21 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs (Listed By My Experience & Commissions)

Web hosting affiliate programs

These hosting affiliate programs make me 6 figures/year.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing speed optimization and affiliate marketing for 10 years, it’s you have to choose the right affiliates.

Otherwise, you lose people’s trust… and that means less sales. Obviously the “best” hosting affiliate depends on your audience (location, technical ability, budget, etc). You know them better than me, but I know my readers then to have been around the block. No way I’m telling them to use Bluehost, Hostinger, or even SiteGround. Cloud hosting and LiteSpeed all the way!

Instead of just listing commissions and stats about them which you can probably find on their websites, I’ll share my personal experience promoting (most) of these hosting companies.

I’ll also share some pleasant and unpleasant things I’ve learned about them over the years, since I do a lot of research in Facebook Groups before deciding on which company I promote. Anyway, here’s my list of hosting affiliate programs and the reasoning for listing them this way.

Hosting Affiliate Program Commission Recurring 2 Tier
Rocket.net $150 x x
Cloudways $50 – $150+
NameHero $50 – $125+ x x
A2 Hosting $55 – $125 x
ChemiCloud $50 – $125 x x
Scala Hosting $50 – $200 x x
Vultr $35 x x
FastComet $50 – $200
CloudPages 1x monthly rate
JohnnyVPS 2x monthly rate x x
Kinsta $50 – $500 x
SiteGround $50 – $100+ x x
Bluehost $65+ x x
WPX $70 – $100+ x x
Elementor Cloud Hosting $70 x x
WP Engine $200+ x
Flywheel 3x monthly rate x x
GoDaddy 10-15% of sale x x
HostGator $65 – $125+ x x
Liquid Web $150+ x x
GreenGeeks $50 – $100+ x x
Hostinger 60% of sale x x


1. Rocket.net Affiliate Program

Rocket.net is where I see the most potential of all hosting affiliate programs.

They’re the fastest WordPress hosting I’ve come across and who I currently use, averaging a <100ms global TTFB which you can measure in tools like KeyCDN. The reason they’re so fast is because their specs and Cloudways Enterprise are better than nearly any host with NVMe SSDs, 32 cores + 128GB RAM, Redis, LiteSpeed’s PHP, full page cache, Argo Smart Routing, WAF, image optimization, Brotli, etc. View the table below and you’ll see why Rocket.net is so much faster. They are also a top performer on WordPress Hosting Benchmarks (tests done by Kevin Ohashi).

They’re still small but have a perfect TrustPilot rating and CEO (Ben Gabler) has an extensive background with hosting and CDNs. Support is also just as good as Rocket.net’s performance.

All I can say is, benchmark your own scores/load times and test them against Rocket.net. Feel free to test my site in whatever tool you want or click through posts and see how fast they load. Once people see how fast your site is (and your global TTFB), your  results should do the talking.

Keycdn global ttfb

Omm 2022 gtmetrix report

Compare specs, talk to Ben, and read my Rocket.net review is the best advice I can give.

  • Commission: $150/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Rocket. Net wordpress hosting affiliate program

If Kinsta is a premium host, what does that make Rocket.net?

SiteGround Kinsta WPX Cloudways Vultr High Frequency Rocket.net
Hosting type Shared Cloud Shared Cloud Private cloud
CPU cores + RAM Not listed 12 cores + 8GB Not listed 1 core + 1GB 32 cores + 128GB
Storage (GB) 40 10 15 32 10
Object cache Memcached Redis ($100/mo) x Redis (Pro) Redis
Server Apache + Nginx Nginx LiteSpeed Apache Apache + Nginx
PHP processing FastCGI FastCGI FastCGI PHP-FPM LiteSpeed
Bandwidth (or monthly visits) 5TB 25k visits/mo 200GB 1TB 50GB + 250k visits/mo
CDN SiteGround CDN Cloudflare Enterprise QUIC.cloud or XDN Cloudflare Enterprise Cloudflare Enterprise
CDN PoPs 176 270 73 270 270
Full page caching Coming soon
Argo smart routing x x x
Load balancing x x x
Image optimization Limited x
Compression Brotli Brotli Brotli GZIP Brotli
CDN price Freemium Free $.02 – $.08/GB $5/mo Free
CPU limits Common Low PHP workers At their discretion Average None
Cache plugin SG Optimizer x LSC or W3TC Breeze x
Email hosting x Very limited x x
Major incidents Google blocked DNS for 4 days None Worldwide outage None None
Free migration $30/site Unlimited free 5-35 sites free 1 free Unlimited free
Renewals Yearly (high) Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
TrustPilot rating 4.6/5 4.4/5 4.9/5 4.6/5 4.9/5
Price $3-8/mo (1 year) then $15-40/mo $29/mo (yearly) $20.83 (yearly) $18/mo (with CF Enterprise) $25/mo (yearly)
Specs View specs View specs View specs View specs View specs
Rocket. Net affiliate commissions
Starting to average 2-3 sales/day with them (and just started)!

Pros (cons are price due to low storage/bandwidth and no email hosting)

  • $150 flat commissions
  • <100ms global TTFB average
  • 32 cores + 128GB RAM + NVMe SSDs
  • Cloudflare Enterprise + full page caching
  • Cloudflare Enterprise is free + no configuration
  • WAF, Mirage/Polish, Argo + Tiered Cache, Brotli
  • Redis is free on all plans (Kinsta charges $100/mo)
  • No PHP worker limits + higher monthly visit count
  • Support is arguably the best in the industry (beyond Kinsta)
  • Free migrations, $1 for first month, and affiliate coupon codes
  • Ben is great to work with for support and the affiliate side of things


2. Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is who I used before Rocket.net since moving from SiteGround in 2019.

They’re good if you don’t have the budget for Rocket.net since even the 1GB Vultr HF plan has 1TB bandwidth + 32GB NVMe storage. However, they’re not as fast since they use less CPU/RAM, slower GZIP compression, and PHP-FPM instead of LiteSpeed’s PHP (fast, just not as fast). The affiliate manager (Umair) is also great to work with and I still have monthly meetings with him.

It’s easy to promote them with these results

It was easy to promote them since the results speak for themselves. Cloudways also has a lot of positive feedback in Facebook Groups and were #1 in several Facebook polls taken on “the best hosting.” After an hour long Skype session with SiteGround’s affiliate manager who told me the plans to ‘position themselves as a higher quality host,’ I quickly jumped on the Cloudways train.

  • Commission: $50 – $150+/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: Yes (only on hybrid plan)

I still promote them to this day:

Cloudways affiliate commissions
Cloudways payments in PayPal

You can read my Cloudways review to see how I promote them. I show screenshots of my migration results, other people’s migrations, and Facebook polls. I also talk about Vultr High Frequency, Cloudflare Enterprise, Redis Object Cache Pro, and things to make them stand out.

Their affiliate program lets you choose between slab and hybrid (I do slab).

  • Slab: flat commission per sale
  • Hybrid: small upfront commission + recurring commissions

Cloudways affiliate program commission rates

The Cloudways community manager Umair Qureshi is very involved with his affiliates on making sure they have everything to succeed and (sometimes) sharing upcoming features.

Cloudways affiliate manager


  • Monthly pricing
  • Cloudflare Enterprise
  • Vultr High Frequency
  • Redis Object Cache Pro
  • Multiple caching layers
  • 30% off 3 months coupon
  • Custom coupon codes too


  • Apache servers
  • No file manager
  • No email hosting
  • Verification issues
  • Pricey as you scale
  • Technical for some
  • Breeze plugin is so-so


3. NameHero Affiliate Program

Some people are hell-bent on using LiteSpeed in which case, I usually recommend NameHero (along with ChemiCloud, Scala Hosting, and Krystal Hosting which all 4 use LiteSpeed servers).

Namehero hosting affiliate program

Namehero affiliate dashboard

I like NameHero because they use LiteSpeed servers and have more CPU/RAM compared to A2/Hostinger if you check their hosting page. And it’s still about the same price or even cheaper.

Namehero cpu ram nvme

The major con is they only have US and EU data centers. Otherwise, I found their dashboard, support, and pretty much everything about them to be cheap and easy. I also found them to be a great alternative for people not willing to spend as much, but still want fast LiteSpeed hosting. Ryan (the NameHero founder) is also a down to earth guy if you check out his YouTube channel.

  • Commission: $50 – $125+/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No


  • LiteSpeed
  • NVMe storage
  • More CPU/RAM
  • Great support IMO


  • Major outage in 2021
  • Only US/EU data centers
  • High renewal prices (typical)
  • Low inode limit on cheap plans


4. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

A2 Hosting is a decent cheap option.

The main problem is only their higher plans use LiteSpeed servers and can have frequent downtimes. They also have high renewals and are pretty typical of a shared host. However, they’ve been said to be a decent alternative to SiteGround and have a fair amount of positive feedback in Facebook Groups. You can make $55-$125+ per sale with their affiliate program but you’ll have to climb tiers to get commissions raised. I referred a big website to A2 and frequently get 2-tier commissions, but it’s only $5/sale. Still, promoting their affiliate program can pay off.

  • Commission: $55 – $125+/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

A hosting affiliate program commissions


  • Cheap
  • Two-tier program
  • LiteSpeed on higher plans


  • 2019 ransomware attack
  • LiteSpeed only on higher plans
  • Lowered their commission rates


5. ChemiCloud Affiliate Program

Another LiteSpeed host with more data centers than NameHero, perfect 5/5 start TrustPilot rating, but they use SATA SSDs on their plans (only their cloud VPS plans use NVMe storage). Only made a couple sales with ChemiCloud but it seems like most people are happy with them.

  • Commission: $50 – $125/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Chemicloud hosting affiliate program


  • LiteSpeed
  • Cheap intro prices
  • Perfect TrustPilot rating


  • High renewals
  • Slow to release PHP versions


6. Scala Hosting Affiliate Program

Scala Hosting offers a whopping $200/sale when you refer 10+ VPS hosting plans per month.

The only other hosting company I know offering these commissions is WP Engine. I can also vouch that Chris (the founder) is very passionate about his company and goes out of his way to make sure customers/affiliates are happy. They offer VPS hosting from Scala’s own data centers, AWS, and DigitalOcean. They also have their own custom-built SPanel. Emit.Reviews already started making video reviews about them (who you should know about if you’re doing hosting). At the time of writing this, Scala also has a perfect 5/5 star TrustPilot rating which is unheard of.

  • Commission: $50 – $200/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Scala hosting affiliate program


  • Up to $200/sale
  • 5/5 TrustPilot rating
  • Affordable VPS hosting


  • Not well-known
  • Getting used to SPanel
  • A few reports of bad billing


7. Vultr Affiliate Program

A lot of people buy Vultr directly through the website and connect it to a control panel like RunCloud to save money. It’s only $35/sale and your users get $100 in credits to test it out. It’s probably not the most lucrative but considering there’s a large amount of people doing this, it may be worth listing as an option. I also plan on writing more tutorials on control panels myself.

  • Commission: $35/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Vultr affiliate dashboard


  • Cheaper than Cloudways
  • Use with most control panels
  • Can choose your exact specs


  • Only $35/sale
  • Techy for average user
  • Requires manual setup


8. FastComet Affiliate Program

Haven’t tested them but they look good with LiteSpeed, AMD EPYC servers, and more CPU/RAM than NameHero/ChemiCloud (more than I’ve seen especially for such a cheap intro price). They have almost perfect TrustPilot reviews and most members in Facebook Groups posted they’re happy with them. I’ll be testing them soon because at least on the surface, they look promising. They also give you higher commissions if you refer people to higher plans which is a nice bonus.

  • Commission: $50 – $200/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Fastcomet hosting affiliate program


  • $50 start bonus
  • More $ for higher plans
  • AMD EPYC with LiteSpeed


  • Very high renewals
  • SATA SSDs on most plans
  • Some downtimes reports


9. CloudPages Affiliate Program

CloudPages is a relatively new control panel which uses LiteSpeed.

You can launch a server from Vultr, Heztner, DigitalOcean, AWS Lightsail, UpCloud, or deploy a server manually. The price is $10 – $40/month or $72 – $420/year, then you make 100% of the first invoice + 20% recurring. This is actually a pretty solid affiliate program especially because of the 20% recurring payment. It also seems like a solid control panel and worth checking out.

  • Commission: 1x monthly rate
  • Recurring Commissions: 20%

Cloudpages affiliate program


  • LiteSpeed
  • Multiple cloud providers
  • 20% recurring commissions


  • Still new
  • No Vultr HF/Google Cloud
  • Very little reviews out there



10. JohnnyVPS Affiliate Program

This is WP Johnny’s hosting company.

People have hyped it up in Facebook Groups which isn’t surprising because WP Johnny clearly knows about speed optimization. I would call it “boutique” because you’re not going to get 24/7 support because their team maybe isn’t large enough (yet) to offer those kinds of things. But for performance, I doubt you’re going to get much better than this. I was lucky enough to hire WP Johnny to work on my website and not only does he know his stuff but he’s very detail oriented.

  • Commission: 2x monthly rate
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Johnnyvps affiliate program


  • LiteSpeed
  • Performance
  • WP Johnny is well-known


  • Boutique
  • Not 24/7 support
  • Not many reviews yet


11. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta is comparable to Rocket.net only slower and more expensive.

They have low limits on PHP workers and monthly visits if you check the specs. This (and the low amount of CPU/RAM, $100/month Redis, and increased prices) makes Kinsta expensive. Look at them for what they are… a marketing company who turned into a hosting company.

They use all the big brands like Google Cloud C2, Cloudflare Enterprise, and Amazon Route 53 DNS, but don’t let it fool you. They’re not only more expensive, but a lot slower than Rocket.net.

Kinsta php workers monthly visits

  • Starter Plan: $50
  • Pro Plan: $100
  • Business Plan: $150
  • Enterprise Plans: $500

Kinsta affiliate program commissions


  • Google Cloud C2
  • Recurring commissions
  • Support is “world class”


  • PHP worker limits
  • Starts at $30/month
  • Not as fast as some claim


12. SiteGround Affiliate Program

I made almost $400,000 with SiteGround’s affiliate program.

When they started going downhill in 2020, I openly addressed their issues and moved away from their hosting. Not only did they cancel my affiliate account, they threatened me unless I take down all mentions of their trademark “SiteGround” from my blog. Their affiliate TOS literally says they can do this, but I chose not to because it’s freedom of speech and my reviews are backed by evidence. Either way, don’t get caught up in the mess I did. SiteGround will do anything to protect their reputation – you shouldn’t dare mention negative things about them. Their community manager and affiliates are also admins for a lot of Facebook Groups (not cool).

Aside from SiteGround’s agenda to take down negative reviews and control Facebook Groups, they actually have gone downhill with a slower TTFB, CPU limits, declined support, banning affiliate accounts in certain countries, increasing prices… the list goes on. They were a great choice before 2020, but things change and there are much better hosts & programs out there.

  • Commission: $50 – $100+/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Siteground affiliate program tiers


  • Popular
  • Low intro price for 1 year
  • SG Optimizer plugin is free
  • Has grown the last few years
  • Recommended by WordPress


  • Slow TTFB + CPU limits
  • Affiliate TOS is unethical
  • History of price increases
  • Tries to cover up mistakes
  • Google N2 servers are so-so


13. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Don’t be another “how to start a blog” YouTuber promoting Bluehost.

There are too many out there already and we all know they’re not a good choice. They’re also owned by EIG who has a horrible reputation for buying hosting companies and running them into the ground. Even though EIG spends big money to be listed #1 on recommended WordPress hosts, most people are learning to stay away. There are still many affiliates promoting Bluehost, but they could be making more money (and earning more trust with readers) by recommending someone else. I’d spare your reputation and don’t even sign up for Bluehost’s affiliate program.

  • Commission: $65+/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Bluehost affiliate program

  • Commission Rate: $65/sale.
  • Recurring Commissions: No.


  • Cheap
  • Well-known
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • More sales = higher commissions


  • EIG-owned
  • Slow TTFB
  • Bad support
  • History of outages


14. WPX Affiliate Program

Is the Matthew Woodward crowd done hyping up WPX as the fastest WordPress host?

The problem is Matthew didn’t test any other LiteSpeed host but WPX or even Vultr High Frequency. It goes to show that no matter how flawed a test is, you can still get tons of sales!

WPX has its place but I wouldn’t call it the fastest/best host. Plus, it only pays around $70 – $100/sale. The only data centers are in Chicago and Sydney so I can only assume Matthew’s test used locations near there as well as XDN. It’s not that WPX is bad… the speed, dashboard, and support are fine. But they’re not the fastest and don’t have a high commission affiliate program.

  • Commission: $70 – $100+/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Wpx hosting affiliate program


  • LiteSpeed
  • Fast support
  • Great TrustPilot reviews
  • Yearly payment discount


  • Shared hosting
  • Major 2011 outage
  • CEO is unprofessional
  • Only Chicago/Sydney locations


15. Elementor Cloud Hosting Affiliate Program

$70/sale is a great commission considering the hosting itself is only $99/year.

Elementor’s cloud hosting is relatively new but uses the Google Cloud C2 machine family (same one Kinsta uses) but significantly cheaper. I haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet and will probably wait until it’s more established. But I’ll bet conversions would be high since Elementor has such a large following. At least put it on your radar… I could very well be promoting it soon.

  • Commission: $75/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Elementor cloud website affiliate program


  • Google Cloud C2
  • People trust Elementor


  • Very new
  • Tied to Elementor


16. WP Engine Affiliate Program

You see a lot of people promoting WP Engine because they offer $200/sale without having to climb tiers, plus a two-tier program which makes $50/sale.

But who actually uses them? Most people I see already moved from WP Engine to Rocket.net, Kinsta, RunCloud, or another similar host. It’s pretty well-known WP Engine is run by VCs who pour millions of dollars into the company. They’re expensive, not as fast as other hosts, and have awful support IMO. They’re also expensive and last time I checked, reversal rates are high.

  • Commission: $200 + bonuses
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Wp engine affiliate tiers


  • $200 commissions
  • $50 2-tier commissions
  • No climbing tiers
  • Generous bonuses


  • No email hosting
  • No free migration
  • Slower than other hosts
  • Reversal rates were 24%

Wp engine affiliate commission


17. Flywheel Affiliate Program

Flywheel joined WP Engine in 2019.

Flywheel seems to have a better reputation but I still wouldn’t put my blog in the hands of WP Engine. They ran StudioPress and Genesis Framework into the ground with ridiculous prices and I wouldn’t put it past them to do something similar with Flywheel. But by all means, promote them if you really want. Commissions are decent and they’re not nearly as expensive.

  • Commission: 3x monthly rate
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Flywheel affiliate commission rates


  • Decent commissions
  • Average reputation
  • Cheaper than WP Engine


  • Run by WP Engine
  • Lower plans lack CDN/multisite
  • No email hosting or domains


18. GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Some people hate them, others actually do like them.

Commissions are only 10-15% which is very lower considering how cheap they are (at least initially). So you will need to refer a lot of people to GoDaddy to make a living. One example of this can be found on YouTube with the class “how to make a website” video. It was very clever to put a domain search on their website that leads to GoDaddy with an affiliate link which I’m sure makes them a lot of money, but the video also has 14M+ views. Unless you’re targeting the mass market, I’d lean towards different hosting. Most people know to stay away from GoDaddy.

  • Commission: 10-15% of sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Keep your enemies hosted with godaddy


  • Everyone knows them
  • Offers domain/hosting
  • Commissions for add-ons


  • Low commissions
  • Very bad reputation


19. HostGator Affiliate Program

Tyler Moore is a classic example of how you can make a ton of money with terrible hosting companies.

He creates YouTube videos on how to make a website which usually have 5M+ views. In his videos, he refers people to HostGator with his coupon code (and as long as people use it, he gets a commission even when they don’t click his affiliate link). I assume he chose HostGator because they’re cheap and gave him a coupon code, otherwise we all know how bad they are.

  • Commission: $65 – $125/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

How he makes money – he begins his hosting pitch at 4m34s, but at 9m31s he presents his HostGator coupon code which not only saves viewers money, but it credits him for the sale (without people even having to click any affiliate link). That’s why coupon codes are so powerful for YouTubers. Don’t use HostGator though; they’re cheap but a slow/terrible hosting company.

I would only promote HostGator if you’re targeting complete beginners, because I can personally tell you I’ve had readers who say how horrible conversions were when promoting them (because people know better). So unless you’re making beginner tutorials for the masses, it’s a big no. It’s another EIG brand with bad speeds, support, upsells, and even Sitelock scams.

  • Commission Rate: $50 – $125/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No.

Hostgator affiliate program


  • Cheap
  • Coupon codes


  • Overall bad host
  • High cancellation rate


20. Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web offers a minimum $150/sale.

They also have some of the best support I’ve experienced, however there have been recent reports it went downhill if you check recent TrustPilot reviews. Still, Liquid Web has a 4.7/5 star rating and their hosting plans aren’t ridiculously expensive. High commissions typically come with expensive hosting, but Liquid Web is one of the few cases where that’s not completely true.

  • Commission: $150/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Liquid web affiliate program


  • $150/sale
  • Great support
  • Decent reputation


  • Not very popular
  • Reports support got worse
  • Reports of no customer loyalty


21. GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

As Adrian mentioned in the comments, GreekGeeks has screwed affiliates over by cancelling their account and not paying them, sometimes with 1000s of dollars in pending commissions.

I’ll never support any company who pulls this stuff and you shouldn’t either. For this reason, I knocked them to the bottom of the list. I wanted to like them with their LiteSpeed servers and green initiatives with cheap pricing, but it sounds like GreekGeeks also has a dark side to them.

  • Commission: $50 – $100+/sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Greengeeks affiliate program


  • Cheap
  • LiteSpeed + cPanel
  • Decent TrustPilot rating


  • High renewals
  • Mediocre uptimes
  • Reports of dishonesty


20. Hostinger Affiliate Program

Hostinger is at the bottom of the list because they built their company on fake reviews and conning people into buying their hosting.

They were banned from the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group for voting for themselves in Facebook polls. I used to monitor Facebook Groups/Twitter and they would constantly pose as customers saying how happy they are with Hostinger, but they wouldn’t disclose they’re an employee. Then they would send their army of employees to like the post and basically give false social proof that Hostinger was a good company. So many people got tricked by Hostinger.

  • Commission: 60% of sale
  • Recurring Commissions: No

Hostinger affiliate program

When Hostinger was caught and publicly called out, their CEO not only openly admitted to doing this, but he encouraged it and said it’s they’re right to do so. I can handle some bad ethical decisions, but this is too much. Shame on all the affiliates who promote this company.

Arnas hostinger feedback


  • LiteSpeed
  • Cheap at first
  • hPanel is decent


  • Very unethical
  • 4 year sign up
  • Poor billing practices

What are the best hosting affiliate programs?

Cloudways, Rocket.net, and Kinsta are popular cloud hosting affiliate programs while NameHero, Bluehost, and SiteGround are popular shared hosting affiliate programs.

What is the highest paying hosting affiliate program?

WP Engine and Scala Hosting offer up to $200/sale and are some of the highest commission hosting affiliate programs.

Which hosting affiliate programs offer recurring commissions?

Kinsta, Cloudways, and CloudPages all have affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

Which affiliate programs do you like? Let me know :)


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  1. I’m new to affiliate marketing. I find extremely difficult which affiliates that I need to promote my links. Most of the YouTube channels said to promote Facebook and Pinterest. I was wondering how they earn more money. I learned from them and got zero results. I paid worldprofit website that have more subscribers. Please help me giving me wise tips. I love to earn same like you and joined cloud way, rocket.net and name hero.

    • My current main affiliates are ChemiCloud and Rocket.net. Main advice is to promote the less popular (but better) hosting companies. And show people why they’re better. For example, I steer a lot of people away from SiteGround. Show people before/after results, compare their CDNs/cache plugins, prices, and all the reasons why they should switch.

      People will sniff out BS affiliates now days, so you really have to sound like you know what you’re talking about :)

  2. Hi Tom,

    I need to share with you my BAD experience I’ve had with GreenGeeks.

    Started promoting them in Feb 2022 and to date (end of Oct 2022) I have made 138 sales. However, this month they said “we need to audit your account” and 2 weeks later they closed my affiliate account directly and never responded to any of my emails. I even asked them to get on a quick phone call and discuss any of the concerns they might have, but to no avail. Basically out of those 138 sales, 48 where left unpaid ($4,700).

    Conclusion is: I have worked 3 months for free… and forfeited $4,700.

    I have looked now on Trustpilot and saw another guy complaining as well for the same thing so this is getting a habit, I see…

    That being said, my experience with GreenGeeks affiliate program is a bad one, they refused approx. 30% of my commission. Oh, and they are paying via PayPal and do not cover the fees, so you end up with less, anyways. At the moment I’ve come back to Hostgator.

    Thanks for your article and hopefully other people will learn the lessons and never start promoting GreenGeeks as they proved untrustworthy. Perhaps you can update the article a bit, to reflect this experience, too.

    • Damn that’s awful. I had a similar thing happen with the developer of WP Rich Snippets who went MIA. But seems like he was actually MIA while GreekGeeks actively tried to screw you over. That sucks, sorry to hear that. Yes, I’ll update this and thanks for telling me.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I do promote “Namehero” alongside other hosts, and I get commissions for all of them except Namehero.

    Which makes me wonder, are they legit with their affiliate program? Have you personally got any commissions from them in the past?

    • Yes I have gotten payments from them. But now that you say this, when I look in my NameHero affiliate dashboard, every sale I’ve made says “pending payment” so I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Have you tried reaching out to their affiliate manager?

      • Just to follow up, Ryan said to contact him directly if you’re having an issue: ryan@namehero.com

        He said: We pay Monthly Net45, meaning all commissions > $500 generated through March were paid this last May 15th. This coming month, June 15th, will cover all commissions through April – which will clear out most of those ‘pending payment’ ones in your dash.

  4. I will promote siteground and promoting to my YouTube subscribers however their price rise is the big hurdles to get more sales.

        • I left because they’re not a good hosting company right now. Tons of issues: CPU limits, support has done downhill, 2 price increases in 2 years, lots of complaints in Facebook Groups. I try to only promote the best options and they are not the best option right now. It was a hard decision, but it’s best for my readers. If I were to recommend SiteGround right now, my readers may not trust me.

  5. I heard many horror stories about hosting and the companies behind the industry. After I found your website and got to read all the great information on here I moved my assets to SiteGround.

    Thanks for all your great content.


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