Artist Web Design

Want an artist website that looks as good as your work? We design beautiful artist websites in WordPress equipped with speed optimization, SEO, Google Analytics, and tools to help you get the most out of your site. After launch, we'll even show you how to update your portfolio and manage the basics.

Artist Web Design: It’s IN OUR ROOTS

We started our journey designing websites for artists around the Chicago area, but took a break to grow our own website to 3,000+ visitors/day. Now, we’re coming back to our roots: artist web design! One look at our portfolio and you’ll see the difference between a typical artist website and the beautiful websites we create in WordPress. We are all about attention to detail and making sure your portfolio is displayed in a simple, user-friendly way while creating pages for your bio, press, resume, and other pages.


Editing your website will require virtually zero coding. By using WordPress and Elementor (the most user-friendly page builder for WordPress), editing pages is as easy as point, click, and edit. And we don’t use themes! This means your website will have a completely custom design that no one else has. Whether you want us to provide ongoing updates on a monthly basis, or you’d like training on how to manage the site yourself, we can provide both. We’re not a business that is trying to hold you hostage.


You name it, we got it: mobile responsiveness, Google Analytics, speed optimization, Google Search Console, automatic backups, SSL, security plugins, and of course, built-in SEO through Yoast’s SEO plugin. We actually wrote one of the most popular tutorials on Yoast’s SEO plugin and WordPress speed optimization. We don’t just “know about these” but we are nerds about these tools. We’ll can equip your artist website with them! Expert is a strong word, but if you want to use these correctly, that’s what we are.

What makes a rockstar Artist website?

Simplicity should be at the heart of an artist website. Navigating through the portfolio, using filters and categories if necessary, and making sure your artist is displayed in a beautiful way is what we focus on most. Fonts, colors, symmetry, and other elements are also important, but we don’t jump ship without taking care of essentials. Artist websites should also be SEO-friendly. Here’s a great tutorial on SEO for artists, but it usually means populating Google when people search your name using your website, YouTube, Wikipedia page, and social media profiles. Getting in Wikipedia can be done with sources.
  • Simplicity is always #1!
  • Populating Google with your artwork
  • Beautiful, stylish, symmetrical design
  • Looks great on all devices and browsers

Our Artist Web Design Process

Out of all people, we know each artist is completely different and may have unique needs for their website design. Talk to us by calling us or by using our contact form. We’ll talk about it!


Do you already have an existing website, or other website you want to get ideas from? Contact us and we will collaborate on exactly what you’re looking for. Making sure we’re on the same page is by far the most important part of artist web design.


The proposal will include everything we talked about in the collaboration phrase including features, estimated deadlines, and specific things you want on your artist website. We will review the proposal together and answer any questions you may have.


We will do our absolute best to “get it right the first time” and design the mockup to be close to the final version. This is why we pay so much attention to the initial stage of collaboration. We’ll send you a demo URL where you can see your site in real-time.

Edits & Testing

The website will be tested on multiple mobile devices and browsers. We will do our due diligence in going through the entire website (multiple times) but are realistic that there will be a few rounds of revision on the real-time demo URL.


Once you’re 100% happy with your artist website, it’s time to launch! There is usually little to no downtime during the launch phrase (we’ve done it hundreds of times), but if you prefer to launch during a slow time, we are happy to do that.


We will provide you with all your login details so you can edit your website as you please. Editing basic text and images is a breeze in WordPress and Elementor, and we can train you on how to do this. We also do ongoing maintenance.
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People will ask who did your website

We know there are tons of local artist web designers, and maybe they do a decent job. But we’re looking for the artist who wants a truly unique website from a team slinging them since 2011. We’re looking for the artist who knows all about the Wow factor. Your website should be it’s own piece of art, and your work needs a home to properly represent it.
web design artist home


web design artist works


web design artist page


web design artist contact




WordPress is the most popular website platform and powers over 35% of all websites.


We'll go through an array of portfolio designs and decide which one you like best.

Mobile Responsive

We test your artist website on multiple mobile decides from iPhone to Android and IPads.

Browser Compatibility

Your site will also look great on different browsers from Chrome to Safari and Mozilla.

Speed Optimized

Click through our website to see how fast it loads; we are obsessed with load times!

Google Analytics

Your website will have Google Analytics which tells you about your website visitors.

Search Engine Optimized

We can make you rank #1 for your artist name and populate Google with your artwork.

Security + SSL

Every artist website we design has SSL/HTTPS and a security plugin to stop the bad guys.

What our users says

OMM built a really attractive and functional WordPress website for me, and helped with optimizing my overall presence in the web. I was very satisfied with the value of the services that were provided, and I would highly recommend them.

Rene Schuler (Artist)