7 Websites With Copyright Free Images To Use For Your Website, Graphics, Branding

Copyright free images

Finding good copyright free images can be tough.

Most Google Images aren’t copyright free and when you sort through the ones that are, most of the good images disappear! That’s why I created this list of websites (and image search engines) you can use to find many copyright free images for your website, graphic design, etc.

Whenever you’re using an image search engine, make sure you filter images that are free to use commercially. You can usually find this in the search engine’s advanced search settings. If you know any other websites with copyright free images, free free to share in the comments. All websites are completely free except for #7 (Graphic River) which was worth mentioning.


1. Google Advanced Image Search

Use Google’s Advanced Image Search and choose the correct filter depending on the usage rights. You’ll probably want images that are free to use, share or modify, even commercially.




2. Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo also has an image search engine…




3. Flickr Advanced Image Search

Flickr’s photo sharing website has a huge database of free images. Just like Google’s image search, you want to filter images that are free to use and modify for commercial use. You can learn more about their creative common license here but you’ll just want to use their filter.




4. Morgue File

Morgue File is a website specifically dedicated to commercial free photographs.



5. Copyright Free Icons

Here are 3 websites where you can find free icons:



6. Screenshots

I’ve been using the Screen Capture Google Chrome Extension for years. Other screen capture extensions don’t work or don’t save captured images to a database. This extension does (everything’s great about it but I do wish it measured the dimensions as you were taking the screenshot). If anyone knows of a better extension for this, please say so in the comments.



7. Graphic River

These are not free, but they are extremely cheap (most are $2-$4). All images are high quality which is a small investment that can make your website look way better. Themeforest has a wide selection of images for your website, from vectors to other types of graphics.



Honorable Mentions

  • Gimp – best free image editing program I have found
  • Pixlr Editor – another awesome image editing program
  • Freelancer.com – the place I go to hire graphic designers


Know any other good websites with copyright free images? Please say so in the comments and I’ll check it out. And if you enjoyed my article, please share it with a friend who might like it too.




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