SiteGround vs. InMotion: What People Are Saying In Facebook Groups (With 20+ Polls)

Siteground vs inmotion

If you’re deciding between SiteGround vs. InMotion, check this Facebook poll of top rated hosts which was taken by the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group with 8,000+ members.

SiteGround was #1 (they were #1 in last year’s poll too) while InMotion was #16 in 2017 and #14 in 2016. And if you look at Facebook Groups where people ask about hosting, the high majority of people recommend SiteGround over InMotion. Why do people prefer SiteGround?

SiteGround‘s servers are super fast and give customers an average load time of 1.3s. I’m on their semi-dedicated GoGeek plan and have a <1s load time in GTmetrix and <1s in Pingdom. This is because their speed technology uses NGINX servers, solid state drives (SSDs), the latest version of PHP 7, HTTP/2 servers, and 1-click Cloudflare activation in an easy-to-use cPanel. People who migrate usually see an instant improvement in load times. 100% uptimes is normal for me and I rarely have to contact support (since I rarely have issues) but when I do they are extremely quick with <10 minute response times and detailed answers. They have tons of features for WordPress/Joomla/Drupal like their SG Optimizer WordPress plugin, staging to test new designs/plugins before launch, and they constantly update their servers when new plugin vulnerabilities are detected. I’ve been with SiteGround for 4 years and could not be happier – I usually refer around 60 people/month to them and hardly anyone cancels.

InMotion customers frequently complain about slow load times, outages, and slow/unhelpful support. Just check this Twitter search and you’ll see plenty of customers with slow load times (same thing with outages). They do have a lot of features in their cPanel but if the core part of your hosting isn’t good (speed, uptimes, support) I have a hard time recommending InMotion to anyone, when SiteGround is clearly the much better choice – and it shows on social media.

Table Of Contents

  1. SiteGround vs. InMotion (Facebook Polls)
  2. What People Say In Facebook Threads
  3. 20 Reasons SiteGround Is Better
  4. SiteGround Speed
  5. SiteGround Uptimes Are Actually 99.99%
  6. SiteGround Support = Fast And Helpful
  7. SiteGround Is Endorsed By WordPress (InMotion Is Not)
  8. InMotion Servers Are Slow
  9. InMotion Servers Have Outages
  10. cPanel Comparison
  11. Conclusion: SiteGround Is Better Than InMotion
  12. SiteGround Plans: StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

Affiliate Disclaimer – if you choose SiteGround and sign up with my affiliate link, I will donate a good chunk at no cost to you. Each year I give $3k to GoFundMe campaigns (2018 was to feed the hungry in Denver, 2017 was to Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey). Your support helps and I genuinely appreciate it. Either way, I suggest joining some Facebook groups and see the conversations, polls, tweets, and results from people who migrated to SiteGround. They do have high renewal prices, but you can get up to 3 years of unbeatable hosting at their promotional price. Even Yoast uses SiteGround.

Who does Yoast use?



1. SiteGround vs. InMotion (Facebook Polls)

Here’s the Facebook poll. I think this is honestly the best way to get unbiased opinions about hosting since we all know the internet is polluted with biased affiliate reviews. And yes, I’m an affiliate for SiteGround but I only recommend the best companies who actually do a good job.

2019 hosting poll
View Poll

Conclusion: SiteGround is consistently rated #1 while InMotion is sometimes not even listed.


2. What People Say In Facebook Threads

Here’s what people say about SiteGround vs. InMotion…


If you’re still not sure whether to choose SiteGround or InMotion, I included some details about their speed, uptimes, support, cPanel, then finally – what features SiteGround has on their StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek plan so you know which hosting plan is right for you.


3. 20 Reasons SiteGround Is Better

  1. They’re recommended by WordPress
  2. They use PHP 7.3 (check your version here)
  3. They use HTTP/2 servers (check your version here)
  4. Their speed technology page clearly lists what they use
  5. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL (EIG companies charge for this)
  6. My GTmetrix/Pingdom reports are great (the biggest reason)
  7. Average load time is 1.3s, giving most people instant speed improvements
  8. Ivica runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and ranks them #1
  9. Consistently #1 in Facebook polls/conversations (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7)
  10. Their semi-dedicated plan is affordable yet much faster than shared hosting
  11. They have 1-click Cloudflare activation in the cPanel (view cPanel demo)
  12. Designated WordPress support (tickets usually answered in <10 min)
  13. SG Optimizer plugin keeps your PHP updated with latest version
  14. Automatic daily backups, WordPress updates, and security updates
  15. Great eCommerce hosting
  16. Weekly security email notifications
  17. I usually get 100% uptimes but 99.99% is guaranteed
  18. Out of 50 people I referred to SiteGround in July, not 1 person cancelled
  19. I can call them 24/7 and they’re happy to answer questions (1.800.828.9231)
  20. They will migrate you for free with a 30-day money back guarantee


4. SiteGround Speed

People who migrate to SiteGround usually see a significant speed improvement…

Switching to siteground

Siteground load time migration

Bluehost to siteground gtmetrix

Hostgator to siteground

Siteground gtmetrix

Siteground google pagespeed insights

100 perfect score on siteground

Siteground genesis

Speed delivered by siteground

Siteground gtmetrix report

Reduced load times with siteground

New siteground response times

Hostgator to siteground migration

Siteground response times on joomla

Switched to siteground hosting

Siteground rocket imagify combo

Joomla gtmetrix on siteground

Siteground pagespeed insights

Siteground on joomla

Siteground reduced load times

Siteground speedy hosting

New pingdom results on siteground

New siteground response time

Siteground response time improvement

Here’s SiteGround’s speed technology. A lot of hosts use vague descriptions like “super speed” but SiteGround is transparent and clearly lists their technology because they know it’s great.


They are usually one of the first hosts to adapt new technology that makes your site load faster and run smoother, for example, they were the one of the first to implement PHP 7.


Ivica runs the popular WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and lists them #1


Siteground-vs. -godaddy-load-time-improvement

These people are hosted on SiteGround…







5. SiteGround Uptimes Are Actually 99.99%

Here’s my website (OMM = Online Media Masters)…


Part of the reason SiteGround’s uptimes are so good is because their security team constantly updates their servers when new vulnerabilities are detected (eg. plugin vulnerabilities). This can make a huge difference in your uptimes, and their customers definitely appreciate it…



6. SiteGround Support = Fast And Helpful

I rarely have to contact SiteGround’s support (because I don’t get random errors), but when I do, they usually respond within 10-15 minutes. And their responses are super detailed – they have amazing support for WordPress (CMS I use). SiteGround is well-known for their support.



7. SiteGround Is Endorsed By WordPress (InMotion Is Not)

SiteGround is literally the only hosted recommended on all 3 WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal recommended hosting pages. Take it for what it’s worth, but InMotion isn’t listed anywhere.



8. InMotion Servers Are Slow

While SiteGround usually has great feedback about the speed of their servers, InMotion’s isn’t so great. A quick Twitter search and you will find plenty of customers complaints about this.



9. InMotion Servers Have Outages

It’s the same thing with outages… some customers have reported downtimes of over 10 hours! Even InMotion’s own website went down… their customers were quick to call them out on it.



10. cPanel Comparison

Both SiteGround and InMotion have tons of features in their cPanel…

SiteGround’s cPanel has a ton of features. The ones I like most are 1-click Cloudflare activation (which also had advanced Cloudflare options), automatic updates, staging, email, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, AWStats which identifies high resource plugins/applications, and SuperCacher which speeds up your site with the help of their SG Optimizer WordPress plugin.


InMotion’s cPanel is also robust. I like are their PHP configuration, easy website backups, Hotlink protection (though this can be done if using Cloudflare), and error pages. I personally think they have unnecessary features not relating to websites and like SiteGround’s cPanel.



11. Conclusion: SiteGround Is Better Than InMotion

SiteGround is the winner hands down. Their speed technology should give you faster load times, support is always there when you need it (and is very helpful) and they guarantee 99.99% uptimes (you should actually get those numbers too). They’re the only host I recommend to my readers and hardly anyone cancels. You can read my full SiteGround WordPress hosting review if you’re still not sure, but I think you’ll be happy. I know I am.

In case you’re still not sure…







12. SiteGround Plans: StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

The main difference is StartUp can only host 1 website but still comes with tons of features. GrowBig includes more server resources (faster website), priority support, and 30 daily backups (instead of 1 with StartUp). GoGeek comes with even more server resources (considered semi-dedicated hosting) and you can create a staging site to test code, designs, plugins… before launching. All higher plans come with everything in the previous lower plan.

Here’s the full comparison chart


Higher Plans = More Server Resources = Faster Website – SiteGround’s GrowBig and GoGeek plan include more server resources which make your site load faster (number of servers is the #1 factor in the WordPress optimization guide). GoGeek is semi-dedicated hosting and is about 4x faster than StartUp for $14.99/month, compared to a dedicated server which runs $229/month or their cloud hosting for $80/month. So if website speed is important to you, I would go with GrowBig or GoGeek which include more resources. They also come with priority support, daily backups, WordPress autoupdates, and let you host unlimited sites.

You can see the difference in server resources on SiteGround’s features page


Here’s how many come with each plan…


I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions about SiteGround vs. InMotion, drop me a line in the comments. But yeah, SiteGround is definitely the better option between the two :)

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I have used services from many web hosting providers, My first choice would always be Siteground and second goes to Inmotion hosting. Siteground has an amazing customer support system which I have utilised many times.


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