How To Delete a Duplicate Google My Business Page (So You Can Prevent It From Penalizing Your Main GMB Page)

Duplicate google my business listing

If you have a duplicate Google My Business Page it could be hurting your rankings.

Duplicates are never good in SEO and Google My Business is 13.7% of your local rankings according to Moz. You should have 1 per location, the rest should be deleted or reported.

You can delete a page if you have the login, you can only report it if you don’t. The best way to delete a page is to login to Google My Business with the email used to create the page. If you don’t have the login, verify your main page and report duplicates in Google Map Maker.


1. Find Duplicate Google My Business Pages

Google Map Maker – search the business phone number in Google Map Maker. There should only be 1 Google My Business Page per location. If there have been other phone numbers associated with the business, search those in Google Map Maker as well.

Moz Local – run your business name and zip code through Moz Local. Go through each profile link and check the “duplicates” tab (fixing errors with all listings is recommended).

Search It In Google – search “Your Company Name Google+”. An example (for me) would be “Online Media Masters Google+”. View Google’s search results and scan for duplicate pages.


2. Delete a Google My Business Page (You Have The Login)

  • Login to Google My Business and choose the profile you want deleted
  • Click the menu tab (top left)
  • Click “Settings”
  • Scroll all the way down until you see “delete page”
  • Check all 4 boxes and “yes, I want to delete my account”
  • This will delete the business page, not your personal account

Delete duplicate google my business page


3. Report a Google My Business Page (Don’t Have The Login)

  • Verify your primary Google My Business Page (the non-duplicate)
  • Go to Google Map Maker
  • Search the business phone number listed on the duplicate page
  • Under the duplicate page, click edit –> report this
  • Select “duplicate exists”
  • In the remarks field, enter the URL of the main page
  • Report it
  • Monitor results as it may take several weeks
  • Contact Google My Business support if needed

Duplicate google my business page

If you have other duplicate citations you should delete those as well, they can also penalize your rankings. Use Moz Local to fix incomplete, inconsistent, and duplicate listings. Creating new ones is also advised since “citation volume” is a key ranking factor in Google’s local search ranking factors. Comment if you have questions and I’ll be glad to help you out.


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