Yoast Configuration

We’ll make sure you have the optimal Yoast settings configured and are using this plugin to it’s fullest potential. This includes 3 steps: settings configurations (with Google Search Console), keyword research, on-page SEO.

Keyword Research

A good keyword list balances monthly searches, competition, and profitability. We’ll make sure you’re only targeting high-value eywords

On Page SEO

Monitoring your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and overall SEO allows me to make ongoing suggestions. It might have to do with your content, fixing redirects, updates to the Yoast plugin or a Google update came out… anything. But it’s a good idea to do a periodic analysis of your website/SEO so we can be sure your analytics are moving in the right direction.


These are discussed between us on a month-to-month basis and are dependent on what you need. It can be citation building (for local SEO), content optimization, link building, fixing errors in Google Search Console, speed optimization, training, or other SEO services.


One of the first things I will do is setup your Google Analyics to measure SEO traffic (yes, I’m certified). You will be able to compare traffic from previous months, and I will send you keyword reports if there are specific phrases you want to measure rankings for.

$800/MONTH (MIN.)

If one good client is worth $10,000, that means I have to get you 1 new client within a year to make your money back (pretty easy). For aggressive results like the reports below, a $2,500/month budget for 3 months (and you dedicating some time as well) is ideal.

Contact Us About Your WordPress SEO

You may want to talk to me through Skype or phone if we’ll be working together, which I’m happy to do. The contact form below will help me learn about your website / SEO and feel free to include a time you would like to talk. Filling out my SEO Audit Intake is better since it goes into more detail. From here we can discuss next steps. You can also call/text me at 847-271-2422.