All In One Schema Rich Snippets Plugin Review/Tutorial: Minimal & Boring Design

All in one schema rich snippets review

All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a WordPress plugin used to markup pages/posts with rich snippets.

It has good reviews and will do the job for a lot of people. But other people (like me) are picky about how the markup affects the design of the page. Since every rich snippet plugin adds content to your page which is needed for Google to show your rich snippets, the main difference between rich snippet plugins is how the information is presented on the page.

This post you’re reading is marked up with WP Rich Snippets and in my opinion, looks awesome. It can include a video, photo, links, and plenty of other options. Whereas All In One Schema Rich Snippets is limited when it comes to options and design customization.

Here’s how your page will look after marking it up with All In One Schema Rich Snippets:

All in one schema rich snippets plugin markup


  • Free
  • Easy to setup
  • Supports most rich snippet types


  • Lacks design and customization options
  • Limited information can be presented
  • Doesn’t support local business markup

Supported Data Types

Should You Consider Other Rich Snippet Plugins?
If you’re happy with the basic design of All In One Schema Rich Snippets, it is the best free rich snippets plugin and I will show you how to set it up. But if you’re looking for something more robust and have $69+ for a premium plugin, check out WP Rich Snippets and view this tutorial. WP Rich Snippets has more options and supports local business markup which helps Google show your business information correctly in Google Maps.

Now let’s get started…


1. Install All In One Schema Rich Snippets

All in one schema rich snippets installation


2. Configure The Settings

Once installed you will see the “Rich Snippets” options in the left menu of your WordPress dashboard. Go through the settings especially the configuration and customization tabs. The other tabs are helpful but I listed a more robust set of resources at the bottom of this article.

All in one schema rich snippets configuration settings

Basic styling options…

All in one schema rich snippets customization settings


3. Add Markup To Pages

Edit a page/post you want to add rich snippets to then scroll down until you see “configure rich snippet.” Select the type of rich snippet then plugin will request specific data. Fill out as many fields as possible since this will help Google understand your data and show it in their search results. Certain fields are often required for rich snippets to work, but you can use Google’s Structured Data Testing (step 4) to see if you’re missing fields or getting errors.

Rich snippet types

Configure rich snippet


4. Test Your Rich Snippets

Once you fill out all the fields you can, use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to see if your rich snippets are working correctly (they won’t immediately appear in search results so use this tool instead). If you see red errors, click the box to expand and look at the items. Fixing them may be as easy as filling out a field you forgot about while marking up the page.

Google structured data testing tool


End Result

This is what a review rich snippet will look like once Google updates their search results which takes around 2-4 days. For other rich snippet types you will see different information; events will have hours and location information, products will have pricing information, etc. Once you get the hang of it, go ahead and start marking up other pages/posts that include reviews, events, products, videos, and other supported data types used in rich snippets.

Rich snippets google search results

Solutions To Common Problems

  1. Add data Google tells you to in their Structured Data Testing Tool
  2. Rich snippet data should be accurate and align with the content on the page
  3. Add markup to more pages instead of only having 1 page with markup
  4. Update WordPress core, theme, plugins, etc
  5. Review All In One Schema Rich Snippets’ support forum
  6. Visit this Google forum to see common problems and FAQs
  7. Visit the structured data section of your Google Search Console
  8. Comply with Google’s structured data policies and webmaster guidelines

If you’re still running into problems, leave me a comment or see All In One Schema Rich Snippets’ support forum. Otherwise I hope you found this review helpful and good luck driving more traffic to your WordPress site using this free, awesome rich snippets plugin!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. So, I am just starting to work with Schema markup. Is this useful for anyone outside of local businesses?

    I guess the key is the reviews and such; but besides that does it really help anywhere else?


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