25 Ways To Promote Your WordPress Blog (Before & After You Hit The Publish Button)

How to promote a blog post

You’ve created an awesome blog post and now everyone’s going to find it on their own without you having to do anything.

Wouldn’t it be great if that was true. Unfortunately the mentality of “If I write it, they will come” does not work if you’re looking to get more links, shares, and content exposure.

Sure if you target a reachable long-tail keyword in your blog post and write awesome content that targets that keyword, you will have a better chance of ranking high and get traffic through search engines. But promoting that content is a huge part of getting those links, shares, rankings and overall exposure.

So without going on overkill, here are my top 25 tips for promoting your next blog post…



You Know Content Comes First

1. Write Awesome, Keyword-Targeted Content – it’s so much easier to get social shares, links, and all that good SEO stuff if you have awesome content that targets a reachable keyword. A combination of researching 1 good focus keyword (tutorial for Yoast’s SEO plugin specifically), optimizing your content (for that keyword), and optimizing your content (for shares/links) is the most fundamental part of content marketing. If you do that the rest of your job will be much easier. I will write a full tutorial on this soon.



The Basics

2. Share With People You Mention In Your Post – did you quote or mention any people, organizations or websites in your blog post? Be sure to notify them by sending them a tweet, email, or whatever medium works best for you (and them).

3. Email Newsletter – if your content is newsletter worthy, considering adding it in your next newsletter announcement.

4. Internal Links – linking to your own relevant pages/posts is a natural way to build links and improve on-page SEO. If you have previously written content that mentions the topic of the article you just wrote, find those pages/posts and add a link. When you write new articles in the future, you can also add internal links to those.

5. Marketing Materials – for any other marketing materials you have, see if you can find a clever way to promote your blog post, even if it just means adding a link.



Social Networks

6. Facebook Page – content marketing 101, at least share your blog posts/news on your company Facebook page. Make sure your website is using Facebook Open Graph (for WordPress users, there’s an option for this in Yoast)

7. Twitter – send out a tweet with a link. For Twitter, you will want to use Twitter Cards (also an option for this in Yoast)

8. Google+ Personal Page – get more +1’s (a major ranking factor) and build your Google+ authority by sharing your content on your personal Google+ page.

9. Google My Business Page – building your company’s authority (and still get +1’s) by sharing content on your Google My Business page (formerly Google Places).

10. LinkedIn Personal Profile – if your blog post is company news, jobs, or information your LinkedIn company followers would be interested in, post it here.

11. LinkedIn Company Profile – I found my LinkedIn personal profile to be very effectively in getting exposure for my blog posts especially if you have a lot of connections.

12. Personal Pinterest Page – post your blog post on your pin boards. While you’re at it, find other relevant pin board you can leave a comment/link on.

13. Pinterest Business Page – add your blog post in one of your business page’s pin boards.




14. Facebook Groups – there are actually some quality Facebook Groups groups out there for tons of different industries. The number of shares, likes and comments on a particular links has can increase it’s rankings too.

15. LinkedIn Groups – you can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn. Many LinkedIn group moderators/members are sensitive to people promoting stuff so just be careful.

16. Google+ Communities – a hidden gem. Sharing your content with relevant Google+ communities can get you more +1’s which is a main ranking factor in Google.

17. Reddit Discussions – I found a lot of people were asking about Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin, WordPress themes and other topics I can help people with. I wrote some tutorials about these topics so it was easy to direct them to my site for an (appropriate) reference.

18. Tribber – honestly I had not had much success with Tribber but I keep hearing all the bloggers say how great it is to join in conversions and add value (content) to discussions.



Q&A Websites

19. Quora – one my favorite places to leave input to topics I know about and often leave a link in the process.

20. Yahoo Answers – one thing I like about Yahoo Answers is the ability to used “saved searches” to get notified when a is posted under certain criteria.



Social Bookmarking

21. Delicious – add your blog post’s web page to delicious. Just sign in, click “Add Link” on the left, give it a few tags and you’re good to go.

22. Digg – submit your link (using the link I provided) and you’re done.

23. StumbleUpon – pretty much the same thing as Delicious. Just add your web page with some tags and details and you’re done.




24. Related Blog Posts – commening on relevant blogs is a not a direct form of link building since most blog comments used nofollow for outbound links. The key is to build relationships with bloggers and their audience through meaningful comments that add value. You can leave a link if your piece of content is indeed relevant.

25. Related YouTube Videos – I like to look for YouTube videos that get a lot of views, but the publisher isn’t responding to their commenters who are asking questions. Why wouldn’t I take over the conversation and take advantage of the opportunity?




IFTTT – the most valuable tool I can reference is IFTTT whose slogan is “put the internet to work for you.” It can automate many of your tasks, for example, by autoposting each blog post on twitter, Facebook, Digg, and other networks. Just create your triggers, connect your channels and start saving a lot of time.

Ifttt recipes


Hope you find this post helpful! As always, feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you have.


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