7 Google Analytics Custom Dashboard Examples

Posted on April 30, 2013 by Tom Dupuis

Need some useful Google Analytics dashboards?

Last week I found out a page on my site was taking a whopping 25.4 seconds to load for people in Seattle. Embarrassing, but I made the fix. I found this out using the Google Analytics custom dashboard examples below.

These dashboards should help you see the big picture, but they can also help you make improvements in very specific ways – just like the tweak I made for Seattle visitors. One day I’ll get a content delivery network…

A couple things to know before you start:

  • For widgets that say “non-branded” you can edit the filter to include your own name
  • You can add the dashboards to your own GA account using the download links



1. General Analytics Dashboard

This dashboard gives you a glimpse of (pretty much) everything: SEO, social, referral traffic and more.


  • Unique visitors
  • Unique visitors from SEO, social media
  • How people find your website: organic, referral, direct
  • Top keywords (non-branded)
  • Top vewied pages
  • Social networks sending the most traffic
  • Referral websites (excludes major websites like Google and social networks)


At Glance - Google Analytics dashboard



2. Social Media Analytics

Find out what social networks are driving the most traffic, along with other useful social data. This dashboard breaks down most main social networks into their own widget. Most of these widgets were taken from Sharon Hall’s Google Analytics dashboards. And, I know. My social media is a pretty weak right now. Stay tuned.


  • Visits from each major social network
  • Most socially shared content
  • Top “socially referred” pages
  • Location of social media visitors (creepy yet?)


Social Media Google Analytics Dashboard



3. SEO Analytics

My favorite Google Analytics dashboard. Learn your top keywords, locally searched keywords, and even what people are searching to find specific product/services pages. In my case it would be WordPress SEO, but you can adjust that widget to match your specific pages related to your products/services.


  • Unique visitors from SEO
  • Top keyword (non-branded)
  • Chicago keywords (for local SEO, change this to your city)
  • Keywords related to “WordPress SEO” (a service I offer – change this to one of yours)
  • Search engines used: Google, Yahoo, Bing…
  • Top viewed pages from SEO
  • Cities finding your website through search


Google Analytics SEO Dashboard



4. Geography Dashboard

Especially if you’re doing local marketing, you might want to know where your visitors are from. Try using filters in the “maps” widget to cross reference it with a specific piece of data.


  • Visits by city
  • Visits by state
  • Visits by continent
  • Cities with slowest load times: if this is a problem, use a content delivery network


Geography Google Analytics dashboard



5. Mobile Analytics

Have a mobile website? This custom dashboard might be telling you to get one. Or if you already have a mobile site, are people finding what they need or are they bouncing away? On Ipad? Iphone? Check it out.


  • What % of visitors are mobile
  • What mobile devices they’re using
  • Top mobile content
  • Top Ipad content
  • Top Iphone content
  • Average time on site for mobile visitors
  • Bounce rate by mobile device


Google Analytics Mobile Dashboard



6. Entrances/Exits

Where do people enter your site, and where do they leave? Use this custom Google Analytics dashboard to find the pages where people leave your site the most. This may indicate you need to improve that page’s content.


  • What pages people enter your site most
  • What pages people exit your site most
  • Average pages viewed per visit
  • Bounce rates
  • Pages with the highest bounce rate


Entrances & exits - Google Analytics dashboard examples



7. Technical Dashboard

This one may be more useful than you think. For example, if you know the pages with the slowest load time, you know you need to optimize them to load faster. Plus lots of other great technical data.


  • Average page load time
  • Slowest loading pages
  • Operating systems used
  • Bounce rate by browser
  • Average time on site
  • Days between visits


Technical dashboard example



Create Your Own Custom Dashboards

Want to setup your own custom Google Analytics dashboards? Login to Google Analytics and look to the left on the main menu. You will see the Dashboard section where you can add new custom dashboards. Add a dashboard and create a few widgets with your different metrics.

More dashboards for the addicts:


If you found these dashboards helpful, please share. I would appreciate that!




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  1. Jen says:

    These are so helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jack Fraser says:

    Awesome dashboards. Can I add more cities on the Geography dashboard?



    • Tom Dupuis says:

      Thanks Jack. On the left hand side of GA you can go to Audience –> Geo –> Location. I don’t think there’s a way to extend the dashboards though.

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  6. anumenon says:

    Hey, These dashboards look great. However, when I try to install them, I get a message “Security problem. Please try reloading the page. We cannot verify your account credentials. Please verify your account information, then sign in again.”.
    I’ve googled how to solve this & nothing seems to be working. Was anyone else able to download these dashboards without any issues? Thanks!

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