5 Google Analytics Dashboards For WordPress Sites (To Segment Traffic From SEO, Social Media, Mobile And More)


Looking to get better analytics about your WordPress site?

Then you want to use Google Analyics dashboards. These will help you segment your analytics into more useful data about SEO, social media, and other areas. As a WordPress user myself, I create these dashboards with WordPress in mind. In case you don’t have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress site, use Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin.


What Is A Google Analytics Dashboard?

It’s made of multiple widgets that show specific data. Each widget tells you about a specific area of your traffic. An SEO dashboard might have keywords, search engines used, etc.

Google analytics seo dashboard

By default, neither Google Analytics or any WordPress plugin will install actual Google Analytics dashboards in your WordPress account. Which leads me to my next point…


Why Use Google Analytics (Not WordPress) For Dashboards

Wordpress vs google analytics dashboards

Some WordPress plugins allow you to view (some) Google Analytics data directly inside the WordPress dashboard. I don’t like this for a number of reasons:

  1. You can’t create actual Google Analytics dashboards inside WordPress
  2. You must create or import dashboards first, then view them in WordPress
  3. The default settings doesn’t give you a lot of data at all
  4. Like any WordPress plugin, using an additional plugin will add to your load time
  5. It’s unnecessary since you might as well login to Google Analytics to view data


1. General Analytics

This dashboard gives you an overall glimpse of your website traffic. Everything from which geographic areas are visiting your website to your keywords, social media traffic and more.


  • Visitor timeline (visits to your website)
  • Top countries viewing website
  • Top cities viewing website
  • Top areas viewing website (metro view)
  • Top view pages
  • Highest engaged content
  • Top keywords (non-branded)
  • Social networks sending the most traffic
  • Referred websites
  • Referred websites excluding major sites like Google and Facebook

General analytics dashboard



2. SEO Dashboard

Probably my favorite Google Analytics dashboard for WordPress, this tells you about your keywords, what search engines visitors use, and tons of other details about your SEO. If you’re looking for more Google Analytics dashboards to measure SEO, hit that link.


  • Total visits from SEO
  • Non-branded visits from SEO (change filter to your brand name with variations)
  • Top (known and unbranded) keywords (change filters again)
  • Top viewed pages from SEO
  • Highest engaged content
  • Top countries finding website through SEO
  • Top countries finding website through SEO (world view)
  • Top US cities finding website through SEO (change area if needed)
  • Traffic sources
  • Search engines used
  • Top Chicago keywords (change to your city if you’re doing localized SEO)

Best google analytics seo dashboard



3. Social Media Dashboard

I don’t do much social media, but this Google Analytics dashboard measures what social networks are sending you traffic. It also tells you a few things about your content – what content is being shared on social media and what content gets traffic from social media.


  • Traffic from major social networks
  • Most socially shared content
  • Top socially referred pages (what pages get traffic from social media)
  • Location of social media visitors

Social media google analytics dashboard



4. Technical Analytics

Keep your website running smoothly by learning about the technical performance of your WordPress site using this technical analytics dashboard.


  • Average page load time
  • Average bounce rate
  • Average pages viewed per visitor
  • Average time on site
  • Slowest loading pages
  • Returning visitors
  • Mobile devices used
  • Operating systems used
  • Browser bounce rate

Technical google analytics dashboard



5. Mobile Analytics

What percent of visitors our viewing your content from a mobile device, which mobile device are they using, and how is your website/content performing on those devices? Introducing the mobile analytics dashboard.

  • % mobile visitors
  • Mobile unique visitors (timeline)
  • Average time on site (mobile)
  • Bounce rate by mobile device
  • Mobile devices used to view site
  • Top mobile content
  • Top Ipad content
  • Top Iphone content

Mobile google analytics dashboard



Other Google Analytics Dashboards

If you’re looking for more Google Analytics dashboards for WordPress, here are some links to other helpful resources.

If you found these dashboards useful, please share them on your favorite social network. I would appreciate that.


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