NameHero vs. A2 Hosting 2023: RAM, LiteSpeed, And Uptime (Key Differences)

Namehero vs a2 hosting

NameHero and A2 Hosting both use LiteSpeed, but which one’s better?

NameHero uses LiteSpeed on all plans, but A2 only uses this on their higher 2 plans. You get more RAM on most NameHero plans and their uptime status page usually has less scheduled maintenance than A2’s. NameHero’s support is better, but their data centers are only in US/NE. While they’re newer than A2 Hosting, they tend to have better feedback in Facebook groups. I generally recommend their Turbo Cloud plan which includes 3 CPU cores, 3GB RAM, and NVMe.

A2 Hosting has been around longer than NameHero but many people argue their service has declined with frequent downtimes, long support wait times, and a ransomware attack which caused major outages. Only their more expensive plans (i.e. Turbo Boost and Turbo Max) use LiteSpeed. Like NameHero, A2 also uses cPanel. They have a slightly worse TrustPilot rating (4.5/5 instead of 4.7/5) with most complaints relating to the poor support, outages, and billing. One of the only benefits of using A2 is they have a data center in Asia while NameHero doesn’t.

NameHero A2 Hosting
LiteSpeed Server All plans Higher plans only
LiteSpeed Cache All plans Higher plans only
Outages 2 day outage 2 week outage
Server Locations US + NL US + NL + AS
Inodes 250,000 – 500,000 300,000 – 600,000
Domain Name 1 year free $16.99/year
cPanel Yes Yes
Free Migration Yes Yes
Security Great Not great
Support Good Average
Price Cheap for 1-3 years Cheap for 3 years upfront
TrustPilot Rating 4.7/5 4.5/5
Winner Yes No


1. CPU + RAM – NameHero Has More RAM On Most Plans

NameHero’s lowest 3 plans include more RAM (1GB, 2GB, 3GB) while A2’s lowest 3 plans have less (700MB, 1GB, 2GB). Both use 4GB RAM on the highest plan. Which means unless you’re using the higher plan, NameHero includes more RAM on all their plans. CPU cores are the same.

Namehero cpu ram
View specs page
A2 hosting cpu ram
View specs page

Cpu cores on litespeed hosting plans

Ram on litespeed hosting plans


2. LiteSpeed Server – All NameHero Plans Use LiteSpeed

All NameHero plans come with LiteSpeed servers but only higher A2 Hosting plans use LiteSpeed like their Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plan (shared hosting) and Mach plan (VPS hosting). Lower plans use Apache. If you’re on a budget but still want LiteSpeed, use NameHero.

A2 hosting litespeed servers

LiteSpeed servers are faster than Apache. This also means you can also use the free LiteSpeed Cache plugin + CDN which is one of the fastest setups you’ll get on shared hosting.

Litespeed vs nginx vs apache


3. LiteSpeed Cache – Why You Should Use It

Since NameHero and most A2 Hosting plans use LiteSpeed, you should be using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

LiteSpeed Cache is faster than WP Rocket and most cache plugins since it uses server-side caching which is faster than WP Rocket’s file-based caching (it also has a 4.8/5 star review).

Just make sure you configure the LiteSpeed Cache settings correctly (request a domain key, setup, use Redis or memcached, and enable browser caching, page, and image optimizations). Your website should be significantly faster after setting up LiteSpeed Cache.

There are only a handful things LiteSpeed Cache doesn’t do which are mostly related to image optimization. You can always try a plugin or another image CDN and test your results against it.

WP Rocket FlyingPress LiteSpeed Cache
Price $49/year $42/year Free
Server-side caching x x
Remove unused CSS Inline Separate file Separate file
Host third-party code locally x
Lazy render HTML elements x
Lazy load background images Inline Helper class x
Exclude above the fold images By URL By number By URL
Preload images x By number x
Add missing image dimensions x
Self-host YouTube placeholder x x
Control preloading x x
Advanced cache control x x
ESI (edge side includes) x x
Gravatar cache x x
Limit post revisions Delete all Delete all Keep some
CDN SiteGround CDN BunnyCDN
CDN PoPs 176 90 70 (standard plan)
CDN price $7.99/month+ $0.01/GB – $0.06/GB $.02-.08/GB
Dynamic caching x x
Image optimization x
DDoS protection x x


4. CDN – Why You Should Use On Both CDN was specifically built to work with LiteSpeed.

It’s needed for image/page optimization (like critical CSS, UCSS, and LQIP). But one of the main benefits is HTML caching which can significantly improve global TTFB when testing your site in KeyCDN. However, the free plan only comes with 6 PoPs without DDoS protection while the paid (standard) plan uses all 70 PoPs with DDoS protection, so ideally use QUIC’s paid standard plan.


5. Outages – A2 Hosting Has Frequent Maintenance + Downtimes

Go ahead and compare A2’s uptime status page with NameHero’s.

A2 Hosting consistently shows multiple interruptions in a single day, but you can easily get no previous incidents in the last 7 days with NameHero. Uptimes tests aren’t accurate since it all depends on which server, location, and node your website is hosted on. Don’t listen to BS tests.

A2 hosting service interruptions
It’s common for A2 to have multiple interruptions in a single day

Both A2 Hosting + NameHero had an outage (A2’s was for 14 days on Windows servers when they had a ransomware attack) while NameHero’s was 2 days on a specific node. NameHero posted their response here. No host’s uptimes are perfect and even SiteGround had a major issue where their DNS was blocked by Google for 4 days. Regardless, uptimes are the single biggest reason to use NameHero over A2 since they have a lot less “scheduled maintenance.”


6. Server Locations – They’re Mostly In The US

While both have data centers in the US + NL, A2 Hosting also has one in Asira.

This is a con for both hosts since choosing a data center close to visitors has a big impact on TTFB (using with HTML caching can help a lot with this). If your visitors aren’t close these locations, you should really look somewhere else like Cloudways who has 44 data centers.

NameHero A2 Hosting
Lansing, Michigan (USA) (3x) Michigan (USA)
Phoenix, Arizona (USA) Arizona (USA)
Kansas City, Missouri (USA) Amsterdam (Europe)
Amsterdam (Netherlands) Singapore (Asia)
View NameHero’s Data Centers View A2 Hosting’s Data Centers


7. Inodes – A2 Hosting Has Slightly Higher File Limits

Inodes (files) can grow quickly especially when using your hosting for email.

Emails take up a large amount of files which also takes up inodes, storage, and even server resources (this is a big reason why some hosts like Kinsta and Cloudways don’t even support email hosting and encourage you to use something like Google Workspace). While it’s always best to keep your web/email hosting separate, A2 has higher inode limits if you use it for email.

Namehero inode limits
NameHero inode limits
A2 hosting inode limits
A2 Hosting inode limits


8. Domain Name – NameHero Offers 1 Year Free

NameHero offers most domains free for 1 year, then $14.98/year. A2 Hosting doesn’t offer free domains is about $2/year more than NameHero ($16.99/year). It’s a little bonus for NameHero.

A2 hosting domain names


9. cPanel – Both NameHero And A2 Hosting Use It

While both use cPanel, I think NameHero’s general dashboard is cleaner than A2’s.

They recently redesigned their website and made the dashboard much better for UI/UX. Installing WordPress, Cloudflare, changing PHP versions, and other tasks are easy in cPanel.

Namehero cpanel


10. Free Migration – Offered By Both Hosts

Both NameHero and A2 Hosting offer a free website migration. At the time of writing this, NameHero only includes a free migration if you sign up for 2 years (A2 doesn’t have conditions).


11. Security – NameHero Does A Better Job

Considering A2’s ransomware attack, NameHero wins in the security category.

Both have many security features to protect your website, but I always recommend going through a WordPress security checklist yourself because you never know what will happen.

Wordpress security checklist 1


12. Support – NameHero Wins Hands Down

NameHero’s support is significantly better than A2 Hosting.

While it’s something you have to experience yourself, the shorter wait times and helpfulness alone should speak for itself (along with NameHero’s positive feedback in Facebook Groups).

Namehero vs siteground feedback

Namehero to siteground move

A2 hosting support outages


13. Price – A2 Hosting Is Expensive Unless You Pay 3 Years Upfront

A2 Hosting gets expensive unless you pay 3 years, while NameHero is affordable for 1-3 years. Both offer cheap intro prices and high renewals, but NameHero doesn’t jack up prices like A2.

Namehero pricing
NameHero has affordable pricing for 1-3 years
A2 hosting pricing renewals
A2 is expensive unless you pay 3 years upfront

A2 plans are confusing since they offer shared, managed WordPress, unmanaged, VPS, and several other types of hosting. Make sure you look at A2’s features page (and NameHero’s features page) to see what each plan comes with. A2 lists features that are part of LiteSpeed Cache and QUIC (which NameHero has too) but I wouldn’t say this is unique to their hosting.

Namehero plans resources
Compare NameHero plans
A2 hosting plan features
Compare A2 plans


14. TrustPilot Rating – NameHero Has Better TrustPilot Reviews

NameHero has a slightly better TrustPilot rating. Even though I don’t trust these reviews completely (most of them are funneled through the host’s support), it can often give a good indication on whether a host has good support or not, and that they care about their reviews.

Namehero trustpilot review
NameHero: 4.7/5
A2 hosting trustpilot review
A2 Hosting: 4.5/5


15. Winner – NameHero Is Better Than A2 Hosting

NameHero is better than A2 Hosting because they use LiteSpeed servers on all plans (usually with more RAM) and their uptimes, support, and pricing are all better.

Even though NameHero is a newer host, their CEO (Ryan) is a genuinely helpful guy which you can see in his YouTube videos. I’ve used both A2 Hosting (for my ex’s restaurant website) and NameHero (for my own smaller personal websites) and can definitely say NameHero is better.

Namehero 1 litespeed
Get hosting from NameHero

You can get started for as little as $40 for your first year on their Starter Cloud plan.

Namehero checkout coupon

Is NameHero or A2 Hosting better?

NameHero has more reliable uptimes and uses LiteSpeed on all plans, while A2 Hosting has frequent maintenance and only uses LiteSpeed on higher plans. NameHero's pricing is more flexible (and usually cheaper) and their support is arguably better.

Should I use NameHero or A2 Hosting for LiteSpeed?

While both NameHero and A2 Hosting offer LiteSpeed servers, NameHero uses LiteSpeed on all plans while A2 Hosting only uses it on higher plans, then uses Apache on lower plans.

NameHero vs. A2 Hosting speed - which one's faster?

Since NameHero and A2 Hosting use a similar setup with LiteSpeed, you can expect similar speeds on both. However, NameHero's usually has more CPU/RAM compared to A2 plans.


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  1. I was happy with A2 at the begining but more frequently I am getting outages, higher loading times with same settings on my websites and the answer from support is always the same, check your plugins, check your caching plugin etc.

    And then I lose days, and it turns otu to be the same. For example you have all results on google page speed over 90, and then suddenly you drop on performance for over 40 points. Even when you visit the site you experience slower loading time.

    And yes, i always occurs after some “maintenance” and when you point out that it happened then they always say that the maintenance wasn’t on your server. So yeah, i am thinking of switching to NameHero.

    • Hey Dalibor,

      Yep, the downtimes with A2 have always seemed to be the biggest problem from what I’ve tested/heard. NameHero has gotten pretty expensive… have you looked into ChemiCloud? I have a review on them. Similar to NameHero but much cheaper.

  2. Never used a2, but have used namehero and three other hosting companies including cloudways.

    I don’t think anybody will ever beat namehero’s support. It’s email only now, instead of chat, but man you send an issue in an email that took you 1 minute to write, and it gets fixed within hours 95% of the time. I would take that any day over frustrating 30 min chats on cloudways. Don’t know what namehero did, but their support is ULTRA no-nosense, just get it done for you. Love it.

    • Agreed, NameHero’s support is one of the best for shared hosting and like you said, sometimes better than cloud hosts too.


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