


7. Digital Ocean

As a host, Digital Ocean is a solid choice. As an affiliate, it’s not. No matter how good they are, it will be extremely difficult to make a living from a slim $25 per referral. It’s just not realistic if you’re looking to make decent money when you can make $200 per sale (8x) with WP Engine.

Commission: $25/sale.
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • Core functions are great (speed, uptimes, security)
  • Standard and CPU optimized droplets depending on resource usage


  • One of the lowest commissions in the industry
  • No free site migrations
  • Tech support seems to be lacking
  • Somewhat confusing for less experience users
  • No free domain or even the ability to purchase a domain


8. GoDaddy

Everyone knows them, and they’re not as bad as some people say. But their commissions are low considering you will average less than $10 per sale at only 10-15%. For this reason, I would not choose them as your affiliate, especially since there are better WordPress hosts out there.

Commission: 10-15%
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • Based in Arizona
  • Support is solid
  • Everyone knows them
  • One of the better cheap hosting companies


  • Low commissions
  • Uptimes are not great
  • Speed seems to be hit or miss
  • They have a list of blacklisted plugins


9. Bluehost

Probably my least favorite host from this list. They’re not good, owned by EIG, and don’t pay good commissions. Even though EIG spends big money to be #1 on the list of recommended WordPress hosts, most people are learning to stay away from Bluehost and EIG. There are many affiliates promoting Bluehost, but they could be making more money (and earning more trust with readers) by recommending a different host. No reason to recommend Bluehost.

Commission Rate: $65/sale.
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • #1 on WordPress’s recommended hosting page
  • Lots of advertising, and most people know about them


  • Owned by EIG (bad reputation)
  • They have experienced severe, ongoing outages
  • Support might take several hours to get back to you
  • Speed is not great – they pack too many sites on the same server
  • Core parts of hosting (speed, uptimes, security) are just not there


10. HostGator

Only good if you’re creating video tutorials since HostGator lets you create coupon codes which you can share with people (verbally) without them having to click your affiliate link. Otherwise it’s another bad EIG brand, but at least the commissions are better than Bluehost.

Commission Rate: $50 – $125/sale
Recurring Commissions Offered? No.



  • You can create coupon codes which are great for YouTube tutorials (instead of using an affiliate link in your video description, you can give your audience a coupon code which allows them to save money while giving you credit for the sale, without them having to click your affiliate link). This video on how to make a WordPress site has 3M views and Tyler (author) shares his HostGator coupon code in step 1 (domain/hosting) and has definitely made a fortune.


  • Owned by EIG (bad reputation)
  • Like most EIG companies, support, uptimes, speed are not great
  • One of the highest cancellation rates in the hosting industry (around 50%)


Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Which hosting affiliate programs are most popular?

Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround are 3 of the most popular hosting affiliate programs. But just because they're popular doesn't mean you should follow the crowd. Join WordPress-related Facebook Groups and look to see where the trends are.

✅ What is the best web hosting affiliate program?

The best web hosting affiliate programs are usually Bluehost, HostGator, Cloudways, or Kinsta. Choose the one most suitable to your audience in terms of pricing, speed, support, and features they need.

✅ What is the highest paying hosting affiliate program?

WP Engine offers a whopping $200/sale and has the highest commission available, but you probably won't get as many sales as other programs because WP Engine is more expensive.

✅ Which hosting affiliate programs are recurring?

Kinsta offers 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions and is a solid hosting company, but they're expensive for the average person. They are one of the only hosting affiliate programs offering recurring commissions.

✅ How do I promote web hosting?

Getting traffic and building trust with your audience are the two most important factors when promoting web hosting. You need to answer WHY people should choose a host.

✅ How do I increase hosting affiliate sales?

Social proof is a big one. Show people Facebook polls, migration results, and your GTmetrix report when testing different hosting companies. Those are 3 key things that can increase sales/conversions. There are too many blind opinions on hosting - show people the facts.


Which One Will You Choose? Tell Me In The Comments.

I’d go with one of the first 6 options (SiteGround, WP Engine, Cloudways, Kinsta, A2 Hosting, or Flywheel). SiteGround has amazing social proof (definitely check out my review of their affiliate program to get promotional ideas), but some people seem unhappy about their price increase and billing practices. WP Engine seems extremely promising especially after they bought out StudioPress. Cloudways and Kinsta are the “newish” guys but have both been growing very fast. If you’re doing YouTube tutorials, I would go with A2 Hosting or (I hate to say it) HostGator since they offer coupon codes. Good luck, comment if you have questions!


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