One for my Parents

Made to my parents. They’re nearing their 70’s, don’t have a working dishwasher, and house 2 people inside a 3-bedroom home to help pay rent. They have bent over backwards for me and my brothers and sacrificed everything to give us opportunities we wouldn’t have been able to afford; travel soccer, chess club, baseball, basketball, piano lessons… anything to make our childhood better, they make damn sure it happened. I handed my Dad cash in a Target parking lot so they can live a little more comfortably.

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$3,000 to Feed Denver’s Hungry

Donated $3,000 to a GoFundMe campaign to feed hungry people in Denver. There is a huge homeless problem here and I hope this can help some people get back on their feet. I currently live in Denver and see plenty of “tent cities” with people asking for leftover scraps after I’m walking out of a restaurant. I spoke with the organizer and learned his story; how giving back was helping him recover from alcoholism and how he also wants to pay it forward. I guess we’re both paying it forward in different ways; mine is just a donation, but Jim works full-time on fighting hunger in Denver, CO.

Fundraiser by jim scharper feeding denver s hungry

$3,000 to Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey

2017’s donation went to American Red Cross during Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Even better, the $3,000 donation was matched by Baker Tilly (an accounting firm) who matched the donation up to $50,000. They reached their goal! Lots of people in Texas went through hell during this tragic event, and the Red Cross seemed like the appropriate place to send help.

Red cross donation

About The Donation

I will post a screenshot of each donation on this page which will likely be from GoFundMe or another credible donation website. I will also try to find companies who will match the donation, just like the one made to Hurricane Harvey in 2017. I started donating in 2017 and will continue this it each year.

This is due to the sudden popularity of my tutorials which resulted in increased SEO traffic and more affiliate income. I feel incredibly blessed you guys take my word when I recommend SiteGround and Cloudways for hosting, Astra + StudioPress themes, etc. It’s my way of paying it forward.

What Will The Next Donation Be?

This will be determined late in each calendar year, but will be something similar to the pictures you see on the right or one of the following causes:

  • Cancer (my dad is a survivor of esophageal cancer)
  • Children
  • Veterans
  • Animals
  • Fire relief
  • Medical help
  • Tragic event survivors
  • Emergency funds for those in hardship

Thank You For Using My Affiliate Links

You probably noticed I use affiliate links, and that if you buy something through these links, I get a commission. First off, thank you if you’re using them. I use everything myself and only endorse the best… even if it means lower commissions. You trusting my recommendations is the underlying reason the yearly GoFundMe donation is possible. And I thank you for that.

More Affiliates Sales = Higher Donation

I am also pledging that if things work out as well as I hope they do and my website continues to grow, I will also increase the donation amount. I will do my part and write more tutorials, create YouTube videos, and keep my current tutorials updated when new technology and updates are released.

Want To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

I have a tutorial for that!

Thank You Cloudways

Although I don’t recommend SiteGround anymore, SiteGround and Cloudways have both provided me with enough income to live off this blog.

What You Can Do To Help

Put Yourself First
My grandma had a great line. She said, “before you take care of anyone else, you have to take care of yourself.” All I’m saying is… I was on the struggle bus for a few years and you didn’t see me making donations. Take care of yourself first, then if you can, donate to a GoFundMe campaign yourself.

Pledge A Donation On Your Website
If you have a website, you can do the same thing!

Match The Donation
Want to match me on the donation, or maybe a partial match? Contact me and I’ll include you on this page as long as it’s a decently significant amount ($300+). I will also include a link to your website indefinitely.

Thank you again for using my affiliate links! I will continue writing WordPress SEO and speed optimization tutorials for you. I plan on doing this donation every year so check back in late 2020. Thanks again!

David maurice george funeral gofundme
Gaytans quadruple pregnancy gofundme
Christ mintz ucc shooting survivor gofundme
Miracle for marty gofundme
Lamar elementary fire victims