Kinsta vs. WPX Differences: WPX Is Built For Static Sites, Not Large Dynamic Sites

Kinsta vs wpx

Kinsta and WPX are both great hosts, but they’re built for different types of websites.

Kinsta is built to handle large, WooCommerce, and dynamic sites. They have 29 more data centers (compared to 3 on WPX) and their plans are more scalable. Kinsta uses Google Cloud C2 with advanced caching/CDN through their MU plugin, a premium DNS, and enterprise-level Cloudflare features. They handle traffic spikes better which is why brands hosted on Shark Tank use them. They support Redis + advanced caching with world class support. Main cons are PHP worker limits, no email hosting or phone support, banned plugins, and scaling can get expensive.

WPX is built for small-mid sized (most static) sites that need fast performance without paying too much. They use LiteSpeed servers which means you can use the free LiteSpeed Cache plugin and CDN (they also have their own XCDN but it only has 25 locations). WPX was the fastest host in many of Review Signal’s speed tests with excellent support, free migrations, and free site speed optimization where they optimize your site for core web vitals. The main cons of WPX are they only have 3 data centers (Chicago, London, Sydney), they previously had a major outage in their Chicago data center, and their custom dashboard can sometimes be janky.

I use affiliate links in this post and really appreciate you using them. I don’t use affiliate links to SiteGround, Bluehost, Hostinger, and low quality hosts since I try to be honest.

Kinsta WPX
Facebook Feedback Great Great
Server Google Cloud C2 LiteSpeed
Caching MU Plugin Litespeed Cache
CDN Cloudflare XDN Or QUIC
Speed Fast For Large Sites Fast For Static Sites
Data Centers 29 3
Simultaneous Visits High Low-Mid
Resource Limits PHP Workers Bandwidth
Dashboard MyKinsta Custom
Email Hosting No Yes
Banned Plugins Yes No
Support Excellent Excellent
Security Great Great
Uptimes Great Major Outage
Migrations Free Free
TrustPilot Rating 4.5/5 4.8/5
Pricing Expensive Expensive


1. Facebook Feedback – What People Say In Facebook Groups

More people recommend Kinsta over WPX if you look at unbiased Facebook conversations.

Kinsta-vs. -wpx

Here is someone who gave an honest review comparing them which I also pulled from Facebook Groups. I like to include these since they’re a lot more unbiased than most reviews.

Kinsta vs wpx hosting 1


2. Server – Kinsta Google Cloud C2 vs. WPX (LiteSpeed)

Kinsta uses Google Cloud C2 which is specifically for compute-intensive workloads. So if your site is running lots of plugins, getting traffic spikes, or your website demands resources in other ways, this is an excellent option. Kinsta even has their own dedicated page on Google’s website.

Google cloud c2

WPX uses LiteSpeed servers (they briefly announced it on this page) which are much faster than Apache, but it’s unclear how it compares to Google Cloud C2. Both have a reputation for being fast, but LiteSpeed is mostly compared against Apache and NGINX – not Google Cloud.

Wpx hosting litespeed


3. Caching – Kinta’s MU Plugin + Server Caching vs. LiteSpeed Cache

On Kinsta, you would use their MU plugin with server and full page caching. Kinsta even bans cache plugins since you shouldn’t need them, although caching plugins usually come with extra optimizations – so you’d need to do those manually or install extra plugins to take care of them.

Kinsta mu plugin

On WPX, you would use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin even though they recommend W3 Total Cache. LiteSpeed is a better plugin with excellent reviews on WordPress, has been updated for core web vitals, and uses server-level caching (it’s also arguably faster than WP Rocket). Since LiteSpeed Cache has many other extra optimizations in the settings, you shouldn’t need other speed plugins besides maybe Kinsta’s Perfmatters plugin for unloading unused CSS/JavaScript.

Litespeed cache plugin


4. CDN – Kinsta Uses Cloudflare, WPX Uses XDN (But Try QUIC As Well)

Kinsta partnered with Cloudflare while WPX uses their own custom built CDN (XDN).

Cloudflare is consistent, although it’s usually not the most performant if you look at CDN tests on XDN is hyped up by WPX but there hasn’t been many tests on it. Alternatively, you can use CDN which is specifically built to work on top of LiteSpeed. Both XDN and are free when using WPX, but I recommend trying both and testing the results.


5. Speed – Load Time And TTFB Tests

Speed tests should be taken with a grain of salt since there are tons of variables (hosting plan, caching, CDN, geographical distance between the data center location vs testing location), etc.

Review Signal’s unbiased test (which doesn’t use affiliate links) found WPX had the fastest average response time when testing various WordPress hosting plans ranging from $25 – $50. Kinsta did not participate in Review Signal’s most current speed benchmarks to my knowledge.

Wordpress hosting performance benchmarks review signal

In my own speed test, I signed up for WPX’s Business plan and Kinsta’s Starter plan (as well as several other WordPress hosting plans). No cache plugin or CDN were used with the same Astra Starter Site and same plugins. I measured them in Pingdom for 1 week (336 individual tests were done on each site). WPX came out to be one of the fastest WordPress hosts with a median load time of 436ms (Kinsta’s was 628ms), meaning WPX was 192ms faster than Kinsta.

Wordpress hosting 2020 pingdom test

I also measured load times and TTFB in several other tools:

Kinsta vs wpx speed test 2020

Aside from the speed tests, there are many examples of people migrating from other hosts to Kinsta and posting their results (not so much for WPX probably because they’re not as popular).

Kinsta before after

Kinsta migration

Kinsta response time upgrade

Move to kinsta

Moved to kinsta

Page load times kinsta

Kinsta speed

Kinsta google cloud migration

Kinsta uptime robot

Kinsta migration results

20 faster loads

400ms load times


6. Data Centers – WPX Only Has 3 Data Centers (Big Con)

A major con of WPX is they only have 3 data centers in Chicago, London, and Sydney. This is a problem if your visitors aren’t close to those data centers, since geographic distance has a big impact on TTFB. Kinsta has 29 data centers so it’s much more feasible to use them worldwide.

Kinsta Data Centers:

Changhua County, Taiwan Melbourne, Australia São Paulo, Brazil
Hong Kong Warsaw, Poland Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
Tokyo, Japan Hamina, Finland Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
Osaka, Japan St. Ghislain, Belgium Ashburn, Virginia, USA
Seoul, South Korea London, United Kingdom The Dalles, Oregon, USA
Mumbai, India Frankfurt, Germany Los Angeles, California, USA
Delhi, India Eemshaven, Netherlands Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Jurong West, Singapore Zurich, Switzerland Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia Montréal, Canada Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Sydney, Australia Toronto, Canada

WPX Data Centers:

Chicago, IL (USA) London (England) Sydney (Australia)


7. Simultaneous Visits – The Shark Tank Affect On Kinsta

Kinsta is known for hosting high traffic sites. DARTDrones (who was hosted on Shark Tank), CodeinWP, Matthew Woodward, and WP Buffs are just a few of Kinsta’s clients that are high traffic. WPX is more for small to mid-sized websites but not high traffic or enterprise clients. There are many examples of websites hosted on Kinsta handling lots of simultaneous visitors.

Traffic surge

Kinsta simultaneous visitors

While Kinsta is great for high traffic websites, you have to be careful with PHP workers. Depending on your website and how demanding it is, Kinsta may recommend adding PHP workers. But it can get expensive so if it happens to you, you may want to look for alternatives.

Kinsta php workers


8. Resource Limits – Kinsta PHP Workers vs. WPX Bandwidth Limits

You have to be careful with resource limits on Kinsta and WPX.

One of the biggest complaints about Kinsta is the low amount of PHP workers included with each plan. These determine how many simultaneous uncached requests your site can handle at any given time and increase for dynamic websites. Even if you optimize your site, you may find yourself running into PHP worker limits and having to upgrade your plan, which gets expensive.

Kinsta php worker limit 1

WPX is more straightforward and they include a certain amount of bandwidth with each plan. Their bandwidth calculator can help you choose a plan based page size, visitors, and page views.

Wpx hosting bandwidth calculator


9. Dashboard – MyKinsta Is Better Than WPX’s Custom Dashboard

MyKinsta is much better than WPX’s dashboard (view a demo here).

They both use a custom dashboard, but MyKinsta is pretty much bug free while there have been multiple complaints about staging and other features on WPX. MyKinsta also has a ton of analytics about your website, traffic, uptimes, etc. So it’s easy to monitor key things on Kinsta.

Mykinsta dashboard


10. Email Hosting – Kinsta Doesn’t Include It, WPX Does

Kinsta doesn’t offer email hosting while WPX does (but not for bulk emails).

Web/email hosting should ideally be kept separate since emails take up resources and storage. Those resources would be better dedicated to your website than email. So while Kinsta doesn’t support email hosting and recommends using a third-party service like Google Workspace, you should ideally be keeping web/email separate anyway to lower CPU usage and save on storage.


11. Banned Plugins – Kinsta Bans Caching, Backup, Security Plugins

Kinsta bans some caching, backup, security, and other plugin types.

Kinsta already handles most of these and you shouldn’t need these plugins to begin with. So while this may seem like a con, using them is actually unnecessary. WPX doesn’t ban plugins.


12. Support – Both Are Excellent, But Kinsta’s Is “World Class”

Kinsta and WPX both have top-tier support.

While both are fast (WPX prides itself on being able to reach someone in 30 seconds or less), but Kinsta’s support just goes a bit deeper than WPX and is arguably more helpful. You’re not going to get better support than Kinsta. Even their competitors say the support is world class.

Kinsta support


13. Security – Both Are Secure With Guarantees

Kinsta and WPX are both secure hosts.

Kinsta offers a security guarantee where they “work with you for free to try and undo the damage” while WPX offers free malware cleanup. But security is mainly your responsibility, so it’s always good to go through a WordPress security checklist to do things like limit login attempts, change the default admin username, use strong passwords, and disable XML-RPC.

Wordpress security checklist 1


14. Uptimes – WPX Had A Major Outage In 2021

WPX had a major outage in 2021 where their Chicago data center went down for several hours (as well as their own website). This left WPX customers confused since there were also complaints about their lack of response, although they posted an explanation later on the blog.

Wpx outage

Kinsta has never had a problem like this to my knowledge and they even have a status page where you can check the status of Kinsta data centers, MyKinsta, CDN, DNS, etc. I like when a company does this and is transparent whether there’s outages (WPX should consider doing it).


15. Migrations – Kinsta Is More Professional, WPX Includes A Speed Service

Kinsta offers free migrations and so does WPX.

There have been reports that if you want to move multiple sites, you may run into issues on WPX for a number of reasons. On Kinsta, it’s usually much more smooth. However, WPX also includes free site speed optimization where their team optimizes your site for core web vitals.

Wpx free site speed optimization


16. TrustPilot Rating – WPX Has Higher Ratings And More Reviews

Kinsta has a 4.5/5 star TrustPilot rating with 450+ reviews while WPX is 4.8/5 with 1,700+ reviews. It’s common for hosting companies to ask for reviews from their support team, so maybe WPX just takes this more seriously than Kinsta. I would take these with a grain of salt.

Here’s one person who switched from Kinsta to WPX and left a great review.

Wpx vs kinsta trustpilot review


17. Pricing – Both Have Similar Pricing Structures

Both Kinsta and WPX give you 2 months free if you sign up for a year, but they also offer monthly pricing which starts at roughly $25-$30/month. However, both hosts can get expensive if you run into issues with PHP workers or CPU usage and have to upgrade your plan.

Kinsta pricing

Wpx yearly pricing


18. Winner – The “Winner” Depends On Your Type Of Website

Kinsta has more data centers, more helpful support, a better dashboard without bugs, and can handle high traffic websites better than WPX. For small-mid sized websites, WPX is a better choice because they were rated one of the fastest hosts in speed tests and include free site speed optimization. It comes down to your site, but you can’t go wrong with Kinsta. You can read my full review of Kinsta, but I tried to cover everything in this Kinsta vs. WPX comparison.


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