5 Outdoor WordPress Themes (SEO-Friendly + Mobile Responsive)

Outdoor WordPress Themes

Need an outdoor WordPress theme that’s mobile responsive and SEO-friendly?

All WordPress themes in this list are both. The first 3 themes are powered by the Genesis Framework which gives your WordPress site a strong SEO foundation through faster site speed, HTML5 support, schema markup for rich snippets, and they have built-in security. Genesis is recommended by Yoast, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, and Head of Spam at Google, Matt Cutts. If that’s not enough to convince you to use it – I don’t know what is. Numbers 4-5 are responsive outdoor WordPress themes on ThemeForest with high ratings.

ps. SiteGround was rated the #1 WordPress host in a Facebook poll taken by the official WordPress Hosting Facebook Group (they were #1 in last year’s poll too) and got me <1s load times with perfect 100% scores in GTmetrix and Pindgom. If you need WordPress hosting that makes your theme/website load fast, they are constantly #1 in thread after thread after thread since they will migrate you for free and most people see nice load time improvements. I use their semi-dedicated plan which has 4x more server resources (the #1 site speed factor).

Here they are…

1. Xtrail


Xtrail is one of those outdoor WordPress themes that will suit any kind of outdoor adventure. Whether you’re starting a travel agency, a travel blog, or an online shop, Xtrail has your outdoor needs covered. Let people book appointments wth the built-in booking plugin, create events for people to attend, or integrate your site with WooCommerce with a few clicks. And don’t forget to target people on the go with responsive design too.

  • Themeforest
  • Mobile Responsive SEO Optimized
  • $75


2. Altitude Pro


Altitude Pro is a Genesis parallax theme which uses images to create a sense of depth and vertical design. This theme was developed by StudioPress and is quite unique if you’re looking for something different. I know the images aren’t all related to the outdoors – but content will be swapped out anyway so at the end of the day, the stock photos don’t matter.

  • StudioPress
  • Mobile Responsive + HTML5
  • $99.95 (Includes Genesis)


3. Hunter

Hunter - WordPress Hunting Theme

Hunter was developed by Web Savvy Marketing who creates industry-specific WordPress themes built in the Genesis Framework. This particular theme is for hunting outfitters, guides, taxidermists, or anyone looking for a professional outdoor website. It features 2 navigation menus, 3 color options, widgetized homepage, flexible rotator, call to actions, price tables, and a Youtube + photo gallery. This is my favorite Web Savvy Marketing theme.

  • Web Savvy Marketing
  • Mobile Responsive
  • $79.95 + Genesis Framework


4. Navigation Pro

navigation pro

Navigation Pro, built on the popular Genesis framework and brought to you by the talented team at StudioPress is a versatile outdoor theme. It’s built to load blazing fast so your site always renders really fast. And it comes with great features like atomic blocks for easy site building, WooCommerce compatibility, built-in landing and pricing pages, and it even comes translation ready so your travel related content can reach a wider audience.

  • StudioPress
  • Mobile Responsive + HTML5
  • $129.95 (Includes Genesis)


5. Ink

Ink - WordPress Story Theme

Ink is an outdoorsy theme from ThemeForest that uses a fullwidth layout to showcase your best photos and content. It emphasizes storytelling and according to the theme details, is so easy to customize it doesn’t have theme options, but instead relies on the built-in Theme Customizer. Check out the theme details because it shows you a ton of available options.

  • $44
  • ThemeForest
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 4.83/5 Star Rating


Can’t Decide On An Outdoor Theme?

All an outdoor WordPress theme means is that the content and styling has an outdoorsy look, however this can be done with any type of WordPress theme with just a few tweaks.

With that in mind, if you didn’t find a theme you like in my list, you may want to check out my full list of Genesis-powered WordPress themes which are all mobile responsive, SEO-friendly, HTML5, and built in the Genesis Framework. I’m sure you will find a nice theme.

If you found my list helpful, please share. I would appreciate that :)


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