Is SiteGround Good For WordPress Hosting (Is The Sky Blue?) – Here are 6 Reasons You Should Host On SiteGround

Yes, SiteGround is awesome for hosting WordPress sites.

I’ve been with multiple hosting companies (Godaddy, HostGator, Bluehost) before switching to SiteGround and the transition was quite flawless. I chose the GoGeek package from their WordPress hosting plans, they migrated my hosting for free, and now my site runs much faster and I’ve had no hosting-related errors. In fact it’s been 8 months and I haven’t contacted them once outside of sales-related questions… which is exactly what I wanted.


Why is SiteGround a good choice for WordPress sites? Because they’ve engineered their hosting specifically for WordPress; their SuperCacher makes your site load faster (as does the built-in Cloudflare CDN), their auto-updates keep your plugins up-to-date and your site backed up, plus they’re active in WordCamps and the WordPress community in general.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty…


Respected By The WordPress Community

SiteGround is well-respected in the WordPress community especially for their quick, helpful support. All hosting companies have good and bad customer experiences on Twitter, but if you look at SiteGround’s Twitter mentions the majority of feedback is positive…


Engineered For Speed

SiteGround shared hosting ($6.99/month) is good but their semi-dedicated ($14.95/month) and cloud hosting ($60/month) are much faster if you have the budget for it. The speed depends on which plan you choose but each one comes with top-notch hardware, CDN, SuperCacher, and software for it’s tier. SiteGround also makes constant updates to improve speed – allowing customer sites to load even faster. I use the semi-dedicated GoGeek plan…

Siteground response times


Best Support In The Industry

With SiteGround’s support system I have always been able to reach someone within minutes whether it be through ticket, chat, or phone. That’s because SiteGround is a people-focused company who won’t make you wait around listening to bad elevator music. Their team is so helpful and will honestly bend over backwards to make sure your issues are resolved. And they won’t tell you “it’s not a hosting-related problem” like other hosting companies.

Siteground's hosting support


Top-Notch Security

Not only will your site be protected through autoupdates, daily backups and server protection, but SiteGround also releases their own patches when there’s a widespread security vulnerability (with WordPress, or even a specific WordPress plugin). They’re both proactive AND reactive which is good because WordPress sites have become prime targets.


SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans

Whether you’re on a $6.99/month budget or you need a $229/month dedicated server, there’s a plan for everyone. I mentioned this already but I use their semi-dedicated (GoGeek) plan and my WordPress site loads in under 1 second. Here’s a screenshot of my load time.

Siteground wordpress hosting

Choose A Plan


Videos By SiteGround


Conclusion – SiteGround Is Awesome For WordPress Hosting

Between their hosting and tech support, SiteGround is a clear winner. I don’t write many articles on the other hosting companies because SiteGround is in my opinion, the best. I do WordPress SEO and speed optimization for a living so I’ve been through a lot of hosts – and I’m just glad I found one who I can stick with and keep my website blazing fast…

Gtmetrix wordpress speed report

I hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions about SiteGround feel free to leave me a comment or reach out to their support team who would be glad to help you!


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