10 WordPress Theme Packs + Starter Templates With Lifetime Licenses (Mostly)

Wordpress theme packs

Looking for WordPress theme packs wit

They’re were theme packs (or packs of starter templates) where you can purchase all their themes/templates for a one-time payment.

If you’re designing multiple websites in WordPress, you can save money by purchasing WordPress theme packs. These are a bundle of WordPress themes offered at a lower price.

Most are one-time fees, others require recurring payments (this is labeled in the post). The most popular WordPress theme packs are Astra, StudioPress, and Elegant Themes. Astra has become the most popular theme store and is what I personally use for this WordPress site.

Below you will find important details for each theme package: pricing, sample themes, frameworks, and resources are all listed in this post. I hope this helps you make a decision.

The 10 Best WordPress Theme Packs

  1. GeneratePress Site Library – $249
  2. Blocksy Starter Sites – $149
  3. Kadence Starter Templates – $649
  4. Astra Starter Templates – $499
  5. Oxygen Design Sets – $129
  6. OceanWP – $144
  7. Elegant Themes – $249
  8. StudioPress  – $360/year
  9. MyThemeShop – $199/year
  10. ThemeIsle – $199/year


1. GeneratePress Site Library

Why is GeneratePress the #1 WordPress theme pack?

Besides its popularity in Facebook Groups, it’s cheap and one of the most lightweight options with 85+ starter templates. It uses Gutenberg which is more lightweight than Elementor and most page builders. I redesigned my site in the GeneratePress “Search” starter template which is by far the best theme I’ve used. Lightweight, lots of templates from GenerateBlocks, and it’s easy to work with. I also replaced my table/gallery plugin with the ones from Gutenberg which made an even bigger difference in speed. It’s one of the most popular theme packs for a reason.

Generatepress site library

Themes Block Editor Lifetime Price Installation
85+ Gutenberg $249 View Instructions
Fastest wordpress theme starter templates
I ran a test on the fastest WordPress themes + starter templates based on their CSS/JS/fonts


2. Blocksy Starter Sites

Blocksy also comes highly recommended in FB Groups and top bloggers like WP Johnny.

It uses Gutenberg but a key difference is how user-friendly it is. Instead of descriptions of the layouts, they actually show you a picture of what the layout looks like. They have a sticky sidebar plus several other features not found in other theme packs. I personally think Blocksy themes also have nice designs and you’ll want to use their Blocksy Comparison plugin. It’s only $149 for the lifetime license (I have a feeling they will increase this once they add more themes).

Blocksy starter sites

Themes Block Editor Lifetime Price Installation
19 Gutenberg $149 View Instructions


3. Kadence Starter Templates

Kadence is my #3 pick and is similar to GeneratePress + Blocksy.

While they both use Gutenberg, the key differences are the price, customization options, and number of templates. Kadence is way more expensive compared to the other two and has 45 templates (pretty average), but the biggest pro is that it has more customization options for the header builder, global color palette, and many other settings. If you want to spend the extra $400 for more customization settings, by all means do it. But it’s a little ridiculous to me and the price alone made me lean towards GeneratePress. Kadence is too overpriced for me to hype up.

Kadence starter templates

Themes Block Editor Lifetime Price Installation
45 Gutenberg $649 View Instructions


4. Astra Starter Templates

Astra was the fastest WordPress theme in my speed test, so why is it #4?

Because it’s really targeted at agencies. The huge selection of themes, choice of three page builders, and the Ultimate Addons plugins give you lots of flexibility. The downsides are there have been reports Ultimate Addons For Elementor is bloated, shady billing practices, and poor support by Astra’s team. Not to mention they were removed from WP repo a while back for violating WordPress guidelines. The lifetime license is $499 and for less than half the cost, I’d rather use GeneratePress or Blocksy. If you’re an agency, Astra is probably the right route to go.

Astra starter websites

Themes Page Builders Lifetime Price Installation
180+ Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver $499 View Instructions


5. Oxygen Design Sets

Oxygen Builder is relatively cheap and fast, but comes with a steep learning curve.

It’s much different than drag and drop page builders and block editors, and you will need to spend quite some time getting used to it. Instead of blocks/modules, you’ll be using things like divs and columns. Many people swear by it though (just join the Oxygen Users Facebook Group and you’ll see). I feel like it’s hit or miss. Might be worth learning if you’re ready to get involved in the community, otherwise, I don’t think the average person wants their site built in Oxygen.

Oxygen builder design elements

Design Sets Page Builder Lifetime Price Installation
17 Oxygen Builder $129 View Instructions


6. OceanWP

OceanWP has the best support I’ve experienced out of all WordPress theme packs.

I can’t say I’ve used their themes but I’ve asked them a lot of questions and they’re always glad to help. They have a huge selection of themes, quite a few extensions, as well as 13 premium plugins. Even though the OceanWP theme is free, it requires a premium plugin extension for it to work. So the theme actually isn’t free. I also think they could improve the design and starter template import process. Otherwise, OceanWP’s starter templates are at least worth checking.

Oceanwp starter templates

Themes Page Builder Lifetime Price Installation
150+ Several $144 View Instructions


7. StudioPress

StudioPress was great, not so much anymore.

$360/year and no lifetime license? That’s what happens when WP Engine buys them out. They scared all their old customers away (including myself) by driving the price up. Now they have their own block editor called Genesis Pro which I haven’t even tried because let’s be honest, who is willing to even pay this anymore? Unless you bought the All Themes Pack when Brian Gardner was around, I’m guessing you left. If you bought the lifetime license, you may want to look at your archived themes. Some of them are now updated, like my old theme: Outreach Pro.

Studiopress themes

Themes Block Editor Yearly Price Installation
41 Genesis Pro $360/year View Instructions


8. Elegant Themes

The Elegant Themes pack comes with the Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch themes.

The reason it’s #7 is because Divi is slow (and so is the Divi Builder). Even after I enabled all the performance settings built-in to Divi to make it faster, it was still the slowest in my speed test. This is pretty well-known in the WordPress community and anyone who says differently hasn’t compared the amount of CSS, JS, and fonts Divi adds with other themes/builders. I’ll give credit to Nick Roach and his team for coming out with the performance settings, but it still has a long way to go if they want to compete with other themes + builders. But if you’re a complete noob and don’t mind a slow website/backend in exchange for an easy drag & drop builder, go ahead.

Elegant themes theme pack

Layouts Page Builder Lifetime Price Installation
1,800+ Divi Builder $249 View Instructions


9. MyThemeShop

The price of MyThemeShop doubled.

I have used several of their plugins and they’ve always been “average.” While I haven’t tested their themes, they could use a better design. Schema can easily be added with the help of Rank Math or other SEO plugins you might be using, so there’s no need to use the Schema theme just because of schema. They rely mostly on jargon and how it’s great for SEO/speed, talking about “Google Algorithm Friendliness.” Any time I see this kind of rubbish, I’m turned off immediately.

Mythemeshop themes

Themes Page Builder Yearly Price Installation
7 Several $199/year View Instructions


10. ThemeIsle

ThemeIsle has an army of bloggers, but I don’t know a single person who uses their products (I’m assuming they make most of the money from affiliate marketing, not their own products).

Sorry but this is a red flag off the bat for me especially since I haven’t seen 1 post about them in Facebook Groups. However, their Neve theme has a perfect 5/5 star review on WordPress and is supposed to be one of the fastest themes. Still, there’s no lifetime license and it’s expensive to pay $89/year for 2 themes. I would look elsewhere – no reason to use them with better options.

Themeisle pricing

Themes Page Builder Yearly Price Installation
2 Several $89/year View Instructions

My vote goes to GeneratePress and Blocksy.


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  1. All WordPress themes mentioned here are pretty good. I’m surprised with the number of high quality premium WordPress themes available. The list should come in handy in my next project

  2. Hi)
    I liked this post, I’m delighted with StudioPress and Zigzagpress. Also one of my favorites is ThemeForest. In my mind, it has a huge selection of quality themes, like Norebro, KALLYAS and Bridge. I use Norebro now, cause it’s really multitasking and has extensive functionality. What do u thaink about it?

    • If it looks nice and you’ve found it easy to work with, and the developer makes ongoing updates (you haven’t noticed any bugs), and it’s mobile response (it is). Then ya, it should be good. To know if a theme is “good” or not really requires looking at the code, theme options, etc.

      I just tend to stick to what I know… StudioPress themes are all pretty similar in the way you customize them, and they’re all reliable/mobile responsive, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other nice themes out there :)

  3. Nice Information wp theme packages , I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

    • Thanks so much Jesse.

      Ya this is kind of a random post on themes but over 1,000 people read my WordPress SEO/speed optimization tutorials. I have ones for Yoast, Google Search Console, WP Rocket and plenty of others which I keep updated – glad you like them :)

  4. I am in needed of an eye catching theme with professional looks for my data entry company. Please suggest me some theme. I need to show my portfolios on the home page with a slider.

    • Hi Janet,

      You can customize any theme to have a portfolio and slider – there are plenty of plugins for this. I personally prefer StudioPress themes as they use the Genesis Framework which is what most top WordPress people use. I would take a look at their themes and just pick the one closest to the design you want. Most don’t come with a built-in portfolio but that’s what plugins like Essential Grid and other portfolio plugins on CodeCanyon are for. Of course, the Avada theme is also very good.

  5. This is mind blowing collection of themes and i like Elegant themes very much .
    Thanks for sharing such exceptional way of selecting themes

  6. Hi, Tomb. I think Divi and Thrives are the best for them who are seeking to buy theme packages. GavickPro, StudioPress also better.

    • Divi from Elegant Themes is definitely solid and one of the most popular themes online and ya, GavickPro and (especially) StudioPress are great. I always use StudioPress.

  7. A nice selection of WordPress themes. I like Crevision in particular, but maybe that’s just the colourful pictures. It has a nice mix between a formal site and a blog. I built my website using udesign which is also nice and the second best selling WordPress theme on Themeforest after Avada which you mention.
    Thanks again,

    • Thanks Ashley, I just updated this post with more information about each developer pack. Never seen Crevision but I checked it out and it looks really nice – love the portfolio and features in the dropdowns. Maybe Envato will finally come out with a theme pack with some top selling themes so you have the option to use all them. Have a hunch that ain’t happening though.

  8. Great blog post! I’m constantly buying individual themes and running into a trial and error issue when a theme doesn’t turn out the way I planned it to be.

    • I know what you mean Ravi, it requires a lot of testing and still, you really need to start playing with the theme to understand whether everything will go as planned. I tried to provide some helpful info here but let me know if you have any questions! Glad to help wherever I can.


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