SiteGround vs. iPage – There Is Literally No Comparison If You Check Facebook Polls And Other Social Media Evidence

SiteGround vs iPage

If you’re deciding between SiteGround vs. iPage, check this Facebook poll of top rated WordPress hosts (here’s last year’s poll).

These were taken by the official WordPress Hosting Facebook Group which has 10,000+ members. SiteGround was rated #1 in both polls while iPage wasn’t even mentioned in either.

Why do people like SiteGround better?

SiteGround‘s speed technology makes your site load super fast. I’m on their semi-dedicated GoGeek plan and my site loads in .2s in Pingdom and .5s in GTmetrix. That’s because they use NGINX servers, PHP 7, HTTP/2, 1-click Cloudflare activation, and stay current with the latest/fastest technologies. Same thing with their uptimes… I almost always get 100% uptimes with no random errors. Their support is great – I rarely have to call them but when I do, they answer tickets/calls immediately and are super knowledgeable about WordPress, plugins, etc. They also have tons of features on their StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek comparison chart.

iPage is for novice website users looking for 1 thing – cheap. There is no room to grow (their most expensive plan is $6.95/month) and they’re owned by a horrible company called EIG who puts profits over people. They do this by acquiring hosting companies then cuttings costs by downgrading hardware at the expense of customer’s load times/uptimes, and firing top employees. For examples, iPage still uses PHP 5 when PHP 7 has been out for years and makes your website load much faster. If you want your site load fast with high uptimes, avoid iPage.

Do your research in Google/Facebook Groups and you will see SiteGround is the clear winner. I have included plenty of solid evidence in my SiteGround vs. iPage review to show you why…

Table Of Contents

  1. SiteGround vs. iPage (Facebook Poll)
  2. Why iPage Isn’t A Good Choice
  3. Why I Use SiteGround
  4. Stay Clear Of Hosting Companies Owned By EIG
  5. iPage Is Cheap (And Not Scalable)
  6. iPage Servers Are Slower Than A Turtle
  7. iPage Control Panel (Inside Look)
  8. SiteGround Servers Are Super Fast
  9. Uptimes Are Usually 100% For Me
  10. Support Is Fast (And Actually Helpful)
  11. SiteGround Has Tons Of WordPress Features
  12. SiteGround cPanel (Inside Look)
  13. SiteGround Plans: StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek
  14. SiteGround Will Migrate You For Free
  15. What People Say About SiteGround (Facebook Threads)

Affiliate Disclaimer – if you sign up for SiteGround using my affiliate link I will donate a good chunk at no cost to you. Each year I donate $3,000 to GoFundMe campaigns (2018 was to feed the hungry in Denver, 2017 was to Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey). Your support helps and I genuinely appreciate it. Either way, I would avoid iPage – join some Facebook groups and look at real conversations, polls, tweets, and people who migrated from iPage to SiteGround. I refuse to recommend iPage or anything owned by EIG. Do your research, see who Yoast uses, and the results of people who migrated.


1. SiteGround vs. iPage (Facebook Poll)

SiteGround was rated #1 in this Facebook poll which was taken by the official WordPress Hosting Facebook Group with 7,500 members. iPage didn’t get 1 single vote in either poll.

iPage is literally nowhere to be found, while SiteGround is always #1…

2019 Hosting Poll
View Poll


2. Why iPage Isn’t A Good Choice

  • They’re owned by EIG
  • They use PHP 5 (not PHP 7) which makes your site slower
  • They don’t clearly list what server/speed technology they use
  • They rarely update their technology to keep your site fast/secure
  • Many customers report bad uptimes (below 99%)
  • They don’t have features many other hosts have: email, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, staging, automatic WordPress updates, daily backups, and 1-click Cloudflare activation


3. Why I Use SiteGround

  1. They’re recommended by WordPress
  2. They use PHP 7.3 (check your version here)
  3. They use HTTP/2 servers (check your version here)
  4. Their speed technology page clearly lists what they use
  5. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL (EIG companies charge for this)
  6. My GTmetrix/Pingdom reports are great (the biggest reason)
  7. Average load time is 1.3s, giving most people instant speed improvements
  8. Ivica runs the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group and ranks them #1
  9. Consistently #1 in Facebook polls/conversations (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7)
  10. Their semi-dedicated plan is affordable yet much faster than shared hosting
  11. They have 1-click Cloudflare activation in the cPanel (view cPanel demo)
  12. Designated WordPress support (tickets usually answered in <10 min)
  13. SG Optimizer plugin keeps your PHP updated with latest version
  14. Automatic daily backups, WordPress updates, and security updates
  15. Great eCommerce hosting
  16. Weekly security email notifications
  17. I usually get 100% uptimes but 99.99% is guaranteed
  18. Out of 50 people I referred to SiteGround in July, not 1 person cancelled
  19. I can call them 24/7 and they’re happy to answer questions (1.800.828.9231)
  20. They will migrate you for free with a 30-day money back guarantee



4. Stay Clear Of Hosting Companies Owned By EIG

The growing list of hosting companies owned by the same terrible corporation (Endurance International Group) is ridiculous: iPage, Bluehost, HostGator, Unified Layer, and HostMonster are all owned by EIG. They are notorious for skimping on their hardware, technology, customer support, and put profits over people. That’s why many of these hosting companies used to be legit, but crash to the ground once EIG takes over. Stay clear of them.


Read this about EIG…





5. iPage Is Cheap (And Not Scalable)

iPage only has 2 shared hosting plans, one for $3.75/month and one for $6.95/month. But if you start getting more visitors and need to keep your site running at optimal performance, there is no plan that keeps up with this – you will inevitability need to move away from iPage. There is no semi-dedicated, dedicated, or cloud hosting that allows you to grow your website.


6. iPage Servers Are Slower Than A Turtle

On iPage’s WordPress hosting page they say the $6.95/month plan comes with “super speed.” What does this even mean? SiteGround’s speed technology page clearly lists the specs: solid state drives (SSDs), NGINX servers, Supercacher (their SG Optimizer plugin), built-in Cloudflare CDN in the cPanel, HTTP/2, and the latest version of PHP (PHP 7). SiteGround’s cloud hosting also comes with HHVM which is even faster than PHP 7. This is all clearly listed.

iPage doesn’t use the fastest technology so they don’t list the specs on their website. There have been many other iPage reviews where speed tests have been done – and it’s not great.

iPage’s built-in caching tool isn’t great either… WordPress plugins like WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, or W3 Total cache will do a much better job in fixing items in GTmetrix and Pingdom.


They use an outdated version of PHP in the server information section of their cPanel



7. iPage Control Panel (Inside Look)

iPage’s control panel has some basic options, but not many. There’s no free Let’s Encrypt SSL like SiteGround – many things iPage tries to get you to purchase when they’re free on other hosts. They don’t have staging and other features many intermediate to advanced websites user would want – it’s literally bare bones. Here’s an inside look at what you can expect…



8. SiteGround Servers Are Super Fast

The average load time on SiteGround is 1.3 seconds…



People who migrated to SiteGround and posted results on Twitter…

Switching To SiteGround

SiteGround Load Time Migration

Bluehost to SiteGround GTmetrix

HostGator To SiteGround

SiteGround GTmetrix

SiteGround Google PageSpeed Insights

100 Perfect Score On SiteGround

SiteGround Genesis

Speed Delivered By SiteGround

SiteGround GTmetrix Report

Reduced Load Times With SiteGround

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SiteGround Response Times On Joomla

Switched To SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround Rocket Imagify Combo

Joomla GTmetrix On SiteGround

SiteGround PageSpeed Insights

SiteGround On Joomla

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SiteGround Speedy Hosting

New Pingdom Results On SiteGround

New SiteGround Response Time

SiteGround Response Time Improvement

My Pingdom report on SiteGround’s semi-dedicated GoGeek plan…


My GTmetrix report



9. Uptimes Are Usually 100% For Me

100% uptimes are typical for me on SiteGround. I monitor these in their cPanel and Uptime Robot. You can read about SiteGround’s uptime technology but they take a LOT of measures to keep your website up… they use Linux containers, server monitoring, in-house backup systems, and secure account isolation (which SiteGround was the first company to create).



10. Support Is Fast (And Actually Helpful)

SiteGround’s support is recognized as being the top in the industry. They’re fast and knowledgable about WordPress, plugins, and potential issues that may arise with your site. I rarely have to call them or fill out a ticket, but when I do they give me direct, details answers.



11. SiteGround Has Tons Of WordPress Features

If you’re using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, SiteGround has tons of features to help you optimize your site with CMS installs, Cloudflare, their SG Optimizer WordPress plugin, staging, and automatic software updates. You can also see this on SiteGround’s features page.



12. SiteGround cPanel (Inside Look)

Here’s SiteGround’s cPanel demo if you want to take a ride. Way more options than iPage…



13. SiteGround Plans: StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek

SiteGround has shared hosting (StartUp, GrowBig, GoGeek), cloud, and dedicated hosting. Most of you are looking into shared hosting – the main difference between these 3 plans is…

StartUp – can only host 1 website, doesn’t come with priority support, and isn’t as fast (doesn’t come with a lot ofserver resources) which makes your site load faster. If you are just starting and looking to host a single website, StartUp is good, but I would at least recommend GrowBig.

GrowBig – host unlimited sites and comes with more server resources + priority support. The best value since it’s only $2/month more than StartUp plus you get quite a few extra features.

GoGeek – semi-dedicated hosting which means you get even more server resources which makes your site faster. Comes with staging (so you can create a demo site to test new things before launching (eg. designs or plugins) and comes with more disk space, and a 1-click backup and restoration service where SiteGround will restore your site from an earlier time if needed.

Here’s the full comparison chart



14. SiteGround Will Migrate You For Free

Fill out a ticket then select “request a website transfer” in the dropdown menu. Provide your details and submit your ticket, then SiteGround will migrate you for free (usually within a day). I have done this with plenty of clients and there has been zero downtime. Makes it quite easy.



15. What People Say About SiteGround (Facebook Threads)

Just to give you an idea of what other people are saying in Facebook Groups, I have included some conversations below. There are plenty of groups if you would like to ask questions yourself: WordPress Hosting, WordPress Help For Beginners, Intermediate WordPress, etc.


Here’s another one…


Another one…


Last one…



Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't people use iPage?

They're owned by EIG who is more focused on growing Bluehost, HostGator, and their other companies. Simply put, there isn't much staff dedicated to maintaining and growing iPage's customers. EIG also has a bad reputation in the WordPress community.

Is SiteGround better than iPage?

You will be much better off on SiteGround than iPage. Their servers are faster, support and uptimes are better, and they have many WordPress features iPage that does not.

Which one is cheaper?

iPage is cheaper initially but you will likely spend more time dealing with issues like a slow website, downtimes, and a mediocre support staff.

So is SiteGround the best choice?

SiteGround was rated the #1 host in over 20+ Facebook polls. They're a great option for shared hosting and likely the most popular. Cloudways is also popular in Facebook Groups.

Does EIG own iPage?

Yes, EIG owns over 60 different hosting companies and iPage is one of them. Unfortunately, most companies owned by EIG are bought out and go down hill in terms of speed, support, and overall care for their customers in exchange for higher profits (they have shareholders to please). This is likely what happened to iPage.


Conclusion: SiteGround Is The Clear Winner

Just like people say in the Facebook polls, SiteGround is definitely better than iPage. They’re servers are much faster and they clearly listed what type of speed and uptime technology they use, support is better, they have WAY more features in their cPanel, and they put customers over profits. If you have questions or need help choosing a hosting plan, comment and I’ll help.


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