LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting: List Of 10 Companies Who Offer LiteSpeed Web Servers (And Why I Ranked Them This Way)

Litespeed wordpress hosting

So you want a WordPress host who uses LiteSpeed?

There’s a reason why so many people are switching to LiteSpeed: the combination of a LiteSpeed server + LiteSpeed Cache + CDN is hard to beat in terms of speed/price.

You get server-level caching, HTML caching through QUIC (similar to Cloudflare APO), HTTP/3, and less chance of CPU spikes since LiteSpeed servers are about 2x more efficient than Apache.

But not all LiteSpeed hosts are equal. Some have more CPU/RAM while others have bad TrustPilot reviews. Then there’s support/uptimes. I suggest joining a few Facebook Groups like WordPress HostingWP Speed Matters to get real opinions because ya know, we’re all affiliates.

LiteSpeed Host Rating Price (May Vary)
NameHero 4.7 $2.69 – $11.98+/mo
ChemiCloud 4.9 $4.48 – $6.98+/mo
Scala Hosting 5/5 $3.95 – $14.95+/mo
GridPane 5/5 $50 – 200+/mo
JohnnyVPS 5.5 $25 – $75+
A2 Hosting 4.5 $6.99 – $12.99+/mo
WPX 4.9 $25 – $99/mo
InterServer 4.7 $2.50 – $19.95+
GreenGeeks 4.3 $2.95 – $10.95+/mo
Hostinger 4.3 (fake) $1.99 – $11.59+/mo


Why LiteSpeed?

Speed – the server-level caching through LiteSpeed Cache is faster than file-based caching in WP Rocket and most cache plugins. uses true HTTP/3 + HTML caching which can improve TTFB worldwide. Simply put… not only is the server faster, LiteSpeed Cache is one of the best cache plugins, and I would argue’s CDN is right up there with BunnyCDN.

Litespeed vs nginx vs apache
View benchmarks

Less Chance Of CPU Spikes – it can handle 2x the capacity of Apache servers which means you’re less likely to run into CPU issues (this is a very common problem on shared hosting).

Litespeed vs. Apache cpu usage

LiteSpeed Cache – arguably better than WP Rocket and similar cache plugins. Not only does it use faster server-level caching, but it optimizes for first-time visitors while WP Rocket is mainly focused on scores. Remove unused CSS is also faster since it loads used CSS in a separate file which can be cached. LiteSpeed Cache is one of the best cache plugins and is completely free. Be sure to check out my LiteSpeed Cache guide which shows you how to configure the settings.

Litespeed cache plugin CDN – QUIC is needed for page/image optimizations in LiteSpeed Cache but their CDN is a great choice. It uses true HTTP/3 and HTML caching which is similar to Cloudflare APO (and should improve TTFB when testing your site in KeyCDN). The free plan only uses 6 PoPs while their paid (standard) plan uses all 70 PoPs + DDoS protection. See my guide.

Quic. Cloud pop network has 70+ PoPs with HTML caching + HTTP/3

Popularity – LiteSpeed is already popular in Facebook Groups and I expect in the next couple years, you will see an even larger shift of people moving from NGINX and Apache to LiteSpeed.

Security –  LiteSpeed and’s CDN have built-in security features that protect your WordPress site from DDoS and brute force attacks, which makes your site even more secure.

Savings – you’re less likely to get CPU issues and have to upgrade your server, plus there’s no need to pay for a cache plugin. Hosting (and ideally QUIC’s standard plan) are your only costs.


1. NameHero

NameHero is who I’d use if your visitors are in the US or Netherlands.

Sure they’re cheap, but they also give you more CPU/RAM than A2/Hostinger if you compare each host’s “specs page” (see links below). They use LiteSpeed on all plans (unlike A2), NVMe storage on higher plans, and cPanel. I would argue both their support/uptimes are also better.

Hostinger Business WordPress Plan A2 Hosting Turbo Plan NameHero Turbo Cloud Plan
Server LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed
CPU cores 1-2 2 3
RAM (GB) .768 – 3.072 2 3
Storage SATA NVMe NVMe
Object cache x
Compression Brotli GZIP Brotli
Email hosting Limited
Previous incidents Security breach impacting 14M customers 2 week ransomware attack 2 day outage
Migration Free Free Free
Renewals About 3x intros About 2.5x intros About 2.5x intros
TrustPilot rating 4.5/5 (fake) 4.5/5 4.7/5
Specs View specs View specs View specs

Namehero plans resources

Chemicloud wordpress features 1
ChemiCloud uses 1-3 CPU cores + 1-3GB RAM, but no NVMe (view specs page)
A2 hosting cpu ram litespeed
A2 Hosting uses 1-4 CPU cores, .7-4GB RAM, and only higher plans use LiteSpeed + NVMe (view specs page)
Hostinger cpu ram ssd
Hostinger uses 1-2 CPU cores, .768-3.72GB RAM, slower SATA SSDs (view specs page)

Cpu cores on litespeed hosting plans

Ram on litespeed hosting plans

Hostinger is “cheap” because you’re basically paying $1-2 less on each plan for about half the CPU/RAM, which makes Hostinger’s WordPress hosting the most expensive out of the 4 options:

Average cost per cpu core 1gb ram hostinger vs a2 hosting vs namehero vs chemicloud

Referring to CPU/RAM, NameHero and ChemiCloud are a better value than A2/Hostinger.

While support/uptimes are usually something you have to experience yourself, you can compare their network status page with A2’s or Hostinger and will almost always find NameHero has less downtime. Support is above average which is why they have a solid TrustPilot rating and post support reviews. Their CEO (Ryan) is a genuinely helpful guy if you watch his YouTube videos. NameHero also offers a free website migration on all their plans.

They have managed cloud hosting and cloud dedicated servers for more demanding sites:

Namehero managed cloud hosting

The 2 major cons are their data centers are only in US + Netherlands and they have higher renewals. You get a cheap intro price for 1-3 years (you’ll see the coupon at checkout), then it renews at a higher price. This is standard with cheaper hosts (SiteGround only allows 1 year).

They also have excellent feedback in Facebook Groups:

Namehero vs siteground feedback

Namehero to siteground move

Namehero review

Siteground to namehero


2. ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is comparable to NameHero since they both use LiteSpeed on all plans, have a good amount of CPU/RAM, cPanel, cheap intro prices, and a solid TrustPilot rating (4.9/5 stars).

The main difference is they have more data centers (US, India, UK, Australia, Germany, Romania, Singapore, Japan, Canada). Which means you’re not limited to US + Netherlands.

The biggest cons are they don’t use NVMe storage, only have 3 WordPress hosting plans, and higher renewals.

Chemicloud litespeed wordpress hosting features
View ChemiCloud specs

I like how they clearly list the technology and use AMD Epyc servers on all plans.

Chemicloud infrastructure partners


3. Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting has a perfect 5/5 star TrustPilot rating.

I believe they released LiteSpeed in 2021 which is used on all VPS plans (including their WordPress hosting plans). They use their own version of cPanel called “sPanel.” But the thing that stood out most for me was Scala’s support. Chris (the CEO) is one of the most passionate guys and he (and his support team) bend over backwards to make sure you’re taken care of.

Scala offers managed WordPress hosting from DigitalOcean, AWS, or Scala’s data centers. One thing I like about Scala is they’re building their own technology and data centers instead of partnering with the same companies which is what most hosts do. However, they’re partnered with SShield and there have been complaints about the internal security system blocking sites.

Scala hosting managed wordpress vps

Scala hosting trustpilot


4. GridPane

GridPane is popular in Facebook Groups.

It’s run by Patrick Gallagher and has a loyal following. You probably don’t hear about them as much outside of Facebook Groups since they don’t have an affiliate program. But you get arguably one of the fastest stacks and top-notch support from Patrick and his team. Once you launch a server, you’ll be able to choose OpenLiteSpeed then use Percona, MariaDB, or Redis.

Gridpane hosting plans


5. JohnnyVPS

JohnnyVPS is WP Johnny’s hosting company.

He’s highly respected in the WordPress community and it includes his speed optimization service (I’ve already hired them for this and was quite happy with results in core web vitals). While he has a features page, I wish he listed more of the technology/specs. There’s also no network status page and other things larger hosts have. That’s why Johnny calls it boutique. Don’t expect things like 24/7 support, but more of a personal experience from an honest team.

Johnnyvps managed wordpress hosting

Here’s how Johnny describes his company:

Johnnyvps review from johnny


6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has 2 plans that use LiteSpeed: Turbo Boost and Turbo Max.

While both plans are similar with NVMe and AMD EPYC servers, Turbo Max has double the CPU/RAM. However, A2 Hosting usually has the lesser value than NameHero or ChemiCloud.

I’ve used A2 for a couple side-projects and it’s “fine” but I wouldn’t call it the best. Their network status page can often have multiple incidents in a single day (whether it be from scheduled maintenance or interruptions) and their support is average in this price range. Not great though.

A2 hosting cpu ram litespeed
View A2 Hosting specs


7. WPX

WPX uses LiteSpeed but is #6 because of several pitfalls, and they’re not the fastest WordPress host which was a complete marketing gimmick.

Anyone who knows anything about hosting knows the “independent test” done by Matthew Woodward was only driven by affiliate commissions where he used WPX’s CDN (XDN) in his results, but didn’t use a CDN on other hosts. Not to mention there is absolutely no way “the fastest WordPress hosting” is shared hosting, which is exactly what WPX is. Smells fishy? It is.

Johnny on fastest wordpress hosting

Patrick on fastest wordpress hosting

Plus, not even WPX’s own website had a redundancy system in place which resulted in a 5 hour worldwide outage. Their CEO blamed it on their partner (Steadfast) and also threatened legal action. However, BigScoots (who did have a redundancy system and was also using Steadfast) had zero to little downtime. WPX’s CEO called out the Steadfast CEO who died months earlier which he was unaware of, then told customers adding a redundancy system was too expensive.

You can find the Facebook thread here.

Wpx hosting worldwide outage comment 5

Finally, they don’t clearly list CPU/email limits, inodes, or what “unlimited bandwidth” actually is in numbers. Instead, their TOS basically says it’s up to their discretion and can terminate your account if you exceed resources. The more you look into WPX, the more shady things you’ll find.

Wpx hosting bandwidth usage policies


8. InterServer

InterServer has very average feedback in Facebook Groups. Decent speeds, support, etc. But chances are if you’re looking for LiteSpeed WordPress hosting, you want the fastest server possible for an affordable price, in which case I would lean towards one of the other options. InterServer does offer a free migration and has awesome TrustPilot reviews, plus they’re cheap.

Intersever wordpress hosting


9. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks has below average speed, support, uptimes, and billing practices.

They are one of the cheapest LiteSpeed WordPress hosts on this list. So why does GreenGeeks only have a 4.2 star TrustPilot review? If you read them, most complaints are about their auto-renew terms which supposedly makes it very hard (or impossible) to turn off unless you go through a difficult chain of up to 10-15 email confirmations. Don’t be fooled by “unlimited websites” on the $5.95/month Pro plan. You will likely not even have enough resources for 2-3 websites. While GreenGeeks is cheap and uses LiteSpeed, they fail to deliver in multiple areas.

Greengeeks litespeed hosting


10. Hostinger

Why people use Hostinger is beyond me.

You get less CPU/RAM (especially compared to NameHero or ChemiCloud). No NVMe storage, they’re more expensive, and you have to sign up for 4 years to get the advertised price. Big NO!

Hostinger cpu ram ssd

Not to mention they write fake reviews and have frequent uptime incidents.

For years, their employees would pose as customers and trick people into buying their hosting. They also got banned from Facebook groups because they voted for themselves in Facebook polls on the best hosting. While they use LiteSpeed servers, there is little value in terms of speed, support, and uptimes. You will also find scam reports in Reddit forums and elsewhere.

Arnas hostinger feedback

Hostinger is one of the worst choices you could make – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Hostinger poll

Hostinger price trap
Don’t fall for their 4-year price trap


Control Panels That Use LiteSpeed

Another option is to use a control panel that uses LiteSpeed (I listed a few below). This will be more hands-on but can save you a good chunk of money when looking into higher price ranges.

Cyberpanel litespeed panel

What’s your experience using these LiteSpeed hosts? Any good ones I forgot to include? I’m hoping more hosting companies will integrate LiteSpeed and replace Apache, but time will tell.

Just make sure you look at their spec pages and see what you’re actually getting.


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  1. Hello Tom, I have exactly the same issue with SiteGround. I have been pushed from GoGeek plan the cloud plan, but still have the CPU and RAM issue.

    So I am thinking about switching to Namehero or ChemiCloud. I can see they both offer the wordpress plan (Shared) and VPS cloud plan. Will the VPS cloud plan also have the benefit of Litespeed and Quic Cloud? Is the setup process the same as what you decribed in your article named “NameHero Review: My #1 Choice For LiteSpeed Hosting “? Thanks.

    • If it’s on LiteSpeed then yes, and I believe it is (see here). Probably obvious since I’ve been mentioning them a lot, but it may be worth looking into too. They use Nginx with LiteSpeed’s PHP. You would need email hosting and a cache plugin like FlyingPress.


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