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So this happened…

In 2017 I made $80,000 through SiteGround’s affiliate program. I’ve never made this kind of money… I was able to move to Denver, buy a new car, I’m living in a nice apartment downtown with my 2 new shelter cats, and I donated $3,000 to Hurricane Harvey. I’ve been broke all my life, but for the first time I’m financially stable making passive income from affiliate marketing.

So naturally, I want to share how I did it :)

I did a ton of research (which I’ll share with you), took a ton of screenshots (which I’ll also share with you), and decided to promote SiteGround on a few articles related to hosting and website speed. I specialized in SEO for 5 years so I’ll also show you some keywords and content ideas. By the end of this SiteGround affiliate review you will have the keywords, screenshots, and resources to make serious cash with the #1 WordPress host in 10 different Facebook polls.

Here was my 1099 tax form in 2017…


One of my best months (March, 2018)…


Here are some emails…


Got affiliate of the month in July, 2017 :)


I’m not going to spam this article with affiliate links… my goal is to share what worked for me so other people can better promote SiteGround (which should increase both sales/conversions). I’ve already gotten several emails from people excited to try this out and LOVE doing whatever I can to help… feel free to comment or email me with questions. Being a SiteGround affiliate allowed me to drop all client work and write WordPress SEO + speed tutorials on my own time. I hope it does the same for you :)

If you’re signing up for SiteGround anyway, please use my affiliate link which will help with next year’s donation. It also motivates me to write more tutorials, so thank you.


1. Promoting SiteGround With Screenshots

Over the last several months I have accumulated quite the collection of screenshots I use to promote SiteGround. They are all 680px (w) so you may need to resize them, but you can click each image to see the poll. You can use the polls on your own website as long as you provide a link to my SiteGround review. Do not copy my entire content – you need to create your own!

This is literally a gold mine of Facebook conversations where people strongly recommend SiteGround. Between Facebook polls and these conversations, selling SiteGround is EASY.

Ivica runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook group and ranks them #1…


The fact they’re recommended by WordPress


Load time improvement after SiteGround migration…

SiteGround Host Migration

People want unbiased reviews, and embedding Twitter statuses from current SiteGround customers is one way to do that. You can do an advanced Twitter search to see happy customers who have tweeted to SiteGround. You’ll notice my GoGeek review includes tweets specifically about the GoGeek plan. You can do this with speed, support, and other topics…


SiteGround has the fastest load times, screenshot is on the speed page in their cPanel


You can tell people to run their site through Google PageSpeed Insights and if the reduce server response time item is in their report, this means their server (hosting) is slow and they should probably switch… to SiteGround obviously. Google suggests a <320ms response time.


Tickets answered immediately, screenshot is on the support page in their cPanel


100% uptimes in Uptime Robot


The fact I’m actually hosted with SiteGround (use…


I’m a little obsessed with making sure my Pingdom report looks good, and you should also do this as it can be a key selling point. If you’re using WordPress you can use my WordPress speed optimization guide or hire my WordPress developer who got my site to load in under 1s…

Pingdom Load Times

Don’t forget to save these emails so you can show people you actually use a certain plan…


Cloudflare CDN, get this screenshot in your cPanel…

SiteGround Cloudflare Activation

SiteGround logo…

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review

I have plenty of other screenshots on my SiteGround WordPress hosting review if you need screenshots for staging, SiteGround plan comparisons, data centers, automatic backups, and information about their cloud hosting plan. You can read my StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek, and cloud hosting reviews if you need screenshots related to specific SiteGround hosting plans.

I use SiteGround because:

  1. My GTmetrixPingdom reports speak for themselves
  2. My pages load instantly (click through them if you want)
  3. Fast speed technology (PHP 7.3, NGINX, SG Optimizer, Cloudflare)
  4. Recommended by Yoast, WordPress, Ivica from WordPress Speed Up
  5. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, easy to use cPanel, and features for eCommerce
  6. WordPress support is unbeatable even without GoGeek’s priority support
  7. GrowBig comes with staging, more storage, and more server resources (scroll down to “we allocate the resources you need” and hover over the server tab)
  8. GoGeek comes with even more server resources, storage, priority support
  9. Free migrations, migrator plugin, and a 30-day money back guarantee
  10. Plenty of praise on Reddit, Facebook conversations, Twitter, TrustPilot
  11. Tons of praise on Facebook: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7#8, #9, #10#11
  12. Many people already migrated and posted results on Twitter: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6#7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37


2. $50 – $100+ Tier Commissions

Potential To Unlock $100+ Commissions – if you start making more sales, you can contact SiteGround about a custom tier. SiteGround’s affiliate managers like to see you’re selling higher plans (GoGeek + Cloud) and will likely consider this when raising your commissions.

SiteGround Affiliate Program vs. WP Engine – I know what you’re thinking… why would I promote SiteGround when I can make $200/commission with WP Engine’s affiliate program?

  • SiteGround has a MUCH better reputation
  • This means higher conversions rates and lower cancellations
  • About 2.5x as many people cancel with WP Engine than SiteGround
  • SiteGround plans start at $6.99/month (instead of $29/month with WP Engine)
  • Since 25% of WP Engine customers cancel, you might lose trust with your readers
  • This Facebook poll (and other screenshots in my review) sell SiteGround in itself
  • Even though they’re lower commissions to start, it should be much higher long-term

No Reward For Selling Expensive Hosting Plans – the main disadvantage to any tier program is you don’t get rewarded for selling the expensive plans. Here’s a dedicated server I sold for $229/month but only got a $50 commission. This is the ONLY con to SiteGround’s affiliate program – so you may want to focus on selling cheaper (shared) plans because more people will buy them and you get the same commission. SiteGround may be willing to make an exception for selling higher plans by manually upping the commission (they’ve done it before).



  • Incentive to sell more
  • Competitively high commissions
  • Conversion rates are high (8%)
  • Reversal rates are low (around 10%)
  • Commissions are paid every week


  • No incentive to sell expensive plans like cloud or a dedicated hosting
  • You need to make at least 6 sales/month to make decent money


3. 8% Conversion Rates (Roughly)

This is different for each affiliate and it really depends on your marketing skills (eg. using good screenshots). I found I get about a 8% conversion rate. I noticed when I added my screenshots and social proof, conversion rates started to increase – so be sure to promote SiteGround well!

SiteGround Conversion Rates


4. 10% Reversal Rates (Roughly)

In order to calculate your actual commission per sale you will need to take into account reversal rates (how many people request a refund after the sale). If you make 21 sales at $125 per sale but 10% of those sales get reversed, you’re actually making around $112.5/sale.

Even though you get $200 per sale as a WP Engine affiliate (another WordPress host), they have a 25% reversal rate so you’re actually making $150 per sale. While this is more than SiteGround (unless you don’t reach their top tier), 25% of your readers are now disappointed with their hosting. Referring them to the RIGHT service should be top priority and builds customer loyalty which is SUPER important as an affiliate. Bottom line – don’t sell your soul for higher commissions… people will thank you and it will increase sales long-term.


If you’re good at promoting them your reversal rates can be even lower…



5. Real-Time Sales Notifications

Anytime you make a sale, SiteGround will send you an email.


Create custom alerts on your phone for affiliate sales – if you use GMail, go to your settings and create filter so all emails with “SiteGround Affiliate Sale Generated” in the subject line go into their own folder. Then setup a custom alert on your phone (using the GMail app) so anytime you generate a sale, you get a custom alert (here’s a tutorial for Android). I have different sound notifications for SiteGround, StudioPress Themes, etc. Makes my day better :)



6. Affiliate Dashboard / Creating Custom Links

SiteGround’s affiliate dashboard has everything you need to market their hosting and get statistics: affiliate link customizer, custom link tracking, conversion and reversal reports, etc.

Affiliate Link Customizer – create custom links to any page on SiteGround’s website so you can track each one separately and see it’s conversion rate. This will also shorten the link and use instead of which is better. You can see my link to SiteGround’s features page: ( has a high conversion rate which means I should probably be using this affiliate link more. You can also name each of your SiteGround links as long as it’s not already in use, so choose wisely!


Conversion Report – if you want to get the higher 5%+ conversion rates like I had last month, use my screenshots and social proof (embedded Facebook / Twitter status of people who complimented SiteGround). This is most definitely what I contribute the large increase to.

SiteGround Conversion Report

Commission Report – learn what hosting plans people are signing up for using your affiliate links, pending commissions, and the status of whether your commissions have been paid.

SiteGround Commission Report

Banners – I’m not a fan of banners but they do have them…


Don’t forget to check out their speed, security, and support pages in their cPanel. These include load time comparison charts from multiple hosts (like the one below), support response time comparisons, and other screenshots I listed in this SiteGround affiliate review.


Payment Information – you will need a PayPal account, and you can also set triggers.



7. Support From SiteGround’s Affiliate Team

SiteGround’s affiliate support is just as good as their regular customer support. They actually reached out to me in December once I started making substantial sales to make suggestions. Now, their affiliate team and I are working together to run some speed tests on Siteground vs other hosting companies… so yes they will definitely work with you to increase your sales.



8. Get Your Site Loading In Under 1s

One of the best ways to promote SiteGround is to get your website loading super fast and showcase your reports in tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, and PageSpeed Insights. If you’re using WordPress I have been working with the same developer for 5 years who I found on and helped me optimize my site to load in under 1s. You can view my WordPress speed guide if you want to do this yourself but my developer is $40/hour and has a perfect 5 star review on his profile. You can email him at If you’re NOT using WordPress you can still use to find a developer who can help you do this.



9. SiteGround Keywords (For SEO)

If you think “SiteGround Review” is going to be your main keyword, you have some research to do. This keyword will be way too competitive so you’re better of reviewing their individual plans (SiteGround StartUp Review), comparing them to other hosts (SiteGround vs. WP Engine) and including them in tutorials about website speed (How To Configure The W3 Total Cache Plugin). This is a MUCH better strategy and the keywords will be much less competitive.


Keyword Examples:

  • SiteGround StartUp Review
  • SiteGround GrowBig Review
  • SiteGround GoGeek Review
  • SiteGround GoGeek Review
  • SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review
  • SiteGround Dedicated Server Review
  • SiteGround eCommerce Hosting Review
  • SiteGround Vs. Bluehost WordPress
  • How To Configure The WP Rocket Settings
  • How To Configure The W3 Total Cache Plugin
  • How To Configure The WP Fastest Cache Settings
  • How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

If you want to improve your keyword research skills so you can identify long-tail, not-too-competitive SiteGround and hosting-related keywords, see my Yoast focus keywords guide.


10. Annual Affiliate Surveys

SiteGround takes annual surveys of their affiliate program to make sure affiliates are happy.


Here are the top reasons people joined SiteGround’s affiliate program…


And here’s how SiteGround improved the program (in 2015) based on feedback from other SiteGround affiliates. Some things they did were add an affiliate link customizer, campaign tracking, detailed commission reports, promo guide, and other improvements. SiteGround is a people company and actually cares about their customers, affiliates, and employees. You can count on them to continuously improve their hosting service AND affiliate marketing program.



11. Affiliate FAQs

Still have questions? Check SiteGround’s affiliate FAQs



12. Sign Up For SiteGround’s Affiliate Program

Here’s where you can become a SiteGround affiliate



Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How do you increase sales as a SiteGround affiliate?

The main way to increase sales is to show facts (Facebook polls, migration results, GTmetrix reports). There are too many biased opinions out there and people know this. Driving SEO traffic and increasing conversions are both important for your sales.

✅ How much money do you get per sale?

SiteGround is a tier affiliate program offering anywhere from $50 - $150+ per sale depending on your sales volume. The more sales you get, the more they will offer.

✅ What other good hosting affiliate programs are there?

Cloudways is a great one especially since they're growing significantly and are very popular in Facebook Groups. Many people are moving from SiteGround to Cloudways.

✅ How do I track affiliate statistics?

SiteGround's affiliate dashboard shows you sales, conversions, and other statistics for affiliate links. The Thirsty Affiliates plugin also helps you cloak and track affiliate links.

✅ What keywords bring in the most sales?

I can tell you that SiteGround Review and other similar keywords are too competitive and won't bring you any sales because you will not rank for them. My best advice is to focus on keywords where you can provide people with a solution via hosting.


Questions About SiteGround’s Affiliate Program?

Leave me a comment and I’ll be glad to answer it. All I can say is I am SUPER glad I decided to promote them instead of WP Engine even though the commissions are initially lower, but long-term it looks like it’s starting to pay off. I’m honestly going to be relying on SiteGround’s affiliate program to make most of my living and still see huge potential in making more money.

See Also: 35+ WordPress Affiliate Marketing Programs (comprehensive list of affiliate programs for hosting, theme, SEO, speed optimization and more).

See Also: SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review (a full review of SiteGround’s WordPress hosting which can give you even more ideas on promoting them).


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