The 3 Best Genesis Theme Packages (Also Known As Developer Packs) Where You Can Purchase Multiple Themes For A Discount

A WordPress theme pack is a bundle of themes at a discounted price, and only 4 exist for the Genesis Framework. They’re StudioPress, Zigzagpress, Web Savvy Marketing, and Themedy.

They’re all one-time fees except for StudioPress who recently changed their pricing to $499.95 plus a recurring fee of $99.95/year. Web Savvy Marketing is all industry-specific themes and the Zigzagpress theme pack comes with lifetime support (while others do not). These are the kind of important details I will share with you in this list. Hope you enjoy it!

Yes I used affiliate links, rest assured they’re going straight to Navient for student loans (thank you). But hopefully you find this list helpful in finding your Genesis theme pack because I spent a lot of time researching and putting this list together. Here they are…


1. StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package

Studiopress pro plugin all theme package

StudioPress built the Genesis Framework so you know their themes are reliable and coded well. You also get all third party themes featured on StudioPress which go through quality testing. Most StudioPress themes come with setup instructions and their support is solid (a major downfall for other Genesis theme stores). They’re the #1 place to get Genesis child themes which is a huge benefit in itself (if you build Genesis sites for clients chances are they’ll want to use a StudioPress theme). Their themes are also be updated frequently, and StudioPress is active on the popular Genesis WP Facebook Group. The StudioPress website is loaded with tutorials as well as Genesis plugins. These are just a few benefits of choosing StudioPress, so if you can get over the $99.95 recurring fee, they should be your first pick.

  • $499.95 + $99.95/year
  • Access to 3rd-party themes
  • Access to themes, updates, support
  • Most themes are responsive + HTML5
  • Clean code, lightweight, fast load times
  • 30 day refund policy




2. Zigzagpress Forever Membership

Zigzagpress theme pack

Zigzagpress is a collection of 31+ Genesis child themes with a Forever Membership that is a one-time fee of $349. Zigzagpress themes are super nice (StudioPress themes are lightweight and minimal while Zigzagpress themes are styled using shortcodes, portfolios, and other features. While you can rely on plugins to do this, Zigzagpress elements are pre-styled so they match the fonts, colors, and styling of the theme (making it much easier to customize). I have used Prestige, Mindfulness, Drone, Zen, and Showroom. All were super easy to work with so if you’re new to Genesis, you may want to go with the Zigzagpress Genesis theme pack. Includes all future themes. The ONLY complaint I have is some themes can have typos in the text, and support can be questionable according to some customers.

  • $349 (one time)
  • All themes are mobile responsive
  • Access to themes, updates, support
  • Multiple homepage layouts
  • 30 day refund policy




3. Web Savvy Marketing Developer Pack

Web savvy marketing genesis themes

Web Savvy Marketing creates industry-specific Genesis child themes for non-profits, psychologists, dentists, universities, realtors, lawyers, accountants, salons, and other industries. They also have a couple Genesis WooCommerce themes. The content can always be swapped out, but some people like to have their photos/layouts as close to their finalized website as possible. Web Savvy Marketing is a recommended Genesis developer on StudioPress’ website and has a solid reputation in the Genesis community. Recommended.

  • $299.99 (one time)
  • Refund policy: No refunds
  • Access to themes, updates, support
  • Most themes are responsive + HTML5



I know it’s a big investment especially if you’re not rich. I’m not rich, but I did buy the StudioPress and Zigzagpress theme pack and have used them to build multiple websites both for myself and for clients. If you have any questions about any of these, leave me a comment and I’ll be glad to answer any questions I can. Otherwise good luck to you!


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  1. Hai tom. i want to ask you something.
    If i buy developper packages.What i can do with the theme?
    Can i sell it to my client?
    Can i give to my client for free as a bonus for my service?

  2. That’s really an awesome collection of themes at such an affordable price range. But do you this recurring price is still valid? As per my knowledge, I think Studiopress will charge one-time only for pro plus package.

    Many thanks for sharing this article.

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