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There's only one #1 ranked WordPress SEO Expert in Google. We specialize in reviewing WordPress sites and providing a clear SEO strategy involving Yoast, on-page SEO, speed optimization, links, and other signals to rank pages higher.


Yoast is a great start for optimizing WordPress sites; configuring the plugin settings, researching focus keywords, and optimizing content are all key parts of SEO. We can review your current Yoast setup and how you're using it, then make necessary tweaks to improve your keywords, on-page SEO, and rankings.

Settings configuration

Webmaster Tools setup

Focus keyword research

On-page SEO (beyond green lights)

We wrote one of the most popular Yoast tutorials with over 1M views



A data-driven keyword list makes sure you are building content around the right phrases. These should have a nice balance of monthly searches, competition, and profitability. We use tools like Google Autocomplete, Ahrefs, and others to make sure you have a data-driven list of long-tail keywords.


Monthly Searches

LSI (similar) keywords

Low or medium competition

Researching competitor keywords


There's more to on-page SEO than Yoast green lights. We make sure you're using the keyword in the right places, but also things that improve user experience, like adding an HTML table of contents, improving layouts, and making your website format properly when it's shared on Facebook and Twitter.

SEO titles + meta descriptions

Social media optimization

Click-through rates

Image, text, content optimization

Items from our on-page SEO checklist



Getting people to click your Google snippets is just as important as ranking. We can optimize your snippets with rich snippets, FAQ snippets, better SEO titles + meta descriptions, publish dates (for time-sensitive blog posts), and even optimize for featured snippets using an HTML table of contents.

Rich snippets

FAQ rich snippets

Publish dates (for blog posts)

SEO titles + meta descriptions

Higher CTR = higher rankings


We optimized our site for 100% GTmetrix scores and can make your website blazing fast. This can improve both SEO and conversions. We provide before & after GTmetrix reports (our tool of choice) and use load time and the primary metric. We can focus on Pingdom + PageSpeed Insights items too.

Hosting migration + configuration

PHP 7.4, CDNs,  Cloudflare configuration

Image, plugin, code, script optimization

Selectively disable plugins, scripts, styles

We wrote a popular WordPress  
speed guide with 400+ comments



Get Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup, find errors on your website, and get help fixing them. Fixing errors and improving content leads to a user-friendly website that is improved based on real data about your SEO and website visitors; we provide training for both these tools.

Setup of Analytics + Search Console

Fix mobile, sitemap, breadcrumb indexing, security, rich snippet errors

Setup SEO reporting to measure rankings, CTR, traffic, specific metrics

Content & SEO recommendations based off your analytics & traffic data


Links are still the #1 factor of how a page ranks. We partnered with one of the most influential link builders to build powerful, white-hat links to client sites to help them rank for their most important keywords. This will increase domain authority and benefits your entire WordPress site's SEO/rankings.

Send us your high priority keywords

Create pages targeting those keywords

We build powerful links to those pages

Links make those pages rank higher while increasing your domain authority



Most SEO Audit use automated software and are a waste of time. Our WordPress SEO audits are 10-20 hand-typed pages in a Google Doc outlining critical improvements based on your keywords, content, and analytics. The audit also includes configuring Yoast, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Extensive review of your site

Not automated (it’s hand typed)!

Includes a data-driven keyword list, on-page SEO recommendations, and factors outside your website (eg. citations for local SEO + link building)

Includes setup of key tools like Yoast, Google Analytics, and Search Console


Need some 1 on 1 SEO training? We offer screen sharing training sessions where we will login to your WordPress site and teach you how to research keywords, optimize pages, add rich snippets, increase click-through rates, and decipher your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data.

1 on 1 screen sharing training

Learn to optimize pages for keywords

Cover specific items you want answered

Learn why there’s more to on-page SEO than getting green lights in Yoast’s plugin



If you're happy with our WordPress SEO services, we are all about long-term partnerships since SEO is obviously an ongoing process. We want to equip you with the knowledge to do things yourself, but also outsource things you don't have the skill set, time, or resources for (this is usually link building).

Link building

Keyword recommendations

Reviewing your optimizations

Citation building (for local SEO)

We helped clients rank #1 for a variety of keywords:

How It Works



Without reviewing your website, we won't know what is right and wrong. Unless you have specific things you need done, we recommend starting with an SEO audit. This helps us BOTH learn what needs to be done so we can more forward confidently, while equipping you with recommendations + training.



Optimizations will depend on the audit, but optimizing pages for keywords is usually the biggest part. The audit will includes an extensive list of data-driven keywords and recommendations for optimizing pages. Bottom line; whoever is writing the content needs to be 100% comfortable with optimizing content.



We use Google Search Console's Search Analytics report to measure your keywords, rankings, click-through rates, and other data. We also use Ahrefs for monitoring domain rating, competitor keywords, and other data. You will have access to all these reports, including ongoing reports from Google Analytics.

Contact Us About Your WordPress SEO

We only take a handful of clients who are serious about SEO. That means being open to learning, or having the budget to outsource what you don't have the resources for. So if you're looking for a WordPress SEO expert who won't go half ass, fill out our contact form with your website, keyword ideas, and goals. From there, we'll schedule a time to talk about working together.