55+ WordPress Affiliate Marketing Programs (The Ultimate 2023 List)

Wordpress affiliate marketing programs

If you’re in the WordPress industry and want to make money with affiliate marketing, I have the perfect list for you.

I rely on these WordPress affiliate programs to make $10,000+/month endorsing WordPress hosting, themes, SEO plugins, CDNs, and other programs. My blog is mostly about WordPress speed, hosting, and SEO, but I’m sure you’ll find other affiliate programs you didn’t know about.

You can sign up for many of these through shareasale.com which is used to find, track, and payout commissions from tons of merchants. But that’s just one place. Browse the list and I assure you will find a new affiliate program you will be excited to make more passive income from. And don’t forget to leave me a comment if you have questions – or new programs to add!

Company with biggest affiliate potential (IMO): hands down Rocket.net. If you compare their specs and talk to their CEO (Ben Gabler), you’ll see why. They are much faster (and usually cheaper) than all these bogus “fastest WordPress hosts” speed tests. Read my Rocket.net review for all the details. You will be seeing them a lot in my blog!

Bonus Tip: one thing I recommend doing is joining Facebook Groups and collecting social proof about the affiliates you’re promoting. There are tons of polls on the best hosting, cache plugins, CDNs, etc. Taking screenshots of them can increase your sales.

Affiliate Program Category Commission Recurring 2 Tier
A2 Hosting Hosting $55 – $125 x
All In One SEO Pro SEO 20% x x
Astra Themes 30% x x
Asset CleanUp Pro Plugins 20% x x
AWeber Email 30% x
Beaver Builder Themes 25% x
Blocksy Themes 30% x x
Bluehost Hosting $65+ x x
BunnyCDN CDN $20 credit x x
CloudPages Hosting 100% 1st invoice x
Cloudways Hosting $50 – $150+
Convert Pro Plugins 50% x x
Constant Contact Email $105 x x
Divi Themes 50% x x
Elementor Themes 50% x x
FlyingPress Cache Plugin 20% x
GeneratePress Themes 30% x x
GenerateBlocks Plugins 25% x x
GoDaddy Hosting 15% x x
GreenGeeks Hosting $50 – $100+ x x
GridPane Hosting 1 free month x x
Hostinger Hosting 60% x x
Kadence Theme 20% x x
Hello You Designs Themes 20% x x
HostGator Hosting $65 – $125+ x x
JohnnyVPS Hosting 200% 1st invoice x x
KeyCDN CDN 100% 1st invoice x x
Kinsta Hosting $50 – $500 x
LearnDash Plugins 35% x x
Long Tail Pro SEO 30% x
MailChimp Email $30 credit x x
NameCheap Hosting 35% x x
NameHero Hosting $50 – $125+ x x
Ninja Tables Plugins 20% x x
NitroPack Plugins 20% x
OceanWP Theme 30% x x
OptiMonster Plugins 20% x x
Perfmatters Plugins 20% x
Pretty Links Affiliate 25% x x
Rank Math SEO 30% x x
Refer WordPress Other 20% x x
Restored 316 Designs Themes 20% x x
Rocket.net Hosting $150 x x
Scala Hosting Hosting $50 – $200 x x
Schema Pro SEO 30% x x
SEMrush Analytics $200 x x
ShortPixel Plugins 30% x
ServerPilot Control Panel $25 x x
SEOPress SEO 20% x x
SiteGround Hosting $50 – $100+ x x
SpinupWP Control Panel $25 credit x x
StackPath CDN $20+ x x
StudioPress Themes 35% x x
ThemeForest Themes 30% 1st invoice x x
Themeisle Themes 55% x x
Thirsty Affiliates Affiliate 30% x x
TubeBuddy Other 30% – 50% x
UpCloud Hosting $50 credit x x
Vultr Hosting $35 x x
Whitespark SEO 20% x x
WP Coupons Affiliate 40% x x
WP Engine Hosting $200 x
WP Johnny Other 25% x x
WPX Hosting $70 – $100+ x x
WP Rocket Plugins 20% x x

A2 Hosting – LiteSpeed hosting with affordable pricing, cPanel, and a free migration. Decent alternative to SiteGround, up to $125/sale, and a two-tier program where you make $5 for each sub-referral (i.e. I refer you to their affiliate program, you make a sale, then I get $5 for that sale).

All In One SEO Pro – most people use Rank Math, SEOPress, or Yoast, so maybe not a good one.

Astra – popular WordPress themes I’d say are more for agencies since they have 180+ starter templates and the choice of several page builders. However, most individuals seem to use GeneratePress, Kadence, or Blocksy. Astra is from Brainstorm Force who owns Schema Pro, Ninja Tables, and other popular plugins. It was the fastest WordPress theme in my speed test.

Asset CleanUp Pro – removes unused CSS/JavaScript like Perfmatters but I’ll argue the interface isn’t as clean and Perfmatters who also released new features to help with web vitals. To join Asset CleanUp’s affiliate program, sign up for ShareASale and search for Asset CleanUp.

AWeber – email marketing software with 30% recurring commissions for lifetime of accounts.

Beaver Builder – 25% on all annual sales + renewals and 20% on their Ultimate Addons plugin.

Blocksy – starter templates built in the block editor (similar to GeneratePress/Kadence). It’s very user-friendly, lightweight, affordable, and has growing popularity in Facebook Groups.

Bluehost – the “how to start a blog” affiliates make most of their money from Bluehost even though they’re not a great host. They say $65/sale but you can earn a lot more as you increase sales (most hosting affiliates go up to $150 sale and will work with you on an individual basis).

BunnyCDN – Cloudflare + BunnyCDN is a great CDN combination and is what I use on my blog, but BunnyCDN only gives you $20 in credits per sale. It’s nice not having to pay for it, but I have no clue what I’m going to do with my $4,000 in BunnyCDN credits. I guess I’ll never have to pay for a CDN again. They have a faster Tbps than RocketCDN/StackPath with geo-replication (you can read my full review). They also gave me a coupon code OMM5 to give my readers $5 credit.

CloudPages – control panel used to install Vultr, Heztner, DigitalOcean, AWS Lightsail, UpCloud, or deploy a server manually. Also uses LiteSpeed which is nice. Their affiliate program includes 100% of 1st invoice with 20% lifetime recurring commissions. It’s pretty generous if you ask me.

Cloudways – my #1 affiliate for a long time. I started promoting them after SiteGround went downhill. I mainly talk about how they offer Vultr High Frequency, Cloudflare Enterprise (but needs work), and Redis Object Cache Pro. I show people my GTmetrix report and use Facebook polls + migration results as social proof which you can see in my Cloudways review. I do their “Slab” affiliate program for a large flat commission, while “hybrid” is a small flat commission + recurring payments. They gave me a promo code OMM25 that’s attached to my affiliate account.

Cloudways affiliate commissions

Convert Pro – email opt-in and lead generation plugin from Brainstorm Force (the same developers as Astra). 50% commissions, but I would never use this because they’re annoying.

Constant Contact – $5 for every customer who signs up for a free trial + $105 for each new customer who becomes a paying customer. A very generous email software affiliate program.

Divi – 50% commissions, which means the lifetime access plan would earn you $125 in commissions (not bad at all). However, Divi adds extra CSS, JavaScript, and fonts to your site which slows it down. So I only recommend promoting the Divi theme to less tech-savvy people.

Elementor – be an affiliate for Elementor Pro, Ultimate Addons, and the new Cloud Websites. Elementor usually offers 50% of sales but their Cloud Websites is $70/sale which isn’t bad considering it’s only $99/year for the customer and uses the Google Cloud C2 machine family. I don’t recommend Elementor because it’s not a fast page builder, but it may make sense for you.

FlyingPress – faster than WP Rocket and is what I rated the #1 cache plugin (also what I use). Tons of people are currently using WP Rocket and especially after they stopped doing renewal discounts (and it’s actually lacking several features), more people are looking for alternatives.

GeneratePress – lightweight alternative to Elementor and Divi with tons of Starter Sites and still easy to work with, but doesn’t add unneeded CSS and JavaScript which hurts speed scores. I redesigned my site in the GeneratePress “Search” theme and am happy with the design/speed.

Fastest wordpress themes

GenerateBlocks – block templates for GeneratePress which makes designing your site easier.

GoDaddy – 10-15% commissions, but we all know GoDaddy sucks and I wouldn’t refer your audience to them unless it’s just for a domain name. 15% isn’t even a good commission rate.

GreenGeeks – popular alternative to SiteGround and uses LiteSpeed servers, but I would lean towards referring people to Cloudways, NameHero, or another host with a better reputation.

GridPane – owned by Patrick Gallagher who is popular in the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group. A lot of people swear by them but he may not approve you and seems selective about who he works with. Plus, GridPane’s affiliate program only gives you credit instead of payments.

Hostinger – I really didn’t want to mention Hostinger because they’re the most unethical company. They write fake reviews, vote for themselves in Facebook polls, and even copied my website then changed all hosting recommendations to Hostinger. Please don’t promote them.

Arnas hostinger feedback

Kadence – lightweight theme with lots of Starter Templates. The lifetime plan is a whopping $649 which means $130 for you, but it’s just too expensive. I’d rather promote more affordable options like GeneratePress and Blocksy then briefly mention Kadence as another alternative.

Hello You Designs – they used to only build themes in Genesis Framework, but now they’ve built a few built in Kadence. I’ve always loved these themes because they have unique designs.

HostGator – the main affiliate that comes to mind is Tyler Moore who creates how to make a website videos which usually have millions of views and always includes a HostGator coupon which is attached to his affiliate account. Fine if you’re targeting the general population who doesn’t have a clue about hosting. Otherwise, I’ve had readers who say conversions are awful.

JohnnyVPS – WP Johnny’s (relatively new) hosting company which offers WordPress VPS hosting plans on LiteSpeed for $25 – $75/month. This is separate from his personal website.

KeyCDN – decent CDN that actually pays out cash, but only 100% of the first payment. Most people from my experience are either using Cloudflare, BunnyCDN, or QUIC.cloud on LiteSpeed.

Kinsta – started as a marketing company then became a hosting company. They are expensive and overhyped if you look at how much CPU cores, RAM, PHP workers, and monthly visits you get (plus Redis is $100/month). Don’t be fooled because they used big brands like Google Cloud C2, Cloudflare, and Amazon’s DNS. Rocket.net is cheaper with significantly better performance.

LearnDash – WordPress LMS plugin to build online course websites with 35% commissions.

Long Tail Pro – long-tail keyword research tool, but it’s ridiculously expensive starting at $297/year. Good luck getting anyone to buy it. I still find keywords with good old Autocomplete.

MailChimp – $30 in credits per sale would be nice for me (here’s my affiliate link), since I use MailChimp and that’s about my monthly bill. But if you’re not using MailChimp, it’s pointless.

NameCheap – 35% on hosting, 20% on domains. Not very lucrative since most hosts offer free domains, except for hosts like Cloudways since they don’t offer domains. But then again, most people using them would already have one. Cheaper than GoDaddy with free domain privacy.

NameHero – the more I use them, the more I’m impressed. They use LiteSpeed servers, cPanel, and they include more CPU/RAM with NVMe storage for cheaper compared to Hostinger and A2. The main con is their data centers are only in US and EU. Support/uptimes are also better than similar hosts. Not sure why affiliates promote other hosts when NameHero has the better value.

Namehero plans resources

Ninja Tables – awesome plugin for creating tables (as many affiliates do), but be careful. I created a ton of tables in Ninja Tables only to realize it was adding lots of CSS + JS, so I removed it and replaced it with Gutenberg tables. But I do miss Ninja’s filters and customization options.

NitroPack – Google “NitroPack blackhat” and you’ll see why I don’t promote this cache plugin. It cheats PageSpeed scores by moving things off the main-thread but if you use Chrome Dev Tools, you can see things are actually there (NitroPack just serves them in a way that makes scores look good). Doesn’t improve load time as much as other cache plugins, and is expensive.

OceanWP – popular theme and commissions range from $10 – $32 depending on the plan.

Optimonster – email and lead generation with a highly rated plugin and 20% commissions.

Perfmatters – I make around $500/month with Perfmatters which is owned by Kinsta. Most people know it for removing unused CSS/JS with a cleaner interface than Asset CleanUp, but they’ve made major improvements recently. The remove unused CSS feature can use the “separate file” method which is faster than WP Rocket. It also preloads critical images, delays JS, and has many core web vitals optimizations that many cache plugins lack. See my tutorial.

Pretty Links – affiliate link management plugin which cloaks and tracks affiliate links. Main benefit of the pro version is that it has automatic linking, but I definitely prefer not to do this.

Rank Math – lots of people are still using Yoast and other SEO plugins when Rank Math Pro is significantly better. The schema options alone are very powerful and I use HowTo, FAQ, video, article, and software application schema constantly. The more you learn about it, the more you realize how powerful it is. I also have a tutorial for this which shows you pretty much everything.

Refer WordPress – 20% commissions for wordpress.com, JetPack, and WooCommerce.

Restored 316 Designs – another popular Genesis theme store that converted to Kadence.

Rocket.net – if you were to ask me who has the biggest affiliate potential in the list, it’s Rocket.net without question. If Kinsta is good, Rocket.net is better. Their hosting averages a <100ms global TTFB when tested in KeyCDN’s performance test and they include a lot more CPU, RAM, and monthly visitors compared to someone like Kinsta. Ben Gabler built Rocket.net around Cloudflare and their Cloudflare Enterprise is significantly better than Kinsta’s or Cloudways. Just reach out to Ben and see for yourself. And it’s $150/sale without climbing tiers.

Rocket. Net review
Read my Rocket.net review

Rocket. Net keycdn performance test 1

Scala Hosting – managed cloud VPS hosting provider offering DigitalOcean, AWS, as well as cloud hosting from Scala’s own data centers. One of the highest commissions in the industry.

Schema Pro – Brainstorm Force’s schema plugin and is decent, but I (and I think most people) prefer Rank Math. WP Johnny even said Schema Pro was slow and didn’t recommend it. But they offer 30% commissions, so a lifetime license would earn you $75. Schema Pro, Rank Math Pro, SEOPress, or adding schema manually are the way to go when it comes to adding schema.

SEMrush – $200/subscription sale and $10 per free trial. Anil from Blogger’s Passion does a great job in promoting SEMrush and makes a lot of money with them. One of the top rated keyword research tools (over Ahrefs) with data on backlinks, authority, referring domains, etc.

ServerPilot – control panel where you can manage your cloud hosting server like DigitalOcean.

ShortPixel – popular image optimization plugin that earns you 30% recurring on all new sales.

SEOPress – popular SEO plugin for Oxygen Builder. The Pro version is great for adding schema.

SiteGround – I made almost $400,000 with them but got banned from their affiliate program after explaining why their service has declined. Slimy thing to do to cover up negative reviews instead of actually fixing the problems. Their community manager and affiliates are admins for several Facebook Groups and ban people + remove negative posts. Check their affiliate TOS and you’ll find some really shady things in there, like how they have the right to tell you to remove all content mentioning their trademark “SiteGround” from your own website (which they tried to do to me). Also banned affiliates in certain countries, has a slow TTFB, among other issues why I would definitely not promote (or use) them. I tell all my readers to stay away/leave them.

Siteground no value

SpinupWP – control panel where you can connect cloud servers like Vultr + DigitalOcean.

StudioPress – Genesis Pro has gotten expensive ($360/year) and since WP Engine bought out StudioPress, it’s been crickets. Most Genesis theme developers I’ve seen started using Kadence.

ThemeForest – you only get 30% of each new person’s first purchase. If they’re already an Envato/ThemeForest customer, you get nothing. Plus, a ton of ThemeForest themes aren’t maintained well and I’ll personally never use a theme from there again after a bad experience.

Themeisle – I’ve never used their themes before so I can’t comment on them. I just know they write a ton on their blog and have blown up in the last few years. 55% commissions ain’t bad.

Thirsty Affiliates – affiliate link management plugin that cloaks, tracks, and manages affiliate links. Premium version lets you get link statistics, autolink, and add event tracking for Analytics.

TubeBuddy – great for YouTubers. Lets you schedule videos, see a video’s keyword competition in YouTube, and bulk manage things like card and end screens. Try their free Chrome Extension.

UpCloud – European-based cloud hosting provider and quite popular in Facebook Groups.

Vultr – a lot of people are buying Vultr High Frequency directly then connecting it to a control panel. You could refer them to  Vultr High Frequency and CloudPages and make money on both.

Whitespark – citation building service for local SEO. Back in the day, I used to charge clients about 2x the cost of WhiteSpark then would just outsource it to them. Great time saver and highly recommended if you have clients who want to improve Google Map + local SEO rankings.

WP Coupons – lightweight coupon/deals plugin which I use mainly during Black Friday sales.

WP Engine – $200/sale plus $50 for every sub-affiliate sale. One of the highest commissions in the hosting industry, but WP Engine is expensive and sales might not be so good. Last time I checked ShareASale, they also had a 20% reversal rate. Which means the average commission is actually around $175. But since conversions will probably be lower, it’s probably not worth it.

WP Johnny – Johnny offers an affiliate program for his WordPress speed services (I’ve hired him and he’s great). But I also saw a Facebook post where he planned to decrease commissions and he’s also very selective about who he works with, which means you probably won’t get a lot of sales. You can also try WP Fix It who has a Google PageSpeed Experience service for web vitals.

WPX – Matthew Woodward is a big fan but I wouldn’t call them the fastest WordPress host. They’re expensive and the commissions aren’t as high as other hosts, although I’m sure they’ll work with you if you bring in lots of sales. Matthew Woordward gave NitroPack a 5 star review when that cache plugin is obviously blackhat, don’t listen to all of Matthew’s recommendations.

WP Rocket – I still make a good amount of money with them but I’m promoting FlyingPress + LiteSpeed Cache more. WP Rocket just isn’t the fastest cache plugin anymore and RocketCDN isn’t a great choice (it uses StackPath which has a slow Tbps, there’s no geo-replication or other features, and it’s not “unlimited” like WP Rocket says). Get on the FlyingPress or LiteSpeed train!

Remove unused css wp rocket vs perfmatters vs flyingpress

Cheers and good luck,

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  1. Thanks a lot Tom for writing such an action driven post around affiliate programs for WordPress. We are already using some of them. After reading this post, I came to know about few more affiliate programs I can try in the coming days.

    • Always glad to help a fellow blogger, love your Facebook Group and community you’ve built :)

      Also, I do need to update this list to include programs like Rank Math Pro, LiteSpeed Hosting (i.e. NameHero, A2 Hosting), WP Schema Pro, BunnyCDN, Elementor, and WP Johnny for speed optimization services. Quite a few new ones I’ve joined since writing this. I’ll update it soon but those are good ones too.


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