Configuring a solid SEO plugin is the first step to WordPress SEO. We make sure your settings are configured optimally from the Search Appearance tab all the way to setting up Webmaster Tools and social meta data. If you need training on optimizing content, we’ll do screen sharing training sessions.

  • Optimal settings
  • Webmaster Tools setup, sitemap submission, publish dates + breadcrumbs
  • Researching focus keywords + on-page SEO (and training) beyond green lights
  • 1 on 1 screen sharing training (we’ll login and teach you to optimize pages/posts)
Yoast seo settings

Yoast focus keywords 2


A good keyword list takes into account monthly searches, competition, and profitability. With your collaboration, we’ll research high opportunity keywords and lay the groundwork for optimizing both new and existing content. A good keyword list is absolutely mandatory for your content strategy!

  • Extensive collaboration on your products, services, current keywords
  • Keywords within your competition (high searches with low competition)
  • Keywords for blog articles aimed to generate more clients, links, shares
  • Keyword research is the most important step to on-page SEO


Once you have a solid keyword list, it’s time to create perfectly optimized pages around those phrases. Whether you need help developing new layouts or enhancing snippets to increase click-through rates (or even just using your keyword in the right places) we’re obsessed with on-page SEO.

  • Targeting multiple keywords
  • Using keyword(s) in the right places
  • CTRs (SEO titles + meta descriptions, rich snippets, FAQ rich snippets, publish dates)
  • Other on-page SEO tricks (eg. HTML table of contents, social meta data formatting).
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Wordpress speed optimization


We optimized our WordPress site to load in <1s with 100% GTmetrix scores (and multiple other sites to load 400% faster). Half our blog is dedicated to WordPress speed optimization tutorials. We provide before & after GTmetrix reports and use load time as the primary metric for testing, however there is a correlation with load times and scores in GTmetrix + PageSpeed Insights.

  • Cache plugin + CDN setup
  • Hosting + server configuration
  • Image, plugin, script optimization
  • Before/after GTmetrix reports (see our 100% GTmetrix scores)


We use Google’s local search ranking factors to optimize your WordPress SEO with geo-targeted landing pages, Google My Business, and citations (directories). Whether you have a single location or multiple, we’ll use your website, citations, and links to rank higher in Maps and localized search results.

  • Google My Business
  • Citations (online directories)
  • Geo-targeted landing pages
  • Optimizing multiple locations
Local seo 1
Google search console 2


Have us fix mobile, sitemap, indexing, and security errors in Google Search Console. We can also setup Search Console if you don’t have it already and proving training on using it to improve the overall health of your WordPress SEO. This includes using the Search Analytics report to track rankings + CTRs.

  • Fix crawl errors (broken URLs)
  • Fix mobile, security, index errors
  • SEO metrics using search analytics
  • Submit Yoast XML sitemap to Google


We use Google Analytics and Search Console to provide detailed reports on your WordPress SEO. Google Analytics can be used to learn about your visitors (where they come from, location, gender, age, and much more). Learn how they interact with your site and setup specific tracking goals & events.

  • Adding tracking code
  • Best & worst performing content
  • Segmenting data (location, age, gender language, mobile device)
  • Setting up custom reports based on specific metrics you want measured
Google analytics certification icon 1
Rich snippets 1 150x150 1


Rich snippets add “extra information” to your snippets which can significantly increase click-through rates. Your WordPress site should be taking advantage of all possible rich snippet types (this is specific to your content) and should have zero errors in Google’s structured data testing tool.

  • Identifying which content on your WordPress site can use rich snippets
  • Rich snippet plugin configuration
  • Adding the necessary markup
  • Testing and fixing specific errors in Google’s Structured Data Testing tool


Our YouTube video tutorials have over 1 million views combined. We’re no YouTube sensation, but we do know how to optimize videos. By finding long-tail video keywords and optimizing for keyword usage, click-through rates, and engagement, we can help you rank videos higher in both YouTube and Google.

  • Researching YouTube keywords, monthly searches, and competition
  • Optimizing videos for keywords
  • Video description optimization
  • Transcripts, thumbnails, tags, location
Video seo
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Local search 2
Local search 3
Local search 4
Local search 5
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“Tom gave us a final push over the top on our SEO. We had very good success but had a few issues that we couldn’t solve and within a couple weeks of working with Tom, our website had hit the front pages in just about every keyword we were hoping for. Thank you Tom and Online Media Masters.”



“I thought you might like to hear that your advice has already been helpful. Already, we are placing higher again for almost all of our most important keywords, from “computer repair” and “computer support” (we’ve moved above our main competitor) to “laptop repair” (back to #1 under the ads).”

Google Analytics Certification

The Google Analytics certification is a small bonus, but nothing beats putting knowledge into practice, including a proven track record and having written some of the most popular WordPress SEO guides; most of which are on page 1.

Google analytics

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