I have taken websites from 300 visitors/day to 600 visitors/day in 3 months through SEO. You can find the Google Analytics report on my work page along with #1 Google rankings I achieved for clients, and my own website.



A well-researched keyword list is critical. I do extensive research on your site, competitors, and keyword ideas you send me - then create an organized keyword list we can use to target on your website using Yoast's Plugin.



Step 1 - learn what keywords people search in Google. Step 2 - target those keywords on your website and blog with Yoast's SEO Plugin. Step 3 - make other optimizations and build links. There is more, but that's the gist.



My proposals are custom-written and broken down into a month-to-month plan, kind of like an SEO roadmap. I don't do packages and I will NOT lock you into a contract. Only continue if you see new clients from the SEO.



I work on a monthly retainer based on your unique SEO needs. I will learn your keywords and goals, then create a monthly roadmap (a proposal) to get you new clients through SEO. It's the whole "I grow with you" thing.



My Google Analytics dashboards are perfect for measuring SEO results, and you can see a timeline of your SEO traffic growth at any time. They also collect helpful data which can be used to improve your marketing strategy.


Happy customers :)

Joanna 100x100

When our small business's numbers started dropping in searches, website visits, and customer calls, we couldn't figure out what the problem was. Luckily, we found Online Media Masters and Tom Dupuis to help us with our SEO.

Tom went above and beyond for us, not only helping us get our numbers back but moving us decisively beyond where we'd originally been. He had some simple and very helpful suggestions that he was willing to share right off the bat, then he tailored solutions to our site--finding keywords, suggesting new pages, and so forth. Within days of implementing his suggestions, site visits and customer calls increased; within a few weeks, we saw changes to significant data in both Google Analytics and Webmaster.

He was always available when we had questions. His knowledge is extensive and he is a conscientious professional who clearly cares about doing quality work and building relationships with clients.

Joanna, Nohotek

Grace R

I have been working with Tom and his team for 3 years now. The truth about websites is that they need constant refreshing to stay relevant and perform optimally.

Tom has become an invaluable resource for our business in this capacity. I simply don't have the time to learn the technical side of our website, but as it drives a good portion of our business these days, it's crucial that I have someone who is confident and capable of handling that end of things.

Tom takes care of anything I need in a timely and thorough manner, without any headache on my end, allowing me to stay focused on the things which I do best. Further, he is always on the forefront of the technology, and reaches out to me whenever it's time to make an update. It's one less thing to worry about.

I know I'm in good hands with Tom, and I recommend him to anyone who asks for SEO.

Grace, Ragsdale Inc.

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If you're looking for the guy who will pick up his phone whenever you have a question, is transparent, knows his stuff, and is serious about driving success to his clients - I'm your guy. Browse my site and get to know me (I write a lot of tutorials), or fill out my contact form to see how we can work together on your WordPress SEO.