How To Monetize Your WordPress Blog (Tips After Making $10k+/month For Years)

How to monetize your wordpress blog

One thing a lot of WordPress users struggle with, is how to monetize their blog.

Getting traffic in itself can be difficult, so how can you both increase blog traffic and turn that traffic into something more tangible? This article covers both of these issues (mainly SEO and conversion) so you can turn more visitors into cash in your pocket.

The strategy for monetizing a WordPress blog is different for each blog, so I broke down the most common and effective methods into these six sections…



6 Steps To Monetizing Your WordPress Blog

  1. Target Keywords Related To Your Products/Services
  2. Target Keywords Related To Affiliate Products
  3. Further Your Knowledge on SEO
  4. Run Google AdSense
  5. Include Posts As Part Of A Larger Series
  6. Stay In Touch With Your Readers



1. Target Keywords Related To Your Products/Services

Post focus keywords

The best way I can explain this is to show you how I attract customers interested in my WordPress speed optimization services.

I wanted to get more people interested in hiring me to make their WordPress site faster. I already had a page that targets “WordPress Speed Services” so that keyword is taken care of. But what else do people Google when they have a slow WordPress site (hint hint)?

After messing around with Google Autocomplete I found a lot of people were searching keywords related to “why is WordPress so slow.” I knew this would be a good focus keyword to target in Yoast (the SEO plugin I use) because it’s long-tail (keywords with many individual words are less competitive and more specific/profitable). Plus it shows up in Google Autocomplete twice and also shows results for “Slow WordPress ___________.”

So I wrote this tutorial: Why is WordPress So Slow (15 Ways To Make It Faster)

People read it, follow my recommendations, and some of them realize they don’t have the technical capacity to do everything and contact me about a project…




2. Target Keywords Related To Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing income

If there’s products you recommend to customers, chances are you could be making extra cash by using affiliate marketing to recommend products on your WordPress blog.

Once you’ve signed up for affiliate accounts and have access to affiliate links, look for keyword opportunities to promote those products. In my tutorial on “Why is WordPress So Slow (15 Ways To Make It Faster)” I recommend specific WordPress hosting companies, themes, and other tools that makes a website faster.

A blog post that gets me clients and makes me money through affiliate marketing? I’ll take it.



3. Further Your Knowledge On SEO

SEO is some of the best traffic you can get because it’s so targeted and somewhat automated by Google. I wrote an entire series on WordPress SEO that I would recommend reading, especially these SEO articles…



4. Run Google AdSense

Even though running Google AdSense is a popular way for people to monetize their WordPress blog, I don’t like it. It just makes your blog look spammy and I would rather recommend products I actually use and recommend instead of running ads. Plus my recommendations will have a much higher click-through rates than any Google Ad.

I’m not going to show you how to do something I don’t support, so if you do want to run AdSense than check out this tutorial by WPBeginner.



5. Include Posts As Part Of A Larger Series

Wordpress seo series

One thing I wish someone told this to me when I first started blogging, was that eventually when you have enough content you can create a series of blog posts. For me it’s my WordPress SEO Series. It’s a guide of about 20 blog posts and makes it much easier to promote because it’s nicely packaged series and just sounds better.

I was inspired to do this by Amy Lynn Andrews who I definitely recommend you check out. You can even turn your series into an eBook which Amy also talks about.



6. Stay In Touch With Your Readers

Email Marketing – if you don’t have a newsletter you can sign up for Mailchimp for free but I recommend upgrading for $10/month plan so you can send automated emails when people sign up, plus it adds other options. If you have Genesis I use the Genesis News Extended Plugin to add newsletter widgets, otherwise you can use WP Better Emails.

Social Media – use social media buttons or widgets to allow people to Like your Facebook Page, follow your twitter account, or connect with your on LinkedIn, Pinerest, or whatever social networks your audience is using. This should be pretty simple.



I hope this article helped! If you have any questions about how to monetize your WordPress blog, leave me a comment below. And if you enjoyed this article, please share it. I would really appreciate that.


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