Have us configure the optimal settings from our Yoast tutorial which has 500+ comments and used by over 1M+ people. This includes adding post modified dates to blog posts, breadcrumbs, configuring snippet variables, and only indexing content that should be indexed which can prevent duplicate content penalties.


We’ll use Yoast to setup Google Search Console, Bing, and Yandex Webmaster Tools. This includes submitting your Yoast XML sitemap to Google. We are also able to help you find and fix mobile, indexing, sitemap, and security errors, as well as use Search Analytics to track your site’s keywords, rankings, and CTR.


Good keyword research takes into account what people are searching and how competitive the keyword is (most people miss #2). We can help you create a data-driven keyword list based on your products and services while incorporating each keyword’s monthly searches, competition, and profitability – it’s key for on-page SEO.


There’s more to on-page SEO than green lights in Yoast. Yes, we can help you research keywords and use them in the right places, but good on-page SEO also encompasses CTRs (click-through rates), social media optimization, rich snippets, and even adding a table of contents to long posts. These are listed on this page.


Images can be optimized for both SEO and speed. We can help you use correct alt text and making images load faster by fixing the 3 main items in GTmetrix: serve scaled images, specify image dimensions, and lossless compression. The result is faster, SEO-friendly images that can make your content rank higher.


Make your content format nicely when shared on Facebook and Twitter. By enabling social meta data in Yoast and uploading custom graphics to each of your pages and post, your entire website will look nicer when it’s shared on social media. This can increase social sharing which of course, is also a ranking factor.


Rich snippets add “extra information” to your snippets and makes you stand out in search results. This can result in more people clicking your snippets and more traffic. This can be done with reviews, recipes, FAQs, products, and other data types. This has nothing to do with Yoast, but everything to do with on-page SEO.


FAQ rich snippets can be added to any page or post on your website. These add an FAQ section to your Google snippets which should significantly increase impressions. We can help you configure a plugin for FAQ rich snippets and show you how to markup the content (yes, you’ll need an FAQ section on the page).


Featured snippets give you 2 results on the 1st page of Google and can easily double traffic to that page. While Google ultimately determines if (and who) gets these, you can optimize your content to increase your chances of being awarded them. The 3 types of featured snippets are these: paragraphs, lists, and tables.


Your Google snippets are the forefront of your SEO. They need to stand out as much as possible with well-written SEO titles + meta descriptions, recent publish dates for time-sensitive articles (making your content look fresh), rich snippets, good permalinks, and breadcrumbs. Attractive snippets will get more clicks.


An HTML table of contents is one of our hidden on-page SEO gems. We create a TOC for every single post we write. This does multiple things: organizes content for users, allows them to link to specific sections on the post, increases chances of being awarded “jump-to links” in Google, and supports in-depth content.


A 2 hour training session can go a long way. Being comfortable researching keywords and optimizing content is the most fundamental part of SEO which most people take months or even years to master. Skipping the mistakes can save you a lot of time and put you on the fast tracking to higher rankings & traffic.


“Tom gave us a final push over the top on our SEO. We had very good success but had a few issues that we couldn’t solve and within a couple weeks of working with Tom, our website had hit the front pages in just about every keyword we were hoping for. Thank you Tom and Online Media Masters.”


“I thought you might like to hear that your advice has already been helpful. Already, we are placing higher again for almost all of our most important keywords, from “computer repair” and “computer support” (we’ve moved above our main competitor) to “laptop repair” (back to #1 under the ads).”

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