Hostinger Review: You’re Paying About $2/mo Less For Half The CPU Cores/RAM With Outages, 4-Year Traps, Fake Reviews

Hostinger review

If ethics mean anything to you, don’t use Hostinger. Plus, they’re only cheap because their plans have less resources.

They built their company on fake reviews which the CEO (Arnas Stuopelis) openly admitted to, they trick people into buying their hosting by posing as customers without disclosing they’re employees, and got banned from Facebook Groups for voting for themselves in Facebook polls.

Hostinger is known for cheap LiteSpeed hosting, but this comes at a cost. The only reason Hostinger is cheap is because they give you less CPU/RAM (and cut costs in other areas like awful support, unreliable servers, and low capacity email accounts). Their uptime status page has constant server maintenance and degraded performance, and Hostinger’s support is known for being one of the worst. Search for “Hostinger scam Reddit” and you’ll find plenty of threads.

There are only a handful of companies I refuse to support because of shady practices, and Hostinger is #1 on the list (then SiteGround). Do better and choose a different WordPress host.


1. Expensive CPU Cores + RAM

Hostinger only looks cheap because their plans have less CPU cores, RAM, and other server resources.

But if you do the math and learn the average cost of 1 CPU core + 1 GB RAM between all their WordPress hosting plans, Hostinger is actually the most expensive out of any of these hosts.

Average cost per cpu core 1gb ram hostinger vs a2 hosting vs namehero vs chemicloud

Most hosts have a “specs page” showing you how many CPU cores, RAM, inodes, and other resources you get with each plan. You can divide the price but how much CPU/RAM you’re getting. All these hosts use LiteSpeed except A2 which only uses it on their higher two plans.

Hostinger cpu ram
Hostinger uses 1-2 CPU cores + .768-3.072GB RAM (view specs page)
A2 hosting cpu ram
A2 Hosting uses 1-4 CPU cores + .7-4GB RAM (view specs page)
Namehero cpu ram
NameHero uses 1-4 CPU Cores + 1-4GB RAM (view specs page)
Chemicloud wordpress hosting plans cpu ram
ChemiCloud uses 1-3 CPU Cores + 1-3GB RAM (view specs page)
Cpu cores comparison hostinger vs a2 hosting vs namehero vs chemicloud
Cost of 1 CPU core when averaging their WordPress hosting plans
Ram comparison hostinger vs a2 hosting vs namehero vs chemicloud 1
Cost of 1GB RAM when averaging their WordPress hosting plans


2. Frequent Downtimes + Degraded Performance

Advertising 99.9% uptimes (and most uptimes tests) usually don’t mean anything.

Hostinger’s hosting agreement page clearly says “the service uptime guarantee does not apply to service interruptions caused by periodic maintenance.” While this is standard with hosting companies, Hostinger’s status page is usually filled with maintenance and degraded performance notifications. This is also one of the biggest complaints in their TrustPilot reviews. Don’t listen to affiliate uptimes tests because it all depends on which server/node you’re using.

Hostinger service uptime guarantee

There’s too much scheduled maintenance, degraded performance, and interruptions for anyone to think Hostinger actually has 99.9% uptimes.

Hostinger uptime network status


3. 4-Year Price Trap

Most hosts make you sign up for 3 years to get the best price, but 4 years? You could put a kid through high school in that time.

Do not commit to this. Honestly, you could probably buy 1 month using a separate name, primary domain, and credit card. Then if you actually like the service, you sign up for a new account with different info. But don’t do this without trying them for at least a month first.

Hostinger price trap


4. Support Is One Of The Worst

Cheap hosting rarely has good support, but Hostinger’s is borderline incompetent.

Maybe if Hostinger stopped soliciting customers to write TrustPilot reviews (or stopped writing reviews themselves), maybe they would have more time dedicated to actually helping people. Support is usually something you have to experience. You can take my word though, it’s awful.

Hostinger poor service trustpilot

Hostinger bad review trustpilot


5. Emails Only Have 1GB Storage

Is 1GB really enough storage for email? Because that’s all Hostinger offers for free, otherwise it’s $.99/account per month with 10GB.

Of course, I always recommend keeping web/email hosting separate to avoid exceeding inode/storage limits, and because you don’t have to constantly move email if you switch hosts.

Hostinger 1gb email storage


6. Fake Reviews & Unethical

Hostinger CEO Arnas Stuopelis openly said “it is their right” to write reviews of themselves.

Arnas hostinger feedback

Hostinger ceo arnas stuopelis

But in Facebook Groups, they say these are “customer” reviews.

Hostinger fake reviews

This is exactly what’s happening on their TrustPilot profile. It’s been happening for years. Hosting reviews are already super biased especially with affiliates, and this makes it worse.

Warning: Don’t trust Hostinger’s reviews from webhosting

Hostinger ruthlessly monitors the web when people ask for hosting recommendations.

When someone asks, one of their 250+ employees will jump in and say something like “I use Hostinger and couldn’t be happier” with a link to the Hostinger website. Their other 250+ employees will like the comment so people are fooled into thinking Hostinger is an amazing choice. You can see this pattern in Facebook groups, Twitter, and almost every social platform.

Since they’ve been called out by Review Signal and banned from Facebook groups, Hostinger employees no longer list “works at Hostinger” on their Facebook profile. They also created hundreds of fake Facebook profiles to keep the scam going and be more sneaky. Very clever!

You can see the screenshots on Review Signal and Emit.Reviews covered it well:

They were also banned from Facebook groups for voting for themselves in polls.

Other groups continue to be infiltrated by Hostinger especially those not moderated well. If you are a member of these types of Facebook groups, please report Hostinger to the admins. Or at least when you see them promoting themselves and pose as customers, please warn the others.

Hostinger banned in facebook groups


7. 14M Hostinger Customers Affected By 2019 Data Breach

Back in 2019, 14 million Hostinger accounts were compromised.

The server contained customer usernames, email addresses, first names, IP addresses, and hashed passwords. Hostinger claimed no financial data was compromised but then again, they lie about everything and I wouldn’t take their word. If you value security, don’t use Hostinger.

Hostinger security breach 1


8. Inside Hostinger’s hPanel

This is what Hostinger’s hPanel looks like (it’s honestly not bad).

Hostinger hpanel

Here’s a walkthrough of Hostinger’s dashboard:


9. Speed Features

  • LiteSpeed  – Hostinger uses LiteSpeed servers on all plans which is faster than Apache/NGINX. But there are plenty of LiteSpeed WordPress hosts besides Hostinger. Make sure you’re using the LiteSpeed Cache plugin and configure it with ideal settings.
  • CDN – integrates with LiteSpeed Cache (the free plan only uses 6 PoPs and doesn’t have DDoS protection, so use the standard plan if possible). Also comes with HTML caching which is similar to Cloudflare APO. This is definitely a great CDN choice.
  • Use latest PHP versions (i.e. PHP 8.0) – Hostinger is good with keeping up with this.
  • Hotlink protection – this can be activated in your Hostinger account or use Cloudflare.
  • Use Cloudflare for your DNS – if you bought your domain from Hostinger, you’re using their DNS by default. While Hostinger isn’t listed on, you can assume it’s slower than Cloudflare’s. Even if you don’t use Cloudflare for anything else and are using QUIC for your CDN, Cloudflare’s DNS is fast/reliable on and prevents latency.
  • Keep an eye on CPU usage and inode limits – monitor these in your Hostinger account. It’s less stressful to deal with it before it’s a problem. See my guide on reducing CPU usage.
  • Replace WP-Cron with a real cron job – follow Hostinger’s tutorial which can reduce CPU usage since cron jobs control when tasks are scheduled instead of loading every pageview.
Hostinger php extensions
Configure PHP options with Brotli, memcache (if using LSC), OPcache, latest PHP version, increase memory limit
Hostinger nameservers
Change nameservers to Cloudflare’s if you bought your domain from Hostinger


10. What People Say About Hostinger In Facebook Groups

The WP Speed Matters Facebook Group is a good place to get less biased feedback.

SiteGround and their brand ambassadors are admins for the WordPress Hosting, WordPress Speed Up, and many other Facebook Groups and censor posts, but WP Speed Matters is run by Gijo who has a great community and doesn’t censor things like companies do in other groups.

Hostinger bad

Hostinger poll


11. There Are Better LiteSpeed Hosts Out There is who I recommend and while they don’t use LiteSpeed, one look at their specs and a conversation with Ben Gabler (CEO) and I bet you’ll use them too (read my review).

  • NameHero – if your visitors are in the US or EU, NameHero gives you more CPU/RAM with faster NVMe storage on their Turbo Cloud plan with cPanel. They have a 4.6/5 star TrustPilot rating and the CEO (Ryan) is a genuinely helpful guy if you watch his YouTube videos. Their network status usually has less maintenance & interruptions and while support is usually something you have to experience yourself, I can assure you they’re better than Hostinger. This is likely my #1 pick.

Namehero vs hostinger which is better

  • ChemiCloud – very similar to NameHero only more data centers (US, EU, India, UK, AU, Japan, Singapore, etc). They also use LiteSpeed with cPanel and give you more CPU/RAM with a 4.9/5 star TrustPilot rating. But there’s only 3 shared plans.
  • Scala Hosting – the only host I’ve come across with a perfect 5/5 star TrustPilot rating. They have shared/VPS hosting from DigitalOcean, AWS, and Scala’s data centers. The founder (Chris) is also a very passionate guy and love supporting him.
  • Control PanelsRunCloud and CloudPages are 2 control panels that use LiteSpeed which are also good options for cloud hosting, but is more hands-on.
Hostinger Business WordPress Plan A2 Hosting Turbo Plan NameHero Turbo Cloud Plan
Server LiteSpeed LiteSpeed LiteSpeed
CPU cores 1-2 2 3
RAM (GB) .768 – 3.072 2 3
Storage SATA NVMe NVMe
Object cache x
Compression Brotli GZIP Brotli
Email hosting Limited
Previous incidents Security breach impacting 14M customers 2 week ransomware attack 2 day outage
Migration Free Free Free
Renewals About 3x intros About 2.5x intros About 2.5x intros
TrustPilot rating 4.5/5 (fake) 4.5/5 4.7/5
Specs View specs View specs View specs

I hope this Hostinger review sheds light on how terrible this company is. Please don’t support them or their affiliates. Most affiliates know about this but fail to mention anything about this.


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  1. This company is joke, their interface / dashboard in the backend is not working, tried various browsers without improvement also incognito window.

    How such an essential thing cannot work? I cannot see the errors for the last 7 days!! Very sad, don’t recommend, also, getting lots of 4xx errors with them even after restoring it! They told NO 4xx will happen after that, well, there are spikes with 110 errors (4xx), and also 55, and like 13, 8, 4. multiple times per hour.. so how can they promise something and don’t deliver??

    And support – 2 hours you wait for their reply to get some help!!

    I NEVER had this issue with their basic SHARED hosting plan, but there were ONLY problems after switching over ULTIMATE plan!! Just a bad hosting company.

  2. I completely agree . We have a their most expansive cloud account and they have started throttling and intentionally slowing our website. First they start to blame with usual excuses:

    website needs optimizing’s
    potential DDos attach. (we have previously white listed 1 ip that we get almost 99% of our traffic.

    After proven wrong they absolutely have no other excuse and said will evaluate the website again and than never get in-touch again.

    1) We don’t use more than 5% of our CPU resources
    2) We don’t use more than 5% of our RAM
    3) We use less than 5% bandwidth in comparison to 6 TB bandwidth that they offer for similar plans on Hostinger. (Our account suppose to come with unlimited bandwidth)

    This company has no ethics and i rather accept if they ask me to start looking for other host than to shut down or intentionally slow our website with TTFB to 15-20 seconds.

  3. Which alternative which in the same price range do you recommend? I’m using SiteGround GrowBig and want to move away from them. Thanks.

    • If it’s their intro prices (cheaper) look into another shared host that uses LiteSpeed like NameHero, ChemiCloud, or Scala Hosting. If it’s their renewal prices (higher budget), look into Cloudways or For more DIY, try RunCloud.

  4. what can i say… the info looks ok…ish… but the fact that the author give almost no positives for this site and the comments just attack everybody how’s trying to defend hostinger (like “i didn’t have any problems”) proves to me that this is a paid or anger article or something similar…

    sorry to say but you do practically the same thing you have hostinger for doing…

    i’m sure fake reviews exists and not only for this company and not only in webhosting, and i would love for someone to do my job as a buyer and filter the fake ones. but this site just seems like a fake review also…

    btw: there are a LOT of established websites that say this is the best cheap hosting and actually in top of hosting in general… they are paid also? all of them?!

    • Go ahead and use them then, see how it works out. I ain’t touching them. If you want to support that kind of company that’s totally your decision.

      WP Johnny, Kevin Ohashi, Gijo, and myself all say to stay away. I doubt these “best cheap hosting” sites you speak of are credible.

      Hostinger created a mess because whose reviews do you trust knowing there are tons of fake ones about them? For all I know you’re just another Hostinger employee trying to defend them.

      The problem is their fake reviews, not me being honest. But hey, good luck with that.

  5. I wish i read this before i join Hostinger these guys invest so much on marketing and forget about customer experience, it is very limited host very limited resources. Trust me Hostinger is not a place to go if you have large website..

  6. My money got deducted and site shows payment unsucessfull. Awful and when them contact via no reply .. please some suggest me something.. i need my money back right now..
    they f**kk my hard earned money.
    Please God help me to get rid of this fraud company..

    • I’m trying to warn people since this stuff happens on all the time with them. Try NameHero or ChemiCloud. They’re similarly priced with LiteSpeed and cPanel.


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