If you’re designing multiple websites in WordPress, you can save money by purchasing WordPress theme packs. My favorites are Astra (by far), StudioPress, and Elegant Themes.

These are a collection of themes discounted as a one-time fee. Some are recurring, but I only included a couple since no one likes paying for ongoing subscriptions. I listed pricing, sample themes, and other details. This website was built using StudioPress’ Outreach Pro theme which I absolutely love. StudioPress + Zigzagpress themes are built in the Genesis Framework which is recommended by Yoast, Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder), and Matt Cutts from Google. StudioPress is my go-to WordPress theme store and over 200,000 people use them.

The 10 Best WordPress Theme Packs

  1. Astra – $599.95 (lifetime)
  2. StudioPress – $499.95 (lifetime)
  3. Elegant Themes – $249 (lifetime)
  4. Zigzagpress – $249 (lifetime)
  5. MyThemeShop – $87 first month, $9/month after
  6. GavickPro – 99€ (lifetime)
  7. Graphic Paper Press – $499 (lifetime)
  8. Themify – $499 (lifetime)
  9. WooThemes – $499/year
  10. SoloStream – $299 (lifetime)

Affiliate Disclaimer – yes, I used affiliate links (I also donated $3,000 of my affiliate income to Hurricane Harvey in 2017). If you decide to use them I genuinely appreciate it. I will continue to make yearly donations and your support would help.


1. Astra

Astra sites are by far the most popular WordPress themes.

With the Astra Sites Starter plugin, you can import over 100 ready websites with a single click. Their themes are literally the nicest I’ve ever seen and designed for nearly every type of industry. If you’re a designer I highly recommend getting the lifetime pack and using it to build websites for clients. All their themes are mobile responsive, load fast, and most themes use Elementor or Beaver Builder. Download the Astra Starter Sites plugin and see what I mean.

This is the only theme pack you need, I promise.

Restaurant Website



2. StudioPress


StudioPress is my favorite WordPress theme store with Genesis child themes (many high paying clients want these because they’re legitimately SEO-friendly and recommended by Yoast and Google’s Matt Cutts). There’s a huge community for the Genesis Framework which is why 3rd party developers like Zigzagpress, and Hello You Designs (just to name a couple) have also created WordPress theme stores around Genesis. There are tons of Genesis Developers and an active Facebook Group dedicated to Genesis. StudioPress has setup instructions, tutorials, Genesis plugins, and Genesis installation instructions to help you start.




3. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes Developer Pack

Elegant Themes has been around since 2008 and is currently one the the top WordPress theme stores. So if you’re looking for reliability in addition to beautifully designed themes, they’re a great pick. Their theme pack is a $249 one-time fee and includes 87+ themes (including their popular Divi Theme which alone has been downloaded 350,000+ times). They have excellent documentation and support of all themes. Few stores are successful in building a large community around their themes – but Elegant Themes has done exactly that. They have everything from an A rating on their BBB page to 75,000+ Facebook Followers. Includes multiple themes for business, blog, eCommerce, portfolios, magazine, and personal.




4. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop Theme Pack

MyThemeShop has the fastest loading WordPress themes on the market. If you’re obsessed with WordPress site speed like me, navigate through some of their popular themes like Schema or SteadyIncome. Over 350,000+ users with a solid support team, plus all themes are mobile responsive. They also have tons of free themes (however, coding quality is usually better with premium). Their theme options are developed by someone who knows exactly what a developer / blogger is looking for – making them quite intuitive and easy to work with. For such a huge selection of quality themes, MyThemeShop is a great choice.




5. GavickPro

GavickPro WordPress Theme Pack

GavickPro is a WordPress theme stored based out of Poland who has accumulated quite a large following with over 17,000 Facebook Fans. For only 99€ ($110) you get 30+ awesome themes that are actually really, really nice. They all have very simple, well-designed layouts (you kind of have to see them to know). GavickPro is a small team who also offers affordable theme customization and speed optimization services through their partner, Tiny Customs.




6. Graphic Paper Press

Graphic Paper Press Theme Package

Graphic Paper Press is all about the images. So if your clients are photographers, artists or anyone similar, this could be the WordPress developer pack for you. You’ll see about 1/2 of their themes are for photographers and include a built-in portfolio, however they also have themes for businesses, blogs, eCommerce, magazines, videos, and other website types.




7. Themify

Themify Developer Pack

40+ drag-and-drop WordPress themes for all types of industries. Here is a YouTube video review of their Corporate theme which gives you an inside look at theme options, customizations, and what you can do with their themes. Not a fan of some of the pop-up animations but those can easily be changed. Generally though, if you’re looking for themes with easy customization which you can use to quickly build websites (while also making it easier for clients to update their content), check out the Themify WordPress theme pack.




8. WooThemes

WooThemes All Themes Package

I recommend Genesis WooCommerce themes over non-Genesis, otherwise this a great WordPress theme pack loaded with WooCommerce themes for many industries. They’re hands down the most popular place to get WooCommerce themes and are built by Automattic so you know they’re legit. However, $499/year is pretty expensive if you ask me, it just depends on your budget and how many WordPress sites you’re planning on building.




9. SoloStream

SoloStream WordPress Developer Pack

Last but not least (well, OK… I listed them last for a reason), is SoloStream. It still makes the cut but I recommend Elegant Themes, Zigzagpress, or StudioPress over this theme pack because of their reputation and awesome designs. SoloStream still has some nice WordPress themes which are worth checking out. They have 43+ themes built for variety of industries.



See Also: 25+ SEO-Friendly Themes For Everyone (All Genesis)

If you want a few more, I just created a new website wpthemepacks.com which lists a few other WordPress theme packs. And if you have any questions, drop me a comment… I’m here to help! I also wrote reviews about StudioPress and Zigzagpress for those of you interested in those… they’re definitely two I recommend as well as Elegant Themes.

Did you find my list helpful? Please share… I would appreciate that!


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Make Your WordPress Site SEO-Friendly

Want some quick and easy tips to make your WordPress site SEO-friendly?

I’ll show you how to do this using different tools/strategies including Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin, Google Webmaster Tools, and keyword optimization. There is more to SEO than 9 items (there’s over 200 factors in Google) but my tips will get you on the right track – and I’m sure you will learn something new especially with the resources I mention in this guide.

Here’s what to do…


1. Get Your SEO Foundation Down

Domain – having keywords in the domain helps SEO, but according to Matt Cutts it’s better to choose something brandable. More people will remember your site, trust it, link to it, etc.

Hosting – site speed, uptimes, and security all affect SEO – and hosting is the best place to start. I use SiteGround’s semi-dedicated GoGeek plan ($14.95/month) but they also have other shared hosting for as low as $3.95/month as well as Cloud hosting for $54/month. You don’t want hosting issues affecting your SEO because trust me, it can. Choose a good host!

Theme – some WordPress themes are more SEO-friendly than others, since your theme affects site speed, security, support for rich snippets and other SEO factors. Here’s my list of 25 themes which are SEO-friendly and built in the Genesis Framework (Genesis is SEO-friendly in itself and recommended by the Founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.


2. Leverage The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast is the most robust SEO Plugin, but it must be setup and utilized properly if you want the best results for your WordPress SEO. To do this, I broke Yoast down into 3 steps:

Configuring The Settings – see my tutorial which includes a zip file of the Yoast settings I use (you can upload it directly to your WordPress site). There are some fields you will need to change in the Yoast settings for YOUR website – which I’ve listed in that tutorial.

Researching Keywords – see the video…


Optimizing Content For Keywords – see the video…


3. Use Yoast’s Other WordPress SEO Plugins


4. Organize Your Permalinks

Structuring your permalinks around your different product/service/location keywords is part of “site structure” and making your site user-friendly. Below are some common examples of ways to do this, which you would do in WordPress using parent pages.

Common Permalink Structures

To do this, create the parent page (eg. /services) then create the other page (eg. /web-design). When editing the web design page you will see an option on the right of your dashboard to set the parent page which in this case would be “services” (photo below). This will make the web design page’s permalink read: website.com/services/web-design/

WordPress Parent Pages


5. Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster


6. Interlink Related Content

In step #2 I talked about configuring the Yoast settings. I already wrote an extensive article on how to do that, so I simply linked to that article. This helps you, my readers, find additional information about Yoast. At the same time it creates a link to that article which improve it’s SEO. Interlinking pages/posts like this is the easiest way to build natural links!


7. Create Videos

Videos improve engagement, reduce bounce rates, increase conversions, and the videos themselves can even appear in search results (photo below). You can also use Yoast’s Video SEO Plugin to better optimize your videos. Just make sure you follow the same basic SEO strategies as you do your pages/posts (research a keyword, then use it in the file name before you upload it, video tile, description, then promote it to get views/likes/comments.

Video Search Results


8. Check For Google Webmaster Tools Errors

Fixing mobile issues, security issues, bad meta descriptions, and other errors will improve SEO. Once you’ve verified Google Webmaster with Yoast, go through my list…

HTML Improvements
Find this in your Google Webmaster Tools account under search appearance –> HTML Improvements. This tells you which SEO titles and meta descriptions are too long, short, are missing, or where it’s a duplicates. Click the links in GWT to go to each page and fix it.

HTML Improvements - Google Webmaster Tools


Mobile Issues
Find under search traffic –> mobile usability (or check here).

Mobile Issues - Google Webmaster Tools


Security Issues
Find under security issues (a main tab on the left).

Google Webmaster Tools Security


9. Yes, Content Is Still King

You know content is king, but what have you done about it? Other than checking for typos and making sure your copy reads well, what else can you do?

Well I’ll tell you – you should spruce it up! Use videos, columns, add an HTML table of contents, embed Twitter statuses and make your content shine! I wrote a nice list on how to spruce up your WordPress content which includes 21 ideas – it’s worth checking out.


That’s all I got for now! I have tons of resources on my sidebar widgets/footer if you want more tips on making your WordPress site SEO-friendly. Other than that, please share this article if you found it helpful! Or drop me a line if you need help with anything SEO-related.


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