Jan’s strives to give people healthy, affordable, and highly accessible food options that are sourced from local vendors using only the freshest of ingredients. Whether you want to sit around the table each night with your family, or entertain your friends on the weekend, Jan’s has the tastiest foods available. And to top it off, you can order your favorites straight from the website.


The problem

Convincing people to buy their groceries online is not always an easy feat, no matter how delicious or healthy they are. That’s why in an effort to increase brand awareness, ensure a delightful user experience, and boost sales, Jan’s came to us for help in building its online business.

The Solution

  • Optimize images and deliver content via a content delivery network to reduce latency and boost site speed
  • Set up Google Search Console, submit a sitemap for higher rankings, and identify/fix any errors
  • Combine fonts and serve them locally so they don’t drag your site down and cause visitors to bounce
  • Perform keyword research, implement rich snippets, and add HTML table of contents to long blog posts
  • Optimize online shop elements to increase sales and generate more revenue


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