4 Real Estate Themes Built In StudioPress’ Genesis Framework (These Themes Are All Mobile Responsive, HTML5, Fast Loading)

Genesis real estate themes

Since Agent Evolution moved their real estate themes from Genesis Framework to Equity Framework, this eliminated at least 1/2 of all Genesis real estate themes that were available.

Luckily, there are still 4 real estate themes built in Genesis. All 4 themes all mobile responsive + HTML5seo-friendly via the Genesis Framework, and many come built-in features like IDX/MLS. I would definitely check out Winning Agent’s WordPress solutions where you can purchase an express site setup, IDX Broker Platinum, custom search box, and other affordable solutions straight from a Genesis real estate theme developer themselves. Finally, be sure to check out the WPL, IDX plugin, and StudioPress’ Genesis plugins to add the features you want.

If you purchase a theme from StudioPress you will have the option to purchase the Genesis Framework at checkout, otherwise you will need to buy Genesis separately of your theme.

Affiliate Disclaimer – yes, I used affiliate links, I also donated $3,000 of my affiliate income to Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey. Your support helps and I do appreciate it.

1. Agent Focused Pro

Agent focused pro

Featured on StudioPress, Agent Focused Pro is an excellent theme developed by Winning Agent. It allows you to showcase listings using the AgentPress Listings plugin, or you can integrate it with your IDX service. The homepage features a property search, 3 featured listings, and key geographic areas you service. Though this can obviously be changed to any content you want. And if you use Gutenberg, rest assured that the one-click setup includes beautifully designed blocks to help with site creation. Be sure to check out the different real estate pages under the ‘templates’ navigation menu section – as well as other features shown in the nav menu.

  • StudioPress
  • Real Estate Theme
  • Mobile Responsive + HTML5
  • $119.95 (Genesis Included)


2. AgentPress Pro

Agentpress pro

AgentPress Pro is also featured on StudioPress and uses the AgentPress Listings plugin, which uses custom post types, custom taxonomies, and widgets to create a listings management system. I always prefer purchasing from StudioPress since they’re the ones who built the Genesis Framework – so you know they’re coding standards are legit. With this theme, enjoy features such as 6 homepage widget areas, a customizable header (upload your company logo), and even a filterable search box to help clients find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • StudioPress
  • Real Estate Theme
  • Mobile Responsive + HTML5
  • $99.95 (Genesis Included)
  • Theme Details
  • Setup Instructions: None (Yet)
  • Examples: none (let me know if you’ve used this theme!)


3. Winning Agent Pro

Winning agent pro

Winning Agent Pro has built-in support for multiple IDX providers. It comes with 4 color options (green/blue, yellow/gold, and blue/red) and is a fully customizable theme with font, background, and featured image options. This theme was originally featured on StudioPress but can still be purchased on Winning Agent’s site. It comes translation ready for reaching a global audience and a widgetized “Utility Bar” above the header section. Plus, it includes access to extensive tutorials.

  • StudioPress
  • Real Estate Theme
  • Mobile Responsive + HTML5
  • $79.99 + Genesis Framework


4. RealArea – WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real area

RealArea is a real estate theme that works seamlessly with the Genesis Framework. Though not a StudioPress theme, RealArea uses the latest HTML5, high-quality Photoshop PSD pages, and comes with plenty of business-friendly features. For example, it comes with an advanced search system (filter attributes like bedrooms, location, price, and size). It also has unlimited color options, Google Map support, and multiple gallery templates for displaying beautiful photographs to all interested clients.

  • DigitalCenturySF
  • Real Estate Theme
  • Mobile Responsive + HTML5
  • $55 + Genesis Framework
  • Theme Details
  • Setup Instructions: None (Yet)
  • Examples: none (let me know if you’ve used this theme!)


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I hope my list was helpful! If you need help finding a Genesis realtor theme for your WordPress site, drop me a line below and I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

And if you enjoyed my list, please share it. I would appreciate that :)


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17 thoughts on “4 Real Estate Themes Built In StudioPress’ Genesis Framework (These Themes Are All Mobile Responsive, HTML5, Fast Loading)

  1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for this information. I’m building a site using the AgentPress Pro Theme and I need help configuring the search tool. Can you recommend a developer I can get in touch with for help? I’m not a tech guy so needless to say, I don’t write code… so I need help!

    Thank you!


  2. Hey there!

    Great post, super helpful. It took me a lot of trial and error to find the right theme for my real estate clients. Was glad to finally stumble upon the Agent Focused theme, which actually does integrate well with IDX Broker. I recently built this website for a client with the Agent Focused these: https://sellmyinfinityhome.com/

    You mentioned not having any examples yet, so thought I’d share!

    Lexi Steele
    Hearthfire Creative

  3. On the Agent Evolution website it says you need the Equity framework for it it work not the Genesis framework. I’m I missing something? How did you get it to work with Genesis?

    1. Hi Victor,

      They must have just developed the Equity Framework and transferred all their themes from Genesis to Equity, because it used to be Genesis not too long ago. I will update this list to reflect that. Curious as to whether Equity is good or not…

  4. Thank you for posting these recommendations! I am researching my options to build a real estate agent website using Genesis Framework and these all look like great options. For a newbie on the website building front, would you recommend one over the other?

    1. You’re welcome Lindsay!

      If I were you I would go through each theme, narrow it down by which design you like best (this is the main factor I would base your decision off of, since you can always use plugins to add specific features). Then look at the fine details to make sure it supports any specific features you want (fullwidth slider, shortcodes, built-in IDX/MLS, etc). You can also contact the theme store directly with any specific questions. I’m glad to help with whatever I can but they are probably more help since they developed the theme and know what it’s capable of. Either way, let me know if you have any design/functionality ideas and I’ll see if I can recommend a couple themes for you.

    2. I’m also about to write an article on “Essential WordPress Plugins for the Genesis Framework” which should be done by tonight if you’d like me to email those. It would probably be helpful when building your website. Let me know. It will include plugins for SEO (Yoast), Google Analytics, social sharing buttons, email subscriptions, author boxes, website speed, website backups and others. A lot of them can be found here.

    1. The WinningAgent Pro theme seems to be part of the Studiopress downloads available to members according to this post, but I’m not seeing it available in the list. Am I incorrect in this assumption, and is it a third party theme?

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